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RE: Trillionaire Fund Manager Martin Armstrong Was Framed By Our Corrupt Government

I wrote in this blog:

Additionally Wikipedia cites numerous footnoted sources that associate the word ‘pedophilia’ with Epstein. Epstein didn’t prey on pre-prepubescent girls. The correct term for someone sexually attracted to adolescents is ‘ephebophile’. This subtle deception is important because by blurring and thus conflating the significant distinction between pedophilia and ephebophilia, the attitude of the populace can be gradually shifted to associating all sexuality as a crime or all sexuality (including sexual assault of babies) as not a crime. Remember in many countries in the world the age of consent is still 12, 13, 14, or 15, but has been raised rapidly in recent decades. Eventually I guess the age of consent will be age 30 everywhere and humans will not procreate above the replacement rate (resulting in severe economic collapse). Seriously. The powers-that-be of course would like to criminalize everything that humans could otherwise do without being subject to tax and totalitarian control. Which is why our overlords promulgate the propaganda lies about man-made climate change that manipulates the populace to foist taxes and totalitarian control on all us.

Armstrong has blogged about this and the Qanon conspiracy theory: