Societalcide Decadence in Western TV Commercials

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TV commercials sponsoring the holiday college football bowl season in the U.S.A. are indicative of societalcide I have described in my blogs.

KFC Chickendales Mother’s Day Performance

American College Football has become a homosexual “diversity” indoctrination propaganda campaign. Satan is rejoicing and celebrating on Jesus’ fake birthday the successful subversion of the decadent society. The pysops propaganda has been subtly polluting the minds of Westerners, such as for example the following video where it’s subtly implied that the female is bisexual with a lesbian lover that has a volcanic sex drive or sexual acts:

Fansville Presented by Dr Pepper — “Tailgate Cheating”

Actually the symbolism is so blatant that only a willing fool who is immersed in the American culture would be too numb to notice.

I hope readers can distinguish between criticizing the politicization of individual choice and not criticizing individual diversity:

Down the feminist rabbit hole

Decadent society is being driven by a lust for money, surety, control, and power, e.g. NCAA asserts collegiate values for bowls, but leaves room for liquor, casino sponsors.

I had not watched TV nor an American football game for past several years. Maybe it has been 15 years. I can’t remember. I enjoyed very much watching my alma mater L.S.U. Tigers demolish the Oklahoma Sooners in the Peach Bowl. The football was nearly the same as it had always been, albeit a bit more energized with an air instead of only ground attack. The main differences in the game includes a new emasculating policy of ejecting players for “targeting” (c.f. also, also), which seems to turn the intentionally brutal, masculine sport into a gay clusterfuck of controversy. If you don’t want inadvertent concussions and brain damage, then do not play American football as I did. I probably lost many IQ points in my youth playing the sport, but hell I am masculine as fuck and that’s just the way it is. Men are dispensable, because sperm is in overabundance and gestated females eggs are dear. And increasing I.Q. correlates with decreased copulation, which leads to our intellectual elite trying to make the entire country gay (to lower the competition) and make sex illegal for everyone except criminals.

Shaun Wade vs Trevor Lawrence good or bad call

Here follows a “legitimate” targeting foul (c.f. also), but even so I entirely disagree with the policy change and new rule book!

Heck the offensive player needs to keep his eyes open and be on guard at all times. His quarterback decided to scramble and run thus turning the offensive receiver into a potential blocker, which the defensive player is going to hit to stuff up the forward movement of the play. That’s part of this brutal sport which my grandfather played with a leather cap “helmet” for Michigan U. and played an entire game with his detached ear taped to the side of head. I almost had my neck broken when a player sprinting the opposite direction as I was sprinting grabbed my facemask on the way by whiplashing my neck so severely that my entire body was lifted off the ground in the opposite direction from whence I was headed. Imagine that! Luckily I had a size 16.5” neck as a 15 year old on my small 5’7” 143 lbs (170cm, 65 kg) body (up to 80 kg in my 20s).[1]

But the TV commercials were just disgusting beyond belief. I couldn’t even recognize the USA any more. I remember TV commercials such as following from my generation such as the following which respected reality and realistically maximizing productivity. The older commercials depicted traditional gender roles, a productive society with sunny breakfast happy about vocation, wholesome food, traditional family, etc.. Whereas, the contemporary commercials are 1984 dystonia, dark, plastic-fake hope mayonnaise to cover-up financial/technological/cultural decadence, censorship, double-think, ministry of truth, etc..

1980's Commercial | L'eggs Control Top Panty Hose featuring Barbara Eden

Whereas, there were also TV commercials during the bowl games subtly or not so subtly emphasizing or at least implying the urgency of various nonsensical, witless, decadent social justice worker (SJW) themes such as unconstitutional gun control, climate change, evil white men who don’t do unto others as they would want others to do unto themselves, the snowflake feel-good lies about how everyone can benefit from university education, celebrating thus incentivizing weakness, egalitarianism, etc:

Always #LikeAGirl

Jim blogged in Review of Left Singularities:

The basic mechanism of a left wing singularity is political correctness. The elite competes to be holier than each other. Everyone is compelled to be ever holier, and the holier they get, the more everyone is compelled to be even holier.

I hope readers can distinguish between criticizing the propaganda plus politicization of female empowerment, lies about the reality, and not criticizing female accomplishment:

Reality is viciously sexist

Bravery and biology

Sorry, Ansari: a praxeologist looks at the latest scandalette

What ‘privilege’ means to me

Yeah while “Rome” expends all its energies on perfecting lies about the damned facts of reality for the sake of satiating political correctness, Asian patriarchy will march out ahead because of this little thing called reality and truth, to become the economic and financial capital of the world by 2033 while the West gorges on debt to finance uneconomic priorities such as gloating about political correctness and ends up back as a Third World region. Smart! Very smart! Correct. Politically Correct! Hooray.

