Let's Watch This Fun Video From International Steem Meetup #1—Malaysia

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Steem meetup in Malayisa was a lot of fun and looking back it seems like it was a long time ago. Timelines for the video got pushed forward and we had to focus on different projects owing to the bearish nature of the market currently.

This is the 5th video I've produced in collaboration with my friend and YouTuber @shenoy. The next video in queue is from the meetup in Tezpur, India. Video from the meetup at Tezpur will be live soon. I'm hopeful that we can do more videos similar to this one in the future if feasible.

You can view the posts from the meetups conducted for the following Indian cities below.

#1 Jaipur Meetup
#2 Bangalore Meetup
#3 Mangalore Meetup
#4 New Delhi Meetup

The post on the meetup in Malaysia is here!

Videos from other Meetups in India are here:

#1 Jaipur Video
#2 Bangalore Video
#3 Mangalore Video
#4 New Delhi Video

I'm also running my witness, backup and seed nodes now to support our blockchain and they are running great without a missing a single block in the last few months. You can view my witness proposal here and vote for me here: https://steemit.com/~witnesses

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This is really funny video...very good work @shenoy and @firepower...

Hahahaha. Very hilarious video @firepower. Indeed the meetup was a success. I love that young boy who said he will ask for 100steem lol. I love the concept of the video. Great job @firepower and @shenoy.

Thank you. I'm glad you like the video. We'd love to produce more as we go.

Yes! Can't wait to see more of your videos. Keep em' coming boss

Thank you @kevwealth. Glad you liked the video! More to come.

Will you ever visit my country Nigeria?

Yes! I really want to. I've been asked by many before. I'm hoping we can do something there in the future. Maybe once this bearish market turns around.

When will you visit Indonesia @firepower? especially Aceh

Hopefully this correction will end allowing us to do more. It was my dream to bring it to Indonesia around this time of the year but unfortunately it isn't possible to fund it at the moment. Let's see how things go from here.

Awesomeeee video. are you coming to Europe too @firepower?

I would love to bring the concept to many markets. However, I feel now it will take some time to bring it to Europe. Hopefully, soon if the markets turn around which will make it easier to continue self-funding these initiatives.

Fingers crossed!

So awesome !!!! Great video and thanks for sharing it !!! Hope to see u soon buddy so we can "Yummmmmm Seeeenggg !!! Once more"

Thank you so much. Glad you liked it man! :)

hahaha... great graphics @firepower! So when is @shenoy coin coming ?

Thank you again for making time and visiting us in KL. Looking forward to see you guys again!

Thank you. :)

You'll have to be whitelisted in order to be able to buy @shenoy coins.

Can I import Minnowbooster's white list as a reference? :p

Happy meet up, enjoyy on community. Keep calm and steem on. Regards.! Salam buat saudare di malaysia from me @azroel from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Wow,so awesome vidio dear @firepower.You are a hero of india, very excitedly waiting for our Tezpur 's meet up video.Thanks and have a great time dear.

Tezpur video is coming soon.

Lovely @firepower,i love your works,project outside space sounds interesting! I have voted you as a witness!

All were very excited in video.

Bro @firepower here you are saying often involving in project. What the project mean?

Projects outside of this space.

Can i too join in that ? I was intrested

If i come to manglore shall we meet?

Haha. Another superb production from @firepower and @shenoy. Great to know the Malaysian community doing a superb job empowering STEEM and everyone else. Some of the Steemians that I follow from there are @maverickfoo, @kevinwong and @bitrocker2020. Feels great to see you guys talking and laughing together. :-D

And also, I want to buy @shenoy coin, where do I sign up? ;-)

Will you ever visit my country Bangladesh?

It is hilarious but impressive video. Picture speak louder than words, and I definitely enjoy and having fun watching it. Great work, @firepower.

Happy steeming

Nice video and nice post.....welldone sir @firepower...u too much boss

Great Video, I love it :-) Such a positive attitude over there.

Amazing as usual... @shenoy awesome video...

hello @firepower thanks for the recorded video and it is lived now. I was in the CNY gathering and I saw someone doing video recording and I did not expect you are a visiting steemian who join our Teammalaysia CNY gathering.
This recorded video certainly also serves as an intruduction of Team Malaysia to other Steemit community around the world.
Thanks again @firepiwer and @shenoy
All the best to your recording in other regions.


hello @firepower i would really love to meet you one day, please do visit delhi again. By the way where can i find steemit merchandise, i need a steemit merch.

hopefully meet up in malaysia, run well and develop steemit more advanced again in malysia. congratulations

Unfortunately I am slow to find this information, even though I am currently in Malaysia.

Awesome video from @shenoy and @firepower and thanks to both of you that joined our Malaysia cny gathering. Hope to see you guys again.

Really great video man! Much love from us at #teammalaysia!

Really great video man! Much love from us at #teammalaysia!

Haha it's out, thank you for featuring us @shenoy and @firepower!! :)

Wowwwww haaha the interview is hilarious! LOLOLOL I wish I'd known about the meetup. I would totally have been there especially when it's so close to Thailand . I love Steemy meetup! I even flew all the way to NYC for the Dlive meetup last week and in less than 2 weeks again, in Hanoi!!! Will totally keep an eye so I don't miss anything no more :D hahaha

Wohoo, 5 seconds of fame. Love the end product. Well done!

A doctor who accepts STEEM!?!?!?!?!?!?

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