Winners: Share Your World Contest #3

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It is time to announce the winners of the third Share Your World Contest!!

The idea is a simple one.

Share Your World contest

One of the things that excite me the most about Steemit is the opportunity to engage with people from all over the world. Somebody once said:

You will find that I am just like you. And you will find that I am nothing like you.

I want to use this opportunity to find out about your world.

You can find the first two contests here

  1. Share Your World Contest #1
  2. Share Your World Contest #2

The winners were announced here.

  1. Contest 1 Winners
  2. Contest 2 Winners

The current contest posed the following question.


The topic is twofold this time. Please include both aspects in your post.

  • Tell us what the greatest challenge is that your country/ region / cultural group/area where you are currently living is facing in 2018. (It can be anything but give us some detail. Not just a one-word description like 'poverty'.)
  • Now tell us why or how you think your people will survive or overcome their challenges. Describe an aspect of who they are that will enable them to be successful. (I'm not looking for socio-economic or political solutions. I want to hear who your people are.)

Please share your world with us! We all look forward to reading your views and perspectives.

There were 13 entries once again. I am so grateful for everyone's participation. It was a great experience to read your posts as you shared your worlds. Thank you!

If you are new to this contest you can get the post with all the links here.

Share Your World Contest #3

@mmunited, @trituratusmiedos, @isabelpena, @socialmediaseo, @charjaim, @pedroelec, @rjoshicool, @machiqui63, @edwardsun55, @hairyfairy, @fitinfun, @joanstewart and @mimismartypants participated and each receives one share of @steembasicincome.

Thank you, guys. You are great! Here is a record of the payment.

The winners!

I promised three participants will receive 5 shares of @steembasic income each. I am going to make that four participants otherwise I will spend the rest of the day debating with myself. Here they are!

1. The challenge of being a mother in Venezuela - @machiqui63

This lady inspired me with her can-do attitude and faith. This contest has received great support from bloggers from Venezuela. I am both in awe of the immense challenges they face there and the fortitude and national pride of the people. @machiqui63 gives great advice to everyone and inspires as a mother. You children are privileged to have you as their mom!

2. Share Your World Competition Entry - @socialmediaseo

I am sure that everyone reading here is aware of Brexit. The world is changing once again and we all wonder what the implications will be. I find European politics fascinating and incomprehensible. @socialmediaseo gives some perspective while not losing sight of the fact that there are countries in the midst of crises that are way more serious or dire. The stiff upper lip of the Brits made me smile and reminded me of Jane Austin's characters.

3. Obesity is the Worst Problem in the US - @fitinfun

This lady inspires me on a nearly daily basis. I see her enter many contests and am convinced that she wins just about all of them as she does things at a higher standard than most. She is on a mission to fight obesity and adds value to people's lives in every topic she posts on. The advice she gives in her entry she lives by herself. @fitinfun is the real thing and you should follow her if you do not do so already.

4. Share Your World Contest #3 - @mimismartypants

@mimismartypants had an unfair advantage in this contest but through no fault of her own. We are from the same country and she addressed something that fills my own nightmares. Child and human trafficking is a worldwide reality but it upsets me that it is happening on my doorstep. I hope you share her post and do your bit to create greater awareness. Thank you @mimismartypants!

Congratulations to the winners!
Payment has been made to @steembasicincome and you should see their vote or increased vote come through within the next seven days.

Please keep an eye out for my next contest. It will be the last in this series and I would love if you can be a part of it.


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A HUGE thank you for the opportunity to enter this competition and thank you for selecting my blog as one of the winners, also well done to everyone else who secured a prize, especially @fitnifun @mimismartypants and @machiqui63
Kryptonia ID @socialmediaseo


Well dont to you as well!! Great work!! Keep on steeming hard and creating awesome content!!


A thousand congratulations to you also excellent post. :)


Thank you lovely lady!! Very kind of you!!

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Great! Though I couldn't win, it was nice to participate in this contest.

Whoop, Whoop!! Thanks so much for the awesome prize @reonlouw!! I didn't realise you were from South Africa as well, but I guess louw should have given it away!! This really is a disturbing topic and seems to be getting worse and worse!! Lets hope these scum are tracked down and dealt with!!

On a more positive note congrats to all the other winners, @socialmediaseo, @machiqui63 and @fitinfun!! All great entries, keep uo the great writing guys!!


