SOME OF MY MOST HELPFUL POSTS EVER – MY GIFT TO YOU – The Official 1200 Follower Post From @Papa-Pepper

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This steemit-life has been an amazing adventure, and you guys are the greatest. Therefore, for my official 1200 follower post, I’m digging deep into my history to pull out some great gems about things that I have learned from my time here.

Of course my posts have varied a lot, and there are probably hundreds to choose from now, so I’ve spent the time to get some of my best educational and insightful posts about tips and things that you may want to consider doing to help you as you continue to interact on steemit. Though there are no guarantees, a lot of these posts could be considered "how-to" because basically that is what a lot of them were.

If you have been following @papa-pepper for a long time, you may remember some of these, but for the rest of you, they may provide some excellent advice for you as you get started or continue.

Just click the blue title on any of the sections below to go to the original post I mention.


Not everyone wants to put their real identity out there for all the world to see. However, we don't need to share real images of ourselves or identity information in order to be genuine on steemit. In this post I talk about being authentic and transparent, and the differences between them. I also share about only interacting on a level that you fell comfortable with.

Originally posted 6 months ago.

How to Commit Steemicide

"Steemicide" is a word that had gained more publicity on steemit lately, but I think that I may have actually coined that term many months ago. In a humorous and insightful way, I share about the various ways that I observed different users self-destruct by committing steemicide. By understanding how to commit steemicide, we can also understand how not to.

Originally posted 4 months ago.

400 Follower Post - Thoughts on Gaining More Followers

Many times in my blogging history on steemit, @papa-pepper would gain about 100 followers in a week. In this post I share about some of the techniques that I used to help me gain more followers. A few may be obvious to some, but others may seem a bit strange or interesting. I'd recommend at least skimming this one for some great advice.

Originally posted 4 months ago.

Now That You've Got a Reputation to Uphold

Back in the day, there was no reputation score whatsoever. Then, when we finally got one, it was only a single digit rep. In this post I discuss a little bit about why I think that a reputation score was a great idea, and how it provides extra incentive to be consistently professional when blogging and interacting here on steemit.

Originally posted 6 months ago.

The Ancient Art of Perseverance

Far too often on steemit, it seems that our hard work goes unnoticed. However, if we give up, we can guarantee that we will not succeed. Being optimistic, realistic, and persevering on this platform gives us the opportunity to achieve more. In this post I share about how perseverance paid off for @papa-pepper. I think it contains some great food for thought for all of us.

Originally posted 6 months ago.

How to Play the Steemit Lottery

This was my official 500 follower post, where I evaluated some of the ways that we can earn some STEEM while interacting on steemit. You see, posts don't always payout as much as we would desire, but there are plenty of other ways to at least be picking up some STEEM around here. Not only is there some good advice in the post, the comments are very helpful too, so check it out and see what you can learn.

Originally posted 4 months ago.

Followers and Votes - Thoughts to Consider

Often, we may see that only about a third (or less) of the total followers that we have ever upvote us on any given post. Often, upvotes don't even come from those followers. In this post I evaluate some potential explanations for this phenomenon and attempt to encourage all of us not to be discouraged when we consider this and evaluate the statistics.

Originally posted 5 months ago.


This gift only works if you check out the posts that I linked. I've spent a lot of time investing in this community and trying to encourage and educate others, so if you are discourages or struggling, please see if these posts can benefit you. Otherwise, if you are just learning or seeking to improve, they should be well worth your while.



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Very busy @papa-pepper. I thank you for your efforts. :)

yes Steemit. @papa-pepper cool

Congradulations and continued success. Keep on Steeming!




More milestones for you --- Nice work as always.

I am just aged enough in my #MinnowLife to know some of these posts when they first came out and there is good info in these, if people have not seen them or need some ideas.

Congrats on the numbers. I will build you a wall to set your trophies upon!


Wait, there's a wall going up on that border too?


I guess you missed this beaut.


  • You know us, we are problems alright, all igloos and the heroin.


It's Saturday Night Live, every day for the next 4 years LOL


I've seen both, LOL.

It is funny, you guys should know that like the #FakeNews tag here would indicate, just like in the USA and everywhere else, -- a lot of the MSM outlets in #Canadastan here ran the shortened clip and fed it into the newsfeeds.

It sent Canadians here into a frenzy of sorts, it was something to watch haha!

I'm a @papa-pepper fan.. please keep up the good work Sir!

Congratulations on the milestone!
Thanks for bringing these articles under our attention again. I've bookmarked this one to read a couple later. Always nice to read some advice!

Gotta give love where its due! When I have sent people over, your one of the ones I say to add cause you have alot of informative posts that can help people really get started here on steemit. Great work! you can tell all the work you put into your posts, they are detailed and linked and referenced properly. thumbs up and congrates on 1200 followers thats huge.

Perseverance is the KEY. Even though I post and see very little encouragement at times. I remember the avalanche here in Montana on one side of the Bridgers. Hey, that just started with a tiny Snowflake. Steem On! Papa

Congratulations to judge @papa-pepper for 1200 followers!! Keep going! Steem ON!

Amazing. Congratulations

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Bravo!!!! Congratulations!!!! You work hard, you have it well deserved. That the successes !! my friend @papa-pepper

Good summary. Perhaps, the link to this post should be included at the end of your future posts.

Thank You for sharing Papa P. Congratulations on your continued success.

You deserve every one of those people and more. Glad to be a part of your adventure here! ;)


Thanks, you are very encouraging!

Great post & a lot for me to learn @papa-pepper
Thank you.


Thank you for taking the time to check it out! Just trying to help because Papa Cares!

This is so helpful to us newbies. I am excited to learn and share.