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The greatest challenge facing Americans is obesity

You will not be surprised to know that I think obesity in the worst problem in the United States where I lived for most of my life. I lost “half my size” at the age of 50 and then dedicated the rest of my life helping other people beat it like I did.

According to statistics on the cdc website, approximately 40 percent of Americans are overweight and 40 percent are obese. These are old numbers and I am sure they are worse now.

The reason I think obesity is such an important problem is because:

  • it has a negative impact on every other facet of life
  • it is passed down in the generations
  • it causes and exacerbates many other health problems
  • it causes early death
  • it decreases productivity
  • it creates negative self image
  • it is so pervasive and becoming worse.

How Can Americans Succeed in Beating Obesity?

The only way I know of for Americans to beat obesity is to take the bull by the horns, face facts, focus intently, and learn, learn, learn.

In general, the American food supply is a poisonous toxic stew these days. People try to “diet” and still eat non-nutritrious chemical laden garbage. They think it is their fault that they cannot lose weight this way. All you have to do it look at “Fat Oprah” to know that weight watchers does not work. Over there they give you point values for thing like skittles. Healthy people do not eat skittles which are a mix of colors, flavors, and other chemicals.

I don’t care what diet they follow or what restrictions they have. I have seen many people succeed over the last years and they all have these things in common:

  • they stop making excuses and start taking action.
  • they stop eating poison such as gmos, colors, flavors, pesticides, hfcs and the like.
  • they start preparing their own food from healthy ingredients.
  • they stop deep frying and other methods of cooking that add empty calories.
  • they start exercising daily within their limits.
  • they rest and recover daily.
  • they do not look for a quick fix, but instead go in for a long haul.

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I have only been living in Kuala Lumpur for one month, and I cannot begin to tell you of any problems here. I still have on my rose-colored glasses.

This is my entry for the third Share Your World contest by @reonlouw. Tell us about your country and you will be glad you did!

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I was in the US almost 3 month and my eating habits got worse there. Ready-made dishes and fast foods were my everyday reality.
Kryptonia ID @hairyfairy

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I have heard most don't prepare there own food, falling foul of fast food.

Fresh is best, made at home, or even better grown in the garden, not everyone has that luxury unfortunately, so do the best you can.

Have a wonderful weekend visiting from @kryptonia


Thank you @joanstewart. I'm late so the weekend is done. Preparing your own food takes effort and knowledge that few have now, sadly. I try to help the best I can...

Mis felicitaciones para ti por haber ganado el concurso. Realmente es un problema preocupante, que muchos no se dan cuenta sino cuando ya ha pasado mucho tiempo, pero nunca es tarde si se quiere tener mejor salud. Saludos desde Venezuela.


Muchas gracias por el comentario y los buenos deseos. Intento decirle a todos que pueden recuperarse si lo hago.