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Current Challenges in the UK.

I consider myself lucky to live in the United Kingdom, unlike many other countries, our challenges tend to be trivial when compared to them, such things as poverty, war, drought and mass displacement doesn't affect us, but we do still have our own problems (although much less dramatic.) One of the biggest challenges we are having at the moment is the exit from the European Union, or as it is commonly known, Brexit.

This has had a knock on effect on a lot of small medium enterprises (SME's) and this includes my own business which is predominantly European based. As well as the financial impact of the uncertainty, there is also a drop in the amount of businesses who are investing in their own company's growth due to this. And this includes SEO and social media management budgets (My mainstream services!) As well as website development.

Fortunately the people of the UK are made of sterner stuff, we like to keep the stiff upper lip and we do not shy away from challenges. We will weather the storm of our exit from the EU, and regardless of the outcome, we never give up. This is the mentality of the majority of British citizens and I am proud to be one of them. I have been through bad times before, such as the downturn in the eighties where unemployment was rife and inflation was out of control. Although these challenges we face as I first mentioned, quite trivial, it is still challenges that the great British public will face and never be beaten.

This is my entry for @reonlouw 's #shareyourworld competition which you can find here...

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