Here are the winners!

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It is time to announce the winners! I loved reading every post and really struggle with the picking of winners. Everyone who participated with valid entries has already received one share of @steembasicincome each.

The idea of the contest is simply this.

One of the things that excite me the most about Steemit is the opportunity to engage with people from all over the world. Somebody once said:

You will find that I am just like you. And you will find that I am nothing like you.

I want to use this opportunity to find out about your world.

The question this time around was this.

Tell us about your favourite public holiday in your country. Give us some information on why and how you celebrate it. A personal perspective or experience of you celebrating it would also be welcome.

Here are a couple of things I enjoyed about the answers in general.

  • The national / cultural pride that shone through in the posts.
  • Traditions that I had never heard of before.
  • The sense of fun and joy portrayed in the descriptions of different celebrations.

And of course, the honesty and openness with which people were willing to share their worlds!

The big prize winners in this round are:

  1. Holidays of Russia. Victory day. by @edwardsun55
    I may be influenced by @energyaddict22, but it gets to me how deeply the whole of Russian society has been wounded by the devastation of war. @edwardsub55 did a good job of capturing something of this.
  2. Planting Trees Arbor Day by @joanstewart
    @joanstewart has been very instrumental in my own Steemit journey and I have been following her blog for nearly as long as I am on Steemit. Her love for nature shines through in many ways and it is very fitting that she posted about Arbor Day.

Congratulations @edwardsun55 and @joanstewart.

Please keep an eye out for my next contest. There will be four in total along these lines and under this name. And thank you again to everyone who participated.


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Thank you @reonlouw, for promoting such a wonderful contest, I want to participate in the next. And Congratulations @edwardsun55 and @joanstewart!!!!

Congratulations to @edwardsun55 and @joanstewart from @richard78624 Kryptonia


Thank you !

Cheers to @joanstewart and @edwardsun55 !
You made good job and achieved nice result in this competition.
@reonlouw thank youa lot for the share of SBI . I am looking forward to your next challenge!
Kryptonia ID @hairyfairy


Hello @hairfairy,
Congrats you for winning steemitbuilder rewards. What about supporting each other, you and me.


Thank you very much! We all tried very hard.

Comgratulation @edwardsun55 and @joanstewart.
Kriptonia ID @charjaim

Felicitaciones a los ganadores @ edwardsun55, @joanstewart y, a @reonlouw por organizar este gran concurso.


Thank you very much!

Felicitaciones @ edwardsun55 y @joanstewart....@kryptonia

Congratulations @joanstewart 😊
-@joancabz kryptonia

Congrats @joanstewart and @edwardsun55.
Kryptonia ID: @mmunited.
Thanks @reonlouw for helping my account to grow.
I am not a very good writer but I will participate in next contest hopefully.

Congratulations to all the winners, weldone. Upvote and resteem bt @kryptonia id blogjeremiah

Thank you @reonlouw loved the opportunity to remind people to think to the future in your topic selection.

Congratulations @edwardsun55 most enjoyable to learn more about respecting history through celebration in an annual event.


Thank you very much!
Come to visit us! Russia is a wonderful and interesting country.

Thank you, dear @reonlouw for your assessment of my post and thank you all for your congratulations, this very nice, I'm touched. I will definitely try to participate in the next contest.
We all work together to make the world a better!

Thank you so much, really appreciate the opportunity to enter these competitons and a huge congratulations to @edwardsun55 and @joanstewart

Congratulation @edwardsun55 and @joanstewart
Kryptonia ID @orakzai
Great Contest I Will Try To Participate Next Time

Dear @reonlouw I have not yet received my reward for this tour.
With respect, @edwardsun55


Hi @edwardsun55. You will see in the post above that payment was made to @steembasicincome. It takes a while for them to allocate your shares but you should start seeing upvotes from @steembasicincome or @sbi1, @sbi2, up to about @sbi7. You received a total of six shares from me and if these are your first shares you should be in one of the later groups like sbi6 or sbi7. The strength of you upvote will grow as you grow your number of shares. The great thing is that you will receive this upvote every day as long as you keep posting.

Please check out posts from @steembasicincome if I am confusing you.


Thank you very much @reonlouw for your clarifications, now everything has become clear to me and I ask you to forgive me for my concern on this issue and for distracting your attention.