I blogged in Trump Assassinated in 2022? Civil War by 2026?:

For example the self-proclaimed “152+ I.Q.” leftist-wolf-SJW-in-libertard-sheepskin Eric S. Raymond implicitly promoting the idiotic concept known as democracy in his blog Be the America Hong Kong thinks you are which pretends that civil rights exist for any reason other than the ruling class thought they were an acceptable, noble delusion to fool the sheepeople into cooperation. As Armstrong has warned numerous times, economically collapsing pride will attempt to sustain itself by pretending it’s still the moral high ground (God help us if Pence becomes the acting President, we’re doomed to piss off the Asian oligarchs with temper-tantrums about economic realities such as Mike Pence criticises NBA as 'wholly-owned subsidiary' of China) such as the audacity of attempting to force China to change to a democracy with the CIA ostensibly instigating another color revolution as they did in Ukraine (c.f. also the The strong horse and the weak horse), thus pushing the hardworking and economically rising Barbarians (c.f. also and also) (where they actually injected monetary liquidity into the economy instead of extending QE for the wealthy) to retaliate and take over the global economy as predicted to occur as soon as ~2027 Xi Jinping: “In 10 Years We Can Expect a New World Order”.

Eric loves to w(h)or(e)ship “noble” politics. I was agreeing with what he blogged in Women in computing: first, get the problem right, then he went off the rails starting with:

Having recognized this, though, formulating a goal with recognizable win conditions does get more difficult. It has to go something like this: any woman who wants to be in a STEM field should be able to get as far as talent, hard work, and desire to succeed will take her, without facing artificial barriers erected by prejudice or other factors. If there are women who dream of being in STEM but have felt themselves driven off that path, the system is failing them. And the system is failing itself, too; talent is not so common that we can afford to waste it.

Wrong Eric! Men suck it up. They find a way. If women want to succeed, they must be able to suck it up and find a way, regardless of any facets of the system or cultural attitudes. Maybe you need to go for a helicopter ride with Soros, since you’re effectively his tool.

Eric’s wife Cathy commented:

IMO, given problems with any task a man is likely to blame external factors and/or other people, while a woman is likely to blame herself. Make of that what you will.

Because men don’t get any brownie points for being incompetent because sperm is in overabundance, but because gestated eggs are dearfemales do (i.e. females have one main purpose!). And if female hypergamy decides, men don’t even get to reproduce if they’re not alpha.

Eric nonchalantly fails to link his astute insight in What if it really was like that? about how limiting female sexual choice modulates the cost analysis associated with sex (and reproduction which he didn’t analyze), with the fact that limited female sexual choice [is necessary to prevent the society from]( going into declining fertility and its concomitant social problems contributing to societalcide. Men who the females are willing to have sex with (given the females can be fully hypergameous in a liberated setting) no longer have any incentive to impregnate women and support a family, because sex is readily available. And the vast majority which is the rest of the men don’t get any or any non-humiliating sex, so homosexuality and other concomitant social problems proliferate, such as substance abuse:

[…] blaming yourself rather than external factors is correlated with depression […] depression in men is more likely to manifest as alcoholism […]

Come on Eric that should be obvious to your “152+ I.Q.”.

Not that societalcide, megadeath and other such meager ramifications matters at all in the larger scheme of things. But let’s at least be comprehensive in our understanding shall we. I mean “152+ I.Q.” and all, we shouldn’t be losing parts of the model under the table.

Asia May Ban Americans (all Westerners eventually?) Because of Politically Correct Meddling Corruption

So after likely CIA instigated riots in Hong Kong gave the U.S. Congress the excuse to pander to the “at least we have democracy” foolish pride of Westerners, thus passing legislation to put pressure on China (instigating a future war between U.S.A. and China) and inserting into the $4.7 trillion 2020 U.S. budget a provision to piss off the Philippines and likely cause Philippines to place restrictions on visitors coming from the U.S.A.. I read in an update US ban on De Lima jailers not fake news, says Palace:

Belying the claim of blogger RJ Nieto that there is no such provision in the US budget signed by US President Donald Trump on Dec. 20, the Palace confirmed the information on Sunday, citing verification made by Philippine Ambassador to the United States Jose Manuel “Babe” Romualdez.

United States Senators Patrick Leahy, Democrat from Vermont, and Richard Durbin, Democrat from Illinois, wrote the provision in the $4.7-trillion US budget, denying entry into the United States to Filipino officials involved in De Lima’s arrest and detention under the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act, which allows the US government to sanction foreign officials its sees as human rights abusers.

Although he attested to the existence of the ban, Panelo said, “It doesn’t matter to us whether it is true or not.”

“What is important is if they ban any government official, then we will enforce a visa requirement on Americans entering the Philippines and we will ban the two senators [who introduced the ban],” he said.

Mr. Duterte ordered a ban on Leahy and Durbin on Thursday night for interfering in Philippine domestic affairs. In announcing the ban on Friday, the Palace described the two Democrats as “imperious, uninformed and gullible.”

