Paradigm Prospector - The Fairy Slave Mines | Beatbattle S2:R5 "Movie Soundtracks"

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My entry for the Steemit Beatbattle S2:R5. The theme for this round was "movie soundtracks".

Special thanks to @chiefmappster, the whole jury and of course all of you lovely listeners.

Should dSound not work for you, try the youtube version:


This is great! Moody. It's threatening the listener to go somewhere, but not knowing where.
Congrats on the win, mate!
Followed you too!

Thanks dude! I tried my best not to bring too much rhythm into it and to keep it bare and rough like the lives in the mine.
Super amazed at all the awesome musicians I keep meeting on here. Signing up was already worth it <3

You did great, buds!

Yeah, Steemit is awesome!

Awesome track...definitely a worthy winner, congrats!

Thank you so much dude!
I really wish I could have made it longer, but I always turn tracks in late to the deadline.
Not sure if I yet commented on your entry yet but I found myself going back to relisten 3 times already.
You definitely have what it takes to make epic sci-fi filmscores.
Onto the next round! No Idea what I'm gonna do about the Celtics :)

It's great as it is though! I suppose there's always time to make an extended version some time in the future... And thanks for the kind words about my track! :) Now we just need someone here to make a sci-fi movie, because we've got the soundtrack ready to go ;p
I think I may have to skip the Celtic round...even though I do have a few great ideas!

Yay, I figure eventually even more directors will join the platform and look for soundtracks to their movies. And sicne you already got a few that would instantly qualify I think you have laid good groundwork for that collaboration already.
The "crossroads" part may save me somewhat. Just "celtic" would be challenging ;)

Let's hope so! It would be a great way to collaborate on and video coming together. I just started it off myself by collaborating with @surfermarly, which turned out pretty amazing!
I'd know a few 'celtic' tracks to sample...but yeah...too many ideas, too little time ;p

Whattttttttttt yes yes and yesssssssssss.

What an absolutely magical beat. You pay attention to all the details.

Love how you have those axes picking throughout and use such vivid sounds that create an amazing cinematic feel to it.

And those choir noises you bring around 0:57 holy smokes serious goosebumps.

And that harp you bring in around 2:24 yessssss how majestic.

And that artwork so dope man. What a high-quality entry man o man. Appreciate you greatly :)

Awesome feedback ;)

Thank you kind sir :))

Now there's a sound one can really 'dig' ;-) reminded me of some fantasy/action adventure for sure!

Hollywood lord of the rings has made such an impression on all of us I gues, hehe.

mm, precious!!! ;-)

Most def you deserve first place man i felt like i was in a movie ehen i listened to this

Thank you so much for your feedback <3

This is awesome! You really made me feel like playing Warcraft II again. And I pictured all kind of things and felt a little sorry for these whipped fairies. Couldn't help but think they were pretty, little women (kind of like Tinkerbell). Of course they would be planning an escape from the Orcs though.

Anyhow, very cool to find out that you are making (cinematic) music. If I ever get back to filmmaking - and I am pretty sure I will - you will surely be one of the candidates who might contribute to its soundtrack.

Hehe, so cool. I'd love to actually work for a film, though I could imagine cutting the music to picture and on point is a different beast altogether.
thanks vince <3

Youtube link in case of technical issues: