Introducing: LX BMX

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Hi Steemit!

This is LX BMX from Lisbon, Portugal.

I would like to introduce this project to the Steemit community.

Let's start!

About half a year ago, I bought myself a second-hand BMX.

I am now regularly going on bike rides, outside of Lisbon. Mainly going to these two destinations:

Costa da Caparica (beach)

Monsanto (forest)

Now, I would like to take this endeavor to the next level. And I want to involve the Steemit community in doing this.

My proposal:

If any Steem is earned with this account, I will be investing it back in to the LX BMX project.

To start with, by using steemgigs to find someone to create a logo for LX BMX. The next step would be to buy a 2nd and 3rd bike so to take people with me on these tours.

Note: this doesn’t mean I would be selling my Steem, necessarily. I would make the investment with my own money. Using the gained support shown on Steemit as an indicator of interest in this project.

My goals for this project:

  1. Expanding LX BMX

  2. Promote the Steemit platform

  3. Explore the concept of 'blockchain blogging'

Ultimate goal:

The goal is to test out the unique features of the Steemit platform and explore how blockchain blogging can create a connection between content creator and content curator.

Keep you posted!


Bike Rides with a Twist



Estimated Account Value: $8.91

Current BMX Bikes: 1

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welcome to steemit @lx-bmx, nice having you here. looking forward to more of your posts.

followed you.



@lx-bmx, this is an awesome idea. BMX is the best. I'm an old man who still rides bmx I love the idea of using bmx for the rides. Steem On Dude!


Thanks! I was just checking your last blog post. The plastic soldiers bring me back! I never owned any, but my best friend had them. Long time ago... :)

That first picture is amazing man , i love it !

Welcome to steemit ! I hope you have a good time in this amazing community !


Thanks! Some random person took the picture on the boat which takes you to the other side of the river, where the beach is. I had to ask him to send me that picture.

Great initiative! Looking forward to join one of the tours!


Thanks! Next one is next Monday!


See you monday then!!

Welcome to Steemit @lx-bmx!

Hmmm... Maybe I'll ride a bike into a pond in your honor!


Only if this is performed with a BMX bike, LX BMX supports this.

Otherwise, this is very dangerous. And LX BMX strongly recommends not to do this.

Thanks papa-pepper!



Thanks man! I have seen your name passing on the Trending page. Appreciated! Going to be looking in to your posts...

that's very nice of you to hear, promoting steemit on your way ;-) Great one @lx-bmx , enjoy your stay here. Feel free to post any of your interest, people will support you. Welcome to steemit family ;-))


Thanks! I am really looking forward in exploring blockchain blogging. :)


thumbs up then , great attitude to learn new things!! :D Happy steeming ;-))

It's great to see this kind of stuff on steemit!


Thanks! It's web 3.0! I'm really getting excited!

Love the proposal for your project and wish you much success in all your endeavours. Visiting you via @mirjamsvideos ~ A wonderful artist and photographer. 💕🐌 💕


Nice to see you got here via @mirjamsvideos!