STEEM: ABCDE Patterning Since December 2017

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For Altcoins, each has a slight difference in pattern preference. As we've seen how Bitcoin prefers wedges; STEEM is currently patterning a sizable abcde triangle. The below chart shows that each of the ABCDE can be subdivided into smaller abc waves. So, if A,B,C,D are complete; then E is in progress and is expected to soon complete.

IF the final E wave is subdivided as a ZigZag (5,3,5); the first five waves can be seen as complete; the brief abc can be seen as complete as well; and the final 5 subwaves of the c of E is in progress. This could be exciting not because STEEM might revisit he $2 range; but because of what could come after the E wave completes.

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Technical analysis is one thing, but nothing beats the effect of news on the price of a equity/coin.

the forecast is not optimistic :) not only because of technical analysis! but also because the project is developing poorly. plus the problem of whales. plus a dispute with Dan

I am hoping to buy more STEEM at $2 and below

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Great Info!
How would I get this in my post?


thanks for the information
which is still expected to decrease

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astronaut suits will be required. it looks like we will have liftoff after this the moon




If you walked into a cafe and told everyone on their laptop that if they signed up for Steemit, they would get some money to blog and up vote, the population of Steemit would go vertical! We are early adaptors and once the masses flock in, Steemit will be massive...Facebook x1000000...


@tokyoin, yea! steemit is sure going to make people have a new re-think about social media.

Facebook can either do two things to catch up; 1. Start rewarding people for their comments or likes.
2. Try to acquire steemit.

None seem like the choice they would make though but we wait to see what their next move will be.

Coins like Steem, BNB and other platform coins are definitely sure bets for long term holders. Cant go wrong with these in the long run. I see Steem hitting $10-$12 by years end!


Bitcoin is currently on a bull trap.... it will be $6k before it begin rising again.

I like the understatement of "what might come next". My experience tells me that when price is compressed into any pattern like this that the break out is dramatic. It feels to me like the bottom has been well tested now.


Dramatic in a sense that it'll go up?


Go straight to the Moon. 🚀 Make 10x for sure.

It feels to me like the bottom has been well tested now.

I do not make predictions. I leave clues.

great post. i like this post. thanks for sharing post.


Let's hope the descending triangle does not push my favorite altcoin lower (even though it's supposed to). Come on bulls get behind STEEM. It's something we actually use.


great postDQmbZ14onBXa71pYsAqydwMDg77uM9N5Yb6P9sVrGfXjtUA_1680x8400.png


Great time to load up. it will go at least $186 dollars this year...

How can I say my thanks to you for your continued support and selflessness on this platform??

You're incredibly incredible @haejin

looks like a large bearish triangle, downtrend is much sharper than uptrend.

if we calculate a target from the size of this pattern, a much lower value than $2 can be expected.

but hopefully it will never happen and an Improvement in BTC will bring it back up.


Well that's very promising news!
I'm tempted to drop all my other cryptos and reinvest into Steem


I'm very happy on seeing this.. Steemit is worth it.... It worth forfeiting other cryptos for it!!

really very interesting if it is created, hopefully fast running and do not forget also thank you for the information .... do not forget

What a good insight!

Steemit is a great platform. If it does get successful, it will make many other redundant. It just needs some more time and polishing, but the destination is clear: mass adoption & success.

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Good post ...and thanks for great information

What is STEEM? Never heard of it. Sounds like hot air, probably doesn't even have an existing product or service.

I like this analysis just not to sure if it makes sense but I guess we will find out soon.

Good post

I know you're keeping this your little secret haejin .. admit it .. STEEM is mooning 30x


tell us the future