Panelo also said Americans, including Filipino-Americans, would also be required to get visas to travel to the Philippines. He said Mr. Duterte would also decline an invitation from Trump to visit Washington.

Mr. Duterte, Panelo said, will issue an executive order imposing the visa requirement on American citizens should the United States actually ban any Filipino official on account of De Lima’s detention.

That Magnitsky Act was` the corruption in Russia that our corrupt USG tried to cover up by incorrectly blaming some of it on Martin Armstrong.

Witless, obsequious, brainwashed Westerners and their foolish pride about their actuarial-bankrupt, corrupt, propaganda-controlled system of “democracy” are thus unwittingly committing societalcide.

Duterte likely has less sympathy for Fil-Ams because he presumably realizes that many of the Fil-Ams in liberal States such as California lean towards yellowtards (aka leftistards):

California Governor Gavin Newsom (third from right) announced on October 11, 2019, he signed into law a measure sponsored by Fil-Am Assembly Member Rob Bonta (second from left) that helps fulfill his promise to end the use of private prisons in the state. AP PHOTO

The patriarchal Asian oligarchs are putting a stop to the global elite (e.g. George Soros’) subversion via democracy:

Ignore any TRO: Duterte OKs China-funded Kaliwa Dam, Razon-led Wawa Dam

He [Duterte] again warned the courts not to issue a temporary restraining order (TRO) and told government agencies to ignore it if ever one has ever been issued.

BREAKING: Duterte tells ABS-CBN to just sell the network:

After threatening television giant ABS-CBN with closure by not renewing its franchise, President Duterte on Monday gave an unsolicited advice to the network — put it on sale.

Duterte made the proposal with just three months left until ABS-CBN’s broadcast rights expires.


If the franchise is not granted, the country’s largest network would have to close down its TV and radio operations by March 30, 2020.


Duterte has several times in the past threatened to block the franchise renewal of the Kapamilya network after what he claimed to be unfair treatment of him during the presidential campaign period.


The proposed sale of ABS-CBN came on the heels of reports that Duterte’s friend, Davao-based businessman Dennis Uy recently formed the Udenna Communications Media and Entertainment Holdings Corp, which expands his business to media and entertainment sector.

Dennis Uy now owns almost half of Malampaya gas field

Dennis Uy buys Wendy's Philippines

Dennis Uy buys Wendy’s stores in PHL

President Duterte Warns George Soros ‘There Is A Bounty On Your Head’:

Soros is a strong candidate for south-east Asia’s most unpopular man after being widely blamed for crashing the Thai and Malaysian economies in 1997 and sparking the Asian financial crisis through ruthless currency speculation.

President Duterte hasn’t forgiven the globalist financier. The man dubbed “Duterte Harry” by the Filipino people is also wise to the Soros agenda of divide and conquer and his brand of media manipulation.

The Philippine House of Representatives approved a proposal last week to reinstate the death penalty, and the president [Duterte] took the opportunity to fire a warning at George Soros: “There is a special place in hell for you, idiot. Set one foot in this country and my duty is to make you go straight there.”

Duterte and Soros have been locked in a war of words for years, with the Philippine president accusing Soros of destabilizing Asian democracies and financing editorial hit-pieces against him and his country in media outlets around the world.


Corporate media hit pieces may have influenced international opinion of Duterte, but in his own country he is revered. He boasts a massive 83% popular approval rating across the land.

President Duterte rode into power campaigning on a ticket of major change, but unlike Western politicians who pay lip service to change before letting down their supporters, the Philippines president has delivered on his promises – in spades.

During the election campaign Duterte urged the people to kill him if he failed to resolve crime and corruption in the country during the first six months of his term.

Over one year into his term and he has delivered on his promises. He’s now famous for more than calling President Obama a “son of a whore” at a regional summit in Laos last year. Much to the Soros-influenced international community’s outrage, Duterte Harry is shooting from the hip, and cleaning up his country.

How does Duterte get away with taking on the rich and the powerful, installing law and order, and going against the globalist agenda of chaos and destruction?

The corporate media has no power over him. George Soros and corrupt oligarchs cannot use the mainstream media to destroy him {Duterte] because the people don’t trust what the media says anymore.

The people trust Duterte because unlike generations of politicians who came before him, he actually does what he says. His anti-globalist policies enrage the powers that be in the West, who have waged war against him through their propaganda channels in the media.

But his [Duterte’s] policies have improved the lives of citizens of the Philippines, who were suffering in a chaotic, lawless land under corrupt regimes for decades.


Philippine Supreme Court removes Duterte 'enemy' judge:

The Philippine Supreme Court voted on Friday to remove its top judge, whom President Rodrigo Duterte called an “enemy” for voting against controversial government proposals, citing violations in the way she was appointed.

One opposition party said the ouster of Maria Lourdes Sereno, the country’s first woman chief justice, removed a shield against abuse of power in government and left behind a “puppet Supreme Court”.

