Farm Update: What Happens When You Take A Silkie For a Walk in a Mexican Barrio

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These are just a few photos taken with my phone today after what was a great exprience worth sharing. I've had my silkie about 6 months now and have been in silkie heaven, as I love their puff breed. We started with two but lost the white one which was always sickly. They're called a dream breed because of their soft feathers, cute appearance and nice demeanor.

On to the Story....

I went to get a few cokes from the local miscelanea which is basically like a family owned convenience store. We have a long relationship with them and they honestly are both amused by us and respectful. I got what turned out to be the brilliant idea to take my silkie with me to the store on a walk of sorts, just hugging her to my chest.

Now I've been to this store many times so I know at mid afternoon there is nearly always kids there or at least several adults. What I found was much of the family and they all came out to inspect this funny looking chicken.

And just like me they were smitten, I could understand them discussing her weird feathers and feet. They talked about the blue dots on her face and how soft she was. None of them knew chickens could be that cute. There were people of all ages, even teenagers were floored by my favorite chicken.

Now I could have just went and got the cokes and went home, but spending a few minutes surrounded by my neighbors as they pet my super friendly chicken was totally worth it.

Aaaand now I need more. My silkie fire is refueled especially as you can see by the photo above the puff that is her butt is ADORABLE.

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How adorable that you take your chicken on walks. She looks really unique. With that black mohawk, she wouldn't be out of place in a chicken punk rock band. I can imagine how people would've been curious and it's even nicer that she's friendly!


Okay so I'm not sure I'll ever find it again but I actually saw a short clip of a whole group of silkies playing miniature instruments in a rock band. It was too much.

OMG SOOOOO CUTEEEEE!!!! cute overload~!




Thank you, she's the best chicken.


I grew up waking to the roosters always had chickens in the yard NOw i live DownTown in city