LET YOUR PRESENCE BE KNOWN - Advice From Papa For Newer Users

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So, you’re new and you’re here, but how do we know?

It’s not always easy for newcomers to get noticed and succeed. However, there are some things that you can do as a newcomer to help the rest of the community find you.

Face it, unless people can find your posts, they won’t upvote it. If nobody upvotes it, you won’t make anything off of it. At least part of the reason that new users join steemit is to try to earn something for your time and effort, and I’m here to help.


Just like steemit.com itself, I cannot offer you a guarantee or a promise. What steemit offers you is OPPORTUNITY. What I will offer is INSIGHT and ADVICE.

I cannot guarantee that following my advice will give you the results that you are looking for, but it should help you. Let’s start at the beginning.

First off, when you join I’d recommend doing an “introduceyourself” post. Include at least one image per post, though it doesn’t have to be an image of you. Let us know, at least to some degree, who you are, why you are here, and what some of your interests are. Let us taste a little bit of your “flavor.”

When people reply to your intro post, respond to those replies. If they complement you, say thank you. If they ask you a question, respond to it. Then, click on their name. Follow them so their posts show up in your feed. Go to their blog page check out some of their posts. If you like what you see, upvote it and most importantly, LEAVE A COMMENT.


Comments are important, because otherwise it is hard for others to know that you exist. With you low level of Steem Power as a newcomer, your votes won’t really influence the payouts and only the top 20 upvoters are displayed when people look at who voted on their posts. This means that anytime someone gets at least 21 upvotes, your name will not be appearing on that list.

It is not that your vote does not matter, it is just that it will be hard to find and most people will NEVER KNOW that you stopped by. This is why you need to comment. Right there, at the end of their post, people will have evidence that YOU stopped by. If your comment is genuine and valid, it can spark an interest in the author to find out who you are.

If you like a certain tag, like “photography”, go over there and comment on the photo posts. When you respond to the photo posts of other steemians, there is a better chance that they will choose to look at your photography posts. By doing this, you can make friends, get upvotes, and gain a following.


Time and time again I have seen users attempt to comment on posts. I say “attempt” because although they certainly left a reply, the reply is incapable of having the desired effect. When a new user heads to EVERY POST on the trending page and leaves a comment stating “Nice Post!” it winds up looking really lame. When they are spaced out at about every 30 seconds, we know that this user obviously is not reading these posts, they are just commenting to try to draw attention to themselves.

Trust me, it is VERY GOOD to use comments to draw attention to yourself through comments, but YOU want POSITIVE attention. When you are new and have 10 followers and make one post per day, it will be very hard for anyone to ever find you. But, if people can see your name thoughtfully commenting on posts, then people will know that you are here.


I’ll use an example here, because it fits very well. The example that I will use is @sandstorm. I’m not sure how many of you are aware of this steemian, but @sandstorm is a new user. This account was not created until April. (It is April now). Interestingly enough, I heard of @sandstorm long before I ever saw a comment or a post from them. OTHER STEEMIANS were mentioning @sandstorm. This is because @sandstorm in a commenter. In just over 20 days, they have already made over 1500 posts and comments. The actual posts have only been 13 of these, which means that the rest of over 1500 were comments. Think about that!

Now this post is the almost the 15,000th post from @papa-pepper, so I know a bit about commenting. It takes time. Did you know that the 5th post from @sandstorm was celebrating their 100 Followers Milestone? Yes, after only 4 posts @sandstorm had gained over 100 followers. Also, only 2 posts from @sandstorm have EVER made less than $1.00 in payouts. The other 11 have ALL made over $1.00.

I know that such data may not seem incredibly amazing, but it is. In fact, many of you may be a little envious of the amount of “success” that @sandstorm has had. However, if you just follow the excellent example that @sandstorm has set, you may be able to accomplish the same thing.

I know that this may seem like a publicity plug for @sandstorm, but, interestingly enough, until earlier today when I asked permission to use @sandstorm as an example and was replying to some recent comments on my posts, I had never really interacted much with @sandstorm. I just checked, and noticed that @papa-pepper has NEVER even voted on a post from @sandstorm. This is not a friend or acquaintance of mine, just an excellent example of how to go “FULL STEEM AHEAD.” (I’ll be sending over some upvotes now though as encouragement and thanks though!)