By a vote of 8-6, the court granted the government’s petition to cancel Sereno’s appointment on the grounds of alleged violations in the appointment process.

Duterte threatens to suspend writ of habeas corpus, declare 'revolutionary war':

If you push me to my limit, I will declare a suspension of writ of habeas corpus and I will arrest all of you. I will put you together with the criminals, rebels, and drug lords.

Jim (aka James A. Donald, first person to respond to Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin announcement and who has been mentioned numerous times by Faketoshi Craig S. Wright) blogged And another one bites the dust:

The Trump like Australian Prime minister Tony Abbot decisively stopped illegal immigration, (Zero illegal arrivals since 2014, yes, zero. You read that correctly. Zero.) and busted near every illegal visa overstay and violation of visa conditions, as near to all of them as makes no difference

Leftism had to start advancing in Australia on another front, on something other than white genocide. They dithered between expanding legal immigration as a slower route to white genocide, and smashing western civilization by rolling back the industrial revolution. And eventually coalesced on smashing western civilization, rolling back the industrial revolution.

Western civilization depends on concentrated and reliable energy sources, power on tap. Which means carbon or nuclear.

Nuclear was stopped primarily the way NASA was stopped, by putting stupid people in charge. […] It is easy to disrupt cooperation between smart people by inserting stupid people.

The objective of the global warming scam is to stop carbon power, coal and oil.


Turnbull, the Australian Prime Minister, proceeded to “compromise” with those who will never compromise, with the result that he failed to compromise with the substantial sane and decent faction of his own party. No carbon program that does not radically disrupt our comfortable modern lifestyles and throw large numbers of people out of work is going to be acceptable to the left.

And so, he got thrown out and Scott Morrison became Australian Prime minister on a program of not destroying the energy industry, and still not allowing illegal immigration. No word yet on what he is going to do about alarming levels of legal immigration, but did I mention that they are alarming, and voters are becoming alarmed.

The shark is not drowning yet, still has white replacement going through legal immigration, but this latest is causing it major trouble breathing, and we are seeing calls for a [CIA instigated] color revolution against Australia. Australia has not decisively left the empire yet, the way Poland and the Philippines have, but this has become a very real possibility.

Scott Morrison may well cuck on Green (unreliable) energy, and may well cuck on legal immigration. Maybe he will get subverted the way Abbot was, but that his predecessor got thrown out for cucking on unreliable energy on top of cucking on legal immigration is a very good sign.

Current strategy is to overthrow Scott Morrison by fully legitimate and constitutional means, should he fail to cuck out, but that will likely prove difficult, whereupon constitutionality will likely get seriously stretched, the way that efforts to impeach Trump have seriously stretched constitutionality in the US.

Jim commented:

Duterte blew off the courts, Tony Abbot blew off the courts, and Trump is at least as much a man as Duterte and Tony Abbot.

Tony Abbot took his time and waited for the right moment, giving the courts enough rope to hang themselves, and letting them go out on a limb, and then, when it seemed that all was lost, that the borders were about to be wide open for all the world to come to Australia to live on crime, welfare, and voting for the left, he taught them their proper place, that they have remained in since.

Jim blogged Operation Sovereign Borders:

Tony Abbott was elected at the end of 2013 on a platform of stopping illegal immigration by military means. And, unlike Trump, immediately stopped it, turning back the boats, imprisoning illegals, and punishing people smugglers.


Which, of course, immediately led to lawfare and confrontation with the judges.


It looked like it was all over for white Australians, that they were about to become a permanently outvoted second class minority, hated and despised, permanently blamed for the massive dysfunction of the ruling majority, as South African whites are blamed for the failure of black South Africans, and light skinned Venezuelans blamed for the failure of darker skinned Venezuelans. Lighter skinned Venezuelans are getting Kristallnacht, and white South Africans are getting genocide.

And then Tony Abbot found his balls.


Thus he did not pull a Jackson in the sense of ignoring a specific court order after it had been made. But he [Abbot] did pull a Jackson in that he signaled to the court that if it gave a court order, that court order was going to be ignored.

And the courts, all of them, backed down.


The program of white replacement and erasure continues, but considerably more slowly, and no longer by illegal immigration.

Jim commented:

As with Trump, the permanent government ignored the merely temporary government and went right on importing illegals. This resulted in Abbot performing an autocoup, and successfully halting the importation of illegals.

But the attitude of the permanent government was that this was just a passing temper tantrum, and it would pass, but the new left majority would remain.

So you could point to Australia and say “Hey, the party of the permanent government lost the election and suffered a coup because of asylum and bringing in illegals, so it was not in their interest”, but it was, and is, absolutely obvious that the permanent government and the party of the permanent government believe it was and is in their interest, and the electorate will soon get over their silly temper tantrum. And with the removal of Tony Abbot, and the expansion of legal immigration of violently undesirable immigrants to live on crime, welfare, and voting for the party of permanent government, looks like they are correct.

Job-based U.S. green card backlog tops 800,000:

WASHINGTON, D.C.– Some 800,000 immigrants working legally in the United States are still waiting for employment-based green cards that would allow them to stay permanently.


Most of those waiting for job-based green cards are Indian nationals. The backlog is so severe that an Indian national who applies for a green card now can expect to wait up to 50 years to get one.

The wait is mainly caused by an annual quota unchanged since 1990 and per-country limits enacted decades before the tech boom made India the top source of job-based green card seekers.

Folks when are you going to wake from your comfortable, numb existence and realize we are already at way with the global elite who have the zombies controlled with propaganda to eventually exterminate us.

A 600 Year Dark Age?

The following song captures the perspective of this blog on this juncture in American history:

The following song seems to be about me at different stages of my life. Perhaps many relate to the lyrics. How do we get this monkey off our back so we work on figuring it out.

If Eminem would rap about this brainwashing propaganda:

I recently argued against Jim’s (aka James A. Donald’s) call for restoration of a Western monarchy, instead advocating competing, decentralized patriarchal fiefdoms. The West probably must collapse into a Dark Age of fiefdoms, first through a painful regional separations process before collapsing into the Mad Max chaos of warlordism by ~2085 in the USA, before restoration can begin some 600 years from now. It’s over. Find your way to the exits before TSHTF.

Collapse of Western Civilization Underway

Armstrong has two cycle charts for the break up of the U.S.A.:

224 Year Collapsing Wave Structure Points to Breakup of USA


In Armstrong’s blog for the first chart, he says it will be 296 to 309.6 years for the entire cycle that has the peak at 224 years from the ratification. Thus more or less 2085 to 2098 until the Republic breaks up, i.e. the governance of the U.S.A. splits into sovereign States or groupings of States. But note this date will not be the analogous event in Rome where it was completely deserted, which was 100s of years later than 265 AD as the Western Rome empire fell into a feudal Dark Age (aka the Middle Ages):

(click to zoom)

The U.S.A. will split into separate governing States or regions no later than 2099, but it’s not certain yet whether the U.S.A. will collapse into a 600 year feudal Dark Age.


So where would you rather place your fiefdom? In the societalcide West or in patriarchal Asia? Former will require taking it in the arse from leftists and the latter requires tiptoeing (i.e. keeping head below the tops of the tall poppies) around the Asian oligarchs:

Behind the fall of Communism are some very interesting trends that are not understood very well in the West. The stark difference between Russia and China was the attitude toward the people. In Russia, Stalin was paranoid about what was in people’s minds. In China, it was the tall poppy syndrome – as long as you did not stick you head up above others, they left you alone. This is the main reason why China has boomed and Russia has not. The Chinese were quick to rise to capitalism for it was deeply within their culture.

Armstrong blogged China a Different Breed of Government:

China is no more communist than Donald Trump. There is a cycle of life through which we all pass including governments. China revolted against communism. The government may retain that name, but they are no communist in that sense of the word.

I have explained before that Russian communism was concerned about what you thought where as China adopted the tall poppy policy. If Stalin thought you would be a threat to his power you were killed. In China, you could think what you wanted provided you did not step up publicly.

China is not at the same place in the cycle of life as we see in Europe and America. Therefore, China is on the rise and will replace the West which is burdened with socialism they cannot possibly afford.

Dark Ages are caused by widespread, INSOLUBLE economic dislocation, e.g. the economic isolation thus stagnation of China and Japan (c.f. also), and separately the overpopulation problem in Europe (probably resulting from improved agriculture/trade in the Western Roman Empire) before the “Black Death” bubonic plague culled the herd to enable the technological innovation that enabled upward economic mobility. I blogged in Geographical Cultural Ethos → science is dead (Part 2):

The neolocal and non-paternalistic bequests pattern forced young men and women into the workplace instead of being nurtured collectively by the patrilineal clan (extended family) as in cultures east of the Hajnal line. An oversupply of labor driving wages down and suffering and technological stagnation up, resulted from the booming agricultural output due to the aforementioned economic development and global warming (c.f. chart in Part 1). This medieval dilemma was rectified by the culling of 50% of Europe’s population by the Black Death. This resulted in an undersupply of (especially farm) labor which provided the impetus for the Agricultural Revolution employing improved technology/breeding and subsequently the Industrial Revolution.

The Industrial Revolution was due to network effects of the former including its impacts on maximizing the division-of-labor. The impacts weren’t as prevalent in the East and especially not in East Asia. Nick Szabo explained that due to the population explosion of patrilineal clannism, the East was forced to dedicate so much of their arable land to crops for feeding humans instead of pasture for feeding horses that their relative transportation costs increased exponentially. This caused the division-of-labor to regress in the East, for example to human porters instead of horses in East Asia! The Victorian era Internet in Western Europe even had a physical-transport communication network analogous to the electromagnetic-transport modern Internet.

