Saturday Celebration #5

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Don't you think it is shocking how the value of Steem has dropped? I am struggling to come to terms with prices dropping, no SBD being paid out and everyone's upvote losing