Here is a scenario. You spent 3 hours making an incredible post yesterday. So far, it has made you $0.05 and you’ve got 6 upvotes, 1 view and no comments. You are both discouraged and disappointed. Today you were about to make another post, but, you think that you may be wasting your time. You believe in the potential of steemit and in the quality and originality of your content, but you only have an hour available. Should you try to make that post and perhaps let is fall through the cracks like your last one, or should you do something else?

Here is my advice. Why not take that hour and check out some other posts from other users. Let’s say that your last post was a “food” post. Why not head over to that tag and see what catches your eye. Check out some posts and make some comments. Hand out a few upvotes and try to encourage and compliment others on their work. If you’ve got the time, so it again tomorrow, and the next day.

Now, your old post from the other day still has time to reach its payout. All of your interacting and commenting could potentially get you some more voted on that last post. Maybe your number of followers will even increase. The next time you make a post, it will show up in the feed of more users. This will give you more opportunity to “succeed!”


Grab that bullhorn and shout your name all over steemit. With each comment and reply comes your avatar and username. We can’t find you if we don’t look where you are hiding, so if you are hiding EVERYWHERE YOU WILL BE FOUND!

Invest your time in setting yourself up for success. Make quality posts, but ALSO make quality comments! Combined, these can help lead to your future success. Remember, if you give up, I promise that you will not succeed. However, if you do not give up, there is a possibility that you will succeed. Give yourself that possibility!


Hopefully this has been insightful and helpful for you. I’ve posted a lot of helpful information in the past, and many of those posts are linked in the post below. If you are looking for insight and advice, please follow the link and check them out. Hopefully, it’ll help!


”Invest Your Time Wisely - steemit.com”


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Long time lurker. First comment =) Let's start the ball rolling! Thanks for your advice @papa-pepper!

Great work, it will be very useful information for newbies! I think it worth to be resteemed.

Thank you so much!

you are very correct


Thanks for the tips. I have been feeling a bit disillusioned that no one is looking at my work. Thanks

Minnow upvotes disappear into the flood of bot votes, so yes, DEFINITELY comment with something relevant to whatever you are reading. Don't just comment with something like, "Upvoted. Nice post. Upvote & follow me please!" Provide something of substance, engage in real conversation, and the community will support you organically over time.

My posts:
Getting started

@edje also posted some Useful Steemit Tools and Links, so here's a shout-out to his post too!

Excellent links! Thanks for sharing that!

Great advice @jacobtothe, I'm checking out your post links now.

Is the end of your name "max"? As in jacobtotheMAX? 'cause it should be. And Jacob sound like takeit... does it? It does.

Is this what you intended, or am I making up a backstory?

It's all in your head.

Shucks. What, then, is the real story?

A mystery.

Unraveling the mystery may require my life's dedication, but I shall persevere.

I'd advise finding a better purpose for your life though.

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You could just tell me, thereby freeing me to do the work of inciting social change/justice/improvement.

Thank you . indeed it helps a lot specially for newbie like me.:)

Clever images in lieu of "upvoted and resteemed" are always acceptable. That should be a piece of advice.

Hi, Papa Pepper! After reading the articles listed by you in the article linked at the bottom, I have 2 questions for you, if you would be so kind to answer them for a minnow.

  1. How much is a 100% upvote from you worth?
  2. Does Steem power produce anything by itself, if you don't use it to upvote? I seem to find contradicting information on this topic. If it does, what does it produce and how much does it produce over what period of time?

Thank you for your time!

Let's check... preparing 100% upvote.

7 cents solo, but a small trail following me shoud bring it up to about 10 cents shortly.

As far as using STEEM POWER goes, it'll earn you curation rewards when you upvote with it, but, unless you power down and cash it out, I'm not sure how else you'd earn anything from it. If it pays out in interest, I'm unaware.

Thank you for your replies! Well, this baffles me, because I recently had a post with some huge spikes in payout, like $5+ from one upvote, and I calculated the average per vote and it was above 4 cents, so I really don't get it. What the hell voted on my post, the Loch Ness monster or the Megalodon?!