Jim blogged in Review of Left Singularities:

Dark ages are slow, more or less continuous, economic and political decline, imperceptibly slow, typically about one percent a year on average, hard to notice against the background of random economic and political fluctuations.

Left Singularities, on the other hand, unlike dark ages, end with a decisive boom, a close approach to infinite leftism in finite time. Sometimes a left singularity is followed by reforms or a restoration. Sometimes, as when Stalin purged the left, things just stop getting worse, but do not get a whole lot better.


Recent events in China happened the other way around, a long slow decline into darkness, with intermittent left singularities along the way, and then the restoration following the Maoist left singularity cured the dark age.

China was in continuous slow economic decline from the Southern Song Dynasty until Socialism with Chinese characteristics. Thus a dark age, terminating in a left singularity followed by a restoration, rather than starting in a left singularity.

Which gives me hope that our left singularity will be followed by a similar restoration.

The bronze age left singularity resulted in the total destruction of most existing states, with new states growing up from large extended families.


The bronze age transition from large scale civilizations to disorderly familism happened abruptly and was mediated by a left singularity. The transition to disorderly feudalism following the decline of Rome just gradually happened without any connection to radical leftism.

The French left singularity ended in the Red Terror. The French left was fairly thoroughly squashed by Napoleon, much as the Russian left was very thoroughly squashed by Stalin. It utterly and permanently disappeared following its attempted recovery of power in the Paris Commune. Britain imposed its institutions on France, so today’s French left is a colonial outpost of the anglophone left.

The initial stages of a dark age are over taxation and over regulation, where the government attempts to persistently tax and regulate beyond the Laffer limit. However in the final stages of a dark age, the government is apt to be nonexistent, lawless tax collectors gradually becoming indistinguishable from bandits, which does not in it itself necessarily cure the dark age.

In every case, Dark Ages were only avoided or ended by a shift in the potential for the economic mobility of the population. When that potential is evident then the hive (either as an emergent bottom-up annealing or by leaders such as Napoleon who fill the power vacuum) converges to it and away from the economic abyss.

Society must figure out how to transition from the Industrial Age to the Knowledge Age, c.f. also.

Analogous to the centralized enslavement by the emperors in isolated Japan who mismanaged the economic potential causing a 600+ year Dark Age wherein only rice was money, humanity must figure out how to disintermediate the global elite who are attempting to enslavement the world for their own profit. Politics is the antithesis of a solution and actually empowers the enslavement as I have explained in my blogs.

That is why I am working on trying to perfect decentralized blockchain technology (c.f. also and also). If the FATF is able to ameliorate the permissionless quality of Satoshi’s proof-of-work, then we’ll know that proof-of-work as currently formulated has failed in this goal.

I still have a few things up my sleeve. I will air the dirty launder as follows...

The nation-states will die and globalism will rise. The remaining question is whether the world will have decentralization technology to prosper in freedom or be enslaved by the plans of the global elite as blogged about in Bitcoin to $80,000 before May 2020 and $1 billion by December 2020? and Phoenix rises in 2020; all altcoins (including Bitcoin Core) will be 50+% attacked/destroyed.

I understand the desire to share the wealth sometimes expressed those who are thankful for the abundance they’ve inherited and/or earned in their successful lives. I too would love an unselfish world where all of God’s children can experience the joys of life. But the antithesis of that dream is politics and collectivized, redistributionist statism, which are a power vacuum that demands to be captured/filled by a manipulative Machiavellian and sociopathic elite.

Jesus whether he be just an apparition, will return in some form to provide the bridge to that nirvana for a “thousand years”. We can’t know a priori precisely what is our role to play in this journey towards a dream. We set out to try to participate in someway hoping we can contribute to the soonest coming of that dream. I’m feel joy to observe what others are doing to express their sincere desire to reach Jesus’ return, especially those who have understood everything well. I believe freewill is a fundamental tenet of the Bible. I believe Paul was the false prophet predicted by Jesus and has corrupted the word of the Bible with Romans. Paul wants us to believe we can be saved just because of a feeling or thoughts, without correct actions and obeying the law.

Also review my recent comment post:


The U.S.A. will split into separate governing States or regions no later than 2099, but it’s not certain yet whether the U.S.A. will collapse into a 600 year feudal Dark Age.

So it depends what form of Mad Max we’re referring to. It seems you’re referring to the financial and/or monetary system collapse, which may or may not translate to actual Mad Max environment on the ground. Rome’s peak was 180 AD and here follows Armstrong’s proprietary reconstruction of the monetary history of Rome (which he created at the cost of $10 million in 1980s dollars by collecting ancient coins):

(click to zoom)

So for 61 years from 180 AD to 241 AD, the debasement of the silver coinage was gradually accelerating, and then suddenly in 241 AD a waterfall collapse. 61 years from the 1999.27 peak in the second chart, would be 2060.