Your congratulations motivate me to write with passion. :)

Cheers to winners in great competition @machiqui63 , @socialmedia , @fitinfun and @mimismartypants
Thank you @reonlouw for the contest I learned a lot when reading posts from other countries.


Thanks @Hairyfairy!! Much appreciated!! Next time you'll take the win!!


Thank you ... really this type of contests broadens our horizons.

Awesome job to @machiqui63, @mimismartypants, @fitinfun, and @socialmediaseo! Really enjoyed reading all the entires. Big thanks to @reonlouw for running such a great contest... Perhaps next time I will throw my hat into the ring! via Kryptonia by @daytondoes


Thank you @daytondoes!!much appreciated!! I'm routing for you next!!


Thank you!! @reonlouw continues to promote this type of contest

congrats @machiqui63, @mimismartypants, @fitinfun, and @socialmediaseo!

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Thanks so much for your well wishes!! Much appreciated!! Keep on steeming on!!


Thank you!! from now I'm going @michealclauri and mimismartypants

I personally congratulate the winners, their efforts pay the way for them to win. @mmunited, @trituratusmiedos, @isabelpena, @socialmediaseo, @charjaim, @pedroelec, @rjoshicool, @machiqui63, @edwardsun55, @hairyfairy, @fitinfun, @joanstewart and @mimismartypants , i congratulate all of you.
Kryptonia id blogjeremiah


Thanks so much for your well wishes!! Much appreciated!! Keep on steeming on!!

Muy contenta de haber participado por primera vez en este concurso, no gané pero me enteré de grandiosas experiencias de los demás y eso es valioso. Felicito a @machiqui63,@socialmediaseo, @fitinfun y @mimismartypants por sus buenos posts. Saludos.
Kryptonia @charjaim


Thanks so much!!


Thanks @charjaim, success in the upcoming contests. ;)

Congrats to the following:


my kryptonia id is bojakcates - I am Project Manager for Superior Coin and Kryptonia.


Thanks so much for your well wishes!! Keep on steeming on!!


Many thanks!!!


Thanks you buddy!! Thanks very kind of you!! Keep on steeming hard!!


Thanks for the congratulations!!!

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Thank you so much, @reonleow! I sometimes feel like a broken record and get discouraged with all my weight loss talk. You really help me stay motivated these days. I love this contest and I will be back! WooHoo!

And big congrats to my fellow honorees:

Coming to you from @kryptonia and thank you so much for the task :)


Thanks and congratulations to you too @fitinfun. :)

My sincere congratulations to all the winners!!!
Good job!


Thank you...

Congratulations for @machiqui63 , @socialmedia , @fitinfun and @mimismartypants. Everybody did a nice job, but you brought something special into your texts. Excellent!
Kryptonia - @alicedorin


Glad you enjoyed it!! Thanks so much for your well wishes!!


Thank you ... Write my post with a lot of love, inspired by the women of my country, especially those who are mothers.

Congratulations to @machiqui63 , @socialmedia , @fitinfun and @mimismartypants... Good job @reonlouw, it was a very interesting contest.
I'm tupamalo in @kryptonia community... Greetings!


Thanks so much for your kind words!! Feels great yo reao the benefits!!


Thanks for the congratulations!

Congrats to all the authors, some great content shared, to those who got prizes @machiqui63 , @socialmedia , @fitinfun and @mimismartypants enjoy!

Thanks to @reonlouw on another #shareyourworld contest @steembasicincome


Thanks @joanstewart!! Much appreciated!!


@joanstewart Thanks for reading and congratulating me. ;)

Congratulations to all the winners.


Thank you!

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Hello @reonlouw! I'm super happy ... I wish you could have seen my face while reading your comment about my publication. Every word you wrote filled me with excitement and motivated me to move forward in my daily life as a mother. I did not write before because here in Venezuela there are serious problems with Internet connections.
Thank you again and I'm waiting for the next contest. :)
And congratulations to the rest of the winners @socialmediaseo, @fitnifun
@mimismartypants and all the participants of this great contest.

Congratulation to all the winners. Really amazed to read few of them....great contest @reonlouw 👍

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Thank you! @steemflow, motivate me to continue writing.


That is the best thing we can do here on steemit @machiqui63.....just write 👍 keep writing and good writing...👌

My participation did not enter the contest, which is bad ... But I would like to read it. Congratulations to the winners.
In the next contest I hope to participate.