You got hit hard with whales. Millions of STEEM POWER!

I have discovered that Steem Power grows by itself, although I don't know at what rate. This is most easily seen on this account which has a huge amount of SP, which I believe belongs to one of the founders:
If you refresh the page, you will notice that his Steem power increases with each refresh, without him collecting his rewards.


My calculations show an interest rate of around 1.95% per year, based on a 10 minute period of gains of this account.

Maybe this will help shed some light into the matter: https://steemit.com/steemit/@trafalgar/a-problem-in-the-economics-of-steemit

But using it to vote doesn't reduce that, I believe.

Thanks for this post, for I have been lurking for a little while and needed this extra motivation to make that intro post. I have a hard time with those. I appreciate your blog a lot.

Good to hear! I'll upvote this comment to bump you up off of that 25 reputation.

Cool, now you are a 30.

Hehe thanks!

No problem. Papa cares!


Whoa. One vote from you brings a 25 to a 30? Holy smokes!

Improv(57) i guess you havent gotten any vote from papa-pepper yet right??? Lololol


LOL....this conversation got me laughing so hard. Papa truly cares with his whale sized heart. Very interesting

Nice write up! I had only seen your videos, but this man can write too! I signed up today actually. It's certainly all about the commenting. Talking about the one week payout, how does that work? Is it the same day for everyone, or you always have one full week? Ssssssee you later! (the sssss is the sound of a snake, obviously) https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@lx-bmx/introducing-lx-bmx

OK - you get my 15000th comment for that. Your posts pay out 7 days after posting. I'll check the intro!

Thanks! Happy 15.000 posts anniversary!

It is a good anniversary indeed!

Me encantaria leer concejos para los que estamos empezando nuevos con en mi caso. una pasadita por mi post

I am truly humbled you used my short residency here on Steemit as a small case study @papa-pepper. Thanks a lot for noticing and explaining the approach I am using here in such a simple way.

Thank you for all that you do for this community! :)

It reminds me of when another user showed up almost 10 months ago... I forget his name... Papa- something...

Haha, you're too much! :)

I was entirely unaware of your existence until now. That has been rectified.

That's great to hear @jacobtothe, thanks. There is truly an abundance of awesome folks roaming around the Steemit playground, I am happy to be a part of it all :)

sandstormweb Sandstorm tweeted @ 29 Apr 2017 - 23:53 UTC

How New Users Can DOMINATE Steemit!
#steemit #socialmedia #papapepper
buff.ly/2oKigmq https://t.co/Fw17WvfWyL

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Well said Papa, by responding a friendship can be built up, who knows when you could be in the neighbourhood and want a cup of coffee,

That's right, some may even up heading somewhere just because of a friendship! I'm blessed to call you my friend!

Have a look in your emails, turn the volume up and amuse the little -peppers

That's a very true thing @len.george, I've met a lot of people virtually and then met up with them IRL and am still friends with many of them to this day.

Mankind needs friends, from the time you needded someone to pass another spear to kill the Mammouth, to today, when you need someone to make you a cup of coffee, friendship is very needed. Also without friends, who would read my B S ?

Haha, so true. Friendships are such a wonderful thing, both online and offline. I'm pleased to virtually meet you @len.george :)

Where are you from?. I am in God's own country, New Zealand, that little blob that is about to fall off the bottom of the map.
Roughly the bottom of the left hand bulge in the North Island.

I am from the US. New Zealand, now that's cool to know. I hear really nice things from there, and I hope you guys don't fall off the map ;)

We hang on well. Where roughly in the states? you have got a big country to us fellas.

I'm in the Desert Southwest in a little place some people may or may not have heard of called Las Vegas :)

Solid advice @papa-pepper. I really need to spend more time commenting myself. Thanks for the reminder.

Honestly, I have a hard time commenting these days because replying to comments on my posts is almost a full time job!

Haha @papa-pepper. I see the volume of comments on your posts alone is pretty darn HUGE.

That's why my post count is so high, I try to respond to all of them!

I think it's more engaging that way, and well worth the effort!