Here’s what Armstrong wrote in the blog for the second chart mentioned above:

Obama is reviewing the ban on military weapons […]

This, unfortunately, is also how Rome ended […]

The 224-year cycle of political change for the United States peaked in 1999 with Bush Jr. coming to power […]

So remember the grand “Sixth Wave” peak in Armtrong’s ECM is 2032.95, which will culminate not only this 51.9 year Private Wave, but also the end of a 309.6 year grouping of 3 public and 3 private waves, amplified in severity with the end of a 1857.6 year grouping of 309.6 year Sixth Waves! Thus the fall of Western Civilization! No joke!

So note an interesting distinction between the two charts for the breakup and decline of the U.S.A. at the top of this post. The first said chart bounces up (i.e. has a reprieve) from 2036.3 to 2047.67. Whereas, the second said chart bounces from 2016.74 to 2033.94, yet declines from 2033.94 to 2071.27.

The first said chart seems to be dealing with governance and the second said chart is dealing with war and civil unrest. The latter precedes the former, which makes sense that violence precedes change in governance (e.g. note how Chile has agreed to rewrite their Constitution after the recent massive civil unrest).

So the collapse in our governance (i.e. insane loss of rule of law) in the U.S.A. will be growing worse until 2036.3 and then a slight (probably lurch towards totalitarianism) “reprieve” for 11 measly years. Whereas, the civil unrest and war situation has improved since Trump was elected in 2016. Massive illegal immigration and addiction of the population by the drug cartels is a form of war and fosters civil unrest (homelessness and vagrancy).

Interestingly in terms of Mad Max on the ground, apparently all hell is going to break loose 2033.94. Why is that? Probably because 2032.95 is when China takes over as the financial capital of the world. The strong dollar will have abated (probably with Bitcoin taking prominence as a backing store in stablecoins such as Libra) so unrelenting stagflation in the U.S.A. coupled with double-digit interest rates. Minsky Moment collapse!

Armstrong blogged Climate Data in Australia is Being Altered:

These climate extremists managed to get China to claim it would stop building coal-fired electrical plants […]

So apparently the liberaltards will take control of the federal government no later than 2033 (impoverished populace will be politically radicalized). So from 2036.3 the governance situation will “improve” in the sense of federal government getting out of gridlock and reasserting more draconian, totalitarian control over the States. Expect massive tax increases such as Elizabeth Warren’s insane wealth tax.

And/or the noted divergence between two charts could be explained by involvement of the U.S. military in significant wars that require national sacrifice, e.g. a simultaneous war with China, Russia, Iran, and N.Korea..

Armstrong pointed out that the States have no Constitutional right to secede from the Union, thus the wars of secession must eventually come later in this century:

(click to zoom)

So in conclusion, I agree with you that the risk of Mad Max increases after year 2033, but this is not likely to be as severe as a Dark Age within our lifetimes. The really intense war and Mad Max is later in this century. Yet that doesn’t mean it will be a walk in the park after 2033. There will be a lot of problems and the U.S.A. will begin to resemble a Third World country in more locales and in more facets of governance, corruption, and rule of law. Additionally the U.S.A. may lurch towards increasing totalitarianism/statism after 2033.


[1] Recording some personal thoughts here for posterity just in case I lose all my personal files in the chaos ahead. Also so those want to know more about my personality can be forewarned as follows:

I even played an entire pickup game without a helmet and pads when I was a 27 years old geek programmer against the incoming freshman football players for Cal Lutheran football team in Thousand Oaks, CA, USA and I scored virtually every time I touched the football (because I was a little speedster, zigzag rat like this], this, this, this, this, this and actually no exaggeration caught acrobatic leaping passes nearly identical to this and over my shoulder like this) playing most of the game with my nose severely broken after I had sustained a knee to the face when tackling an opposing player early in the pickup game. Even at age ~38 after my right eye had been bludgeoned to blindness, I played a pickup game on a whim in Corpus Christi, TX against semi-pro youth players and I was still at par in speed, quickness and competitive. I tailed off in my 40s but was still the second fastest receiver on our flag football team in Cebu at age 41. I am a crazy masculine fool.

Must be my Cherokee native genetic mix.