The effort is well worth it, I fully agree with you brother! Post counts are a fun metric to look at I guess, but in the end, it matters more about the message those posts contained along the way. So a specific overall post count number is definitely not what new people should concentrate on reaching, but more importantly about what they are conveying to the community with each post and comment they make.


Cheers @papa-pepper, thanks man!

Good connectivity @papa-pepper
Guarantees are sold in Warranty now a days. But you have opened lots of doors for the newbies. I am sure a lot of them will appreciate your help, I do too. Thank you.

You are most welcome.

Comment count on this post is going to be even higher than normal! :)

LOL! You are probably correct!

LOL @nepd, and hopefully they're relevant comments to the post and not a barrage of "upvoted and followed" nonsense comments :)

Lol! Good point!

I provided the same basic advice to a minnow today...the little snowflake called me a troll. Sigh.

Good on you anyway... Summer will be here soon, maybe it'll melt the snowflakes (Don't tell them I said that)

What's the old saying, and how does it go? Something about leading the horse to water and then not drinking it? ;)

Well, you can't help everyone :/

Quite honestly, the level of trolls on steemit is virtually none, especially compared to other social media. It's amazing.

This is my helpful post as amongst other things, it was aimed to teach newbies using your steemit journey as an example. In general, the post was emotional for me cos of many reasons, but i feel you will understand why within the post, especially in the aspect of being good to others and the really bigger picture when it comes to steemit and it as a valuable voice:

Thank you, and thanks for the link!

You are welcome!


I think this a good strategy not just for new ones, thank you for this great tip.

You won't go wrong with @papa-pepper, newbie.
He was a Steemit evangelist who encouraged me
From economic bondage you can break free
For yourself & your family.

Here's a suggestion to promote both Steemit & your blog post.

Nicely put, and nice link too!

Thank you, @papa-pepper for your kindness & encouragement.

I believe that reading and commenting is great way to attract followers.

Another tip for gaining followers:

Don't forget to lookup the new introduction posts. You can welcome new Steemians and gather followers in the process.

That's a quality way to approach it too @paradise-found!

Thank you @sandstorm!! Seriously, it works great, meeting new steemians at the same time!! Following you now as well.

Much appreciated @paradise-found. That's why this community works so well, because people just care.

Yes, that is very true!

Thanks for the tips, @papa-pepper! I especially like your idea about "How the 7 day payout helps new users." Several times, I've spent hours and hours on a post, only to have the payout be very minimal. Now, I'm not looking to make a quick buck here, but I can spend my time more wisely than that! So, I will take to heart your advice about going and commenting on other posts with the same tag(s).

Commenting on what interests you is as easy as turning on a TV and watching your favorite show. It is enjoyable and the dialogue that gets sparked up can lead to some truly great discussions.

It can help, and now you've got more time to interact and possibly draw attention!

Thanks for this post. This really helps us newbies in earning here in steemit. a very big thanks to you @papa-pepper. Please don't stop helping other Steemians. Keep it up!! ^_^

Very helpful info PP. Everyone likes @sandstorm coz he is active and authentic.

You are awesome yourself @old-guy-photos, Thanks for the kind words brother :)

I agree with @old-guy-photos..great job @sandstorm!

Thanks as well @daveks! We're all just here having some fun and being social :)

Well said!

Cheers man!

Great, thanks!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Excellent post! This is very much helpful for new users and old user like me, as well. I absolutely agree with you; "if you do not give up, there is a possibility that you will succeed". I appreciate it, you can encourage me very much! Thank you for sharing your suggestion and for your kindness to this community!

Thank you for your comment and support!

You are highly welcome! ;)

It amazes me that so many people take the trouble to write posts for helping others understand and formulate a strategy so that they can maximise their success according to their abilities. This is my second time here; because I am learning from your above post and my brain ticks over very slowly, the first time I only read, take time off to absorb whatever parts of it I understood and then return to read a second time. It is wonderful how much more the mind understands the second time.

I do have a question though. I write SF&Fantasy novels and I have seen a number of others who have also written novels, some of which I am currently enjoying reading (by @johnjgeddes for instance, as he is good at developing his characters, which I consider special).

My question has to do with what you said, "Now, your old post from the other day still has time to reach its payout."

Are you saying that when I discover a story I enjoy reading and go back to read from the first part until the 15th part, it is a waste of time upvoting those earlier parts which are long past the seven day payout limit?

I have a feeling I have misunderstood something.

BTW I just had to add, https://steemit.com/help/@edje/useful-steemit-tools-and-links which was posted by @jacobtothe - Jacob, thanks and I've followed you.

Thanks for sharing. I'm new to steemit, and the this post provided great insight for getting started and building a reputation on the platform.

The word is so good. I think it will be so usefull to newbies. I will ask permission to copy and post on my facebook page where I make adverts for steemit. God bless you sir

Very cool post @papa-pepper . @sandstorm is really bringing a storm in the comment section.

The storm is just beginning to brew :)

I am following your footsteps and got 10 new followers today :p

Full beast mode! Nice one @rahul.stan. Continue Steeming along buddy!

Yeah you too. Steem on.

Thanks, I will do my best :)

You are already doing great!!

You are far too kind @rahul.stan!

Thank you, so insightful and helpful.

Thanks for posting this - great advice. Commenting well is just as important as posting good content. I believe @hilarski said that one should aim for 20 comments a day to get real exposure. Definitely time-consuming, but ultimately worth the effort.

Indeed, that is great advice and it is worth the effort!

Well said @septimusmaximus. I know for a fact that @hilarski is well worth listening too, as he's forgotten more about social media and maneuvering online than I will ever know. His tips and advice are easy to understand and POWERFUL.

I've been trying to comment as much as I can because it's been a great way for me to get to know other users on the site and become part of the community. I didn't really think of it as a promotion strategy, but what you've talked about here makes a lot of sense. Thanks for taking the time to once again provide useful advice to the noobs.

Here's a post I wrote about navigating the highs and lows of being a new Steemit user. I'm not sure if other minnows will find this helpful, but they may be able to relate. 😀


I like to look at the promotional strategy aspect of it as showing others what you like and are interested in via posts and comments in order to create dialogue and discussions. The positivity creates more positivity and we all thrive as a result :)

Exactly. So far, my experience of Steemit is that most people are genuinely interested in sharing and discussing ideas and learning from each other -- not just pushing their own views like you find on other sites.

Nice post ;)

Upvoted and followed ;)

You gotta know the Steemit rules first before you can break them ;)

It's always good to play by the rules :)

I'm pretty sure philosophy has some great answers to that one ;)

I'm sure it does :)

As Wittgenstein once stated: 'All philosophy looks to destroy its idols.' https://steemit.com/philosophy/@mindhunter/the-evolution-of-ludwig-wittgenstein-s-elusive-politics

Great advice for everyone! Can't overstate the importance of leaving relevant comments on posts that interest you. It's far better to leave nice relevant comments on 50 posts than leaving mindless "nice post" comments on 500 posts.

That is spot on @denmarkguy. Commenting things such as: 'nice post' can be a relevant way to interact if folks could also toss in a 'because of so and so...' etc. as that'd give a little more foundation to a comment and really add value to a posting.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Nice post!
Can you read my posts? Resteeming would be nice!
Please follow me!


Oh, I maybe should have added "first" there at top...

Lol, now where have I seen that before.

Great Post @papa-pepper , I will re-STEEM this, hopefully this inspires those on the sidelines.

Full Steem Ahead!

Too true @streetstyle. Sometimes all it takes is that one nudge, that one insight, or that on Re-steem to ignite somebody on the sidelines to jump onto the playing field and start Steeming.

Thanks my friend!

Great information for the novice user and I bet a few frequent users as well. I wish great success for one and all. Happy Steeming!

Thank you my friend!

You nailed it @matthewtiii . This info is definitely valid for newbies to seasoned professionals :)

nice post with some good advice buddy. thanks a lot!

You are welcome!

I have never thought of it! Great idea!

Good, now you know!

This is GREAT advice, everyone. One of the main things that builds traffic to my account is leaving relevant comments on good posts.

As always man, upvoted, and I'll resteem this one, too


You're right about that! Keep it up @shayne!

Oh, I forgot that @steevc and I were going over just about the same thing a little over a week ago:


You are bringing in some more nuanced angles to the discussion, though.