I broke my right hand severely (and it is still messed up, which is why you will note me tweak my right hand sometimes in the boxing videos) from punching a concrete wall. Instead of running away from a gang of youths attacking me with stones and G.I. pipes, I attacked back and lost vision in my eye because of it in 1999. Even to this day at age 54.5, I have to be very careful because if someone angers me I become insanely brave and lose all rationality/restraint. Even today if I watch a football game, I become very strong (adrenaline?) and am itching to sprint and play a pickup game. And I’m seriously thinking about training to see if I can still play at a decent level at this age, because it seems I’m just not functioning well without my extreme sports-aholic lifestyle. Without my sports I’m lost and miserable akin to a penguin in the desert or a fish out-of-water. We are just wired this way. Nothing we can do about it, other than to attempt to have a mutually respectful society that is wary of pissing off men. I don’t go out of my way to start a fight. I try to avoid it, but if my adrenaline switch turns on then all hell is going to break loose. That’s just the way it is. We are addicted to the adrenaline rushes, which why it’s difficult to retire from sports. I didn’t excel at basketball, wrestling, sprinting, jumping (perhaps in my youth a ~36” vertical) nor fighting. I was athletic enough to be reasonably competitive in those (~4.5 seconds for 40 yards), but not at the top echelon. Yet in pickup football games, I had an edge against all those friends who would beat me in pickup basketball because of playing football starting from age 4, insane adrenaline rage bursts in the moment (as we know a mother can lift a car to save her baby with such rushes), instincts, quickness, coordination, balance, pogo-stick-like, herky-jerky moves, my thick, strong legs relative to my low body weight and small upper body bones given I would deep squat in 400+ lbs. I’m not sure what level I could have achieved or not because my football sports career was derailed by a broken family. perhaps I was just too small and not nearly as good as I thought I might have been. Although coach played me at defensive end and offensive guard because I could leverage my core strength, low center of gravity, high IQ, bursts of aggressiveness and balance to great effect. Honestly I dunno. But I still feel the fire and burning desire at this old age.

Recent videos but been difficult to train and get back into shape with my NAFLD liver ostensibly all messed up from the infections and 6 months of liver toxic antibiotics, but hoping to get back into the groove soon. Many of these were recorded in 2017 when I was still suffering from Tuberculosis. It may not be clear to the viewer how much I was struggling while attempting to engage in some of these activities. A stoic, masculine man attempts to make it appear he’s not suffering.

Just inserting some music or dance videos here from my generation:

Epitome of grungiest of garage grunge:

This last one I’m including more for the video filmed in the Deep South, the meaning, and the gorgeous American ladies (including those in the bar) that are motivation to continue to visit:

Building on that and the theme of this blog, the natural beauty of American ladies in the 1970s:

Selfies over the years:

Myself at 5 years old, relishing daily bloody noses (w/mom & sister)

Myself at age 54

Myself sick with Tuberculosis at age 51

Myself recovering from 3 eye surgeries in 2000 at age 34

Myself in introvert, intellectual mode ~8 years old

Myself in drunkard, party animal mode in my early 20s

The numerous infections from 2012 onwards

Working in 1993 on what became Corel Painter (not Paint/Draw)

Age 29 about 5 years before my eye was blinded

Early 20s in a bar in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

My first software in my 20s.

Age 17 (w/father) long distance runner, stopped playing football for 2 years yet still ~15.5” neck

Age 36, Corpus Christi, TX recovered from eye surgeries

Long-distance runner, took first place in a race during the summer before senior year H.S.

Age 21 cross-training, part-time athlete, drunken party animal headed to Destin, FL for Spring Break

83 kg in 2013/14 trying to fight off infections which caused my NAFLD+ballooning weight gain

Age 17, H.S. prom. Did not yet break my nose

31 years old, sugar addict, very slim, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Sugar addict, slim. My first Filipina wife and her very athletic brothers. Manny Pacquiao-ish! I love them all.

2011 age 46 already sick with infections but not yet hospitalized with perforated, acute peptic ulcer

First time to touch a basketball again while recovering from eye surgeries in 2000

2001 recovering from eye surgeries

4 years old w/newly born sister

Somebody has thick legs at age 21

Age ~51 in Philippines sick with Tuberculosis

2013/14 note the miserable red splotches on my face&chest due to systemic inflation from infections

2001 recovering from eye surgeries, trying to gain muscle

December 2019

Dec. 1, 1999 the day my eye was bludgeoned out

A week before almost died in 2012 due to perforated, acute peptic ulcer

September 2019

Our H.S. cheerleaders. Jewish girl in center was my gf also sometimes

My H.S. gf Tracey and Robert Trujillo is Metallica’s bass guitarist

A friend who claims a 167 I.Q.

Beautiful Florida southern belle eye candy or motivation

Myself 26 years old

Myself 2 or 3 years old

2001 recovering from eye surgeries, back to working

In Brisbane Australia November 1999, a week before my eye was gouged out

2000 negotiating $205k license sale after 1st of 3 eye surgeries

Nude flashing in a river in Texas 2003, but I Photoshopped so not visible


That was one really long post.
You could have made four posts out of it with room to spare.

TV was always about programming your brain, but if you ever stop for a while whenever you go back you see just how bad things have gotten.

Today i can't go five minutes without yelling at the TV "liar" (when i am at someone's house doing some fixing. It is just bad.

And people think this is news, this is entertainment.

EVERYONE, get rid of your TVs, any real news won't be broadcast, so you won't miss anything.

Glad you are getting your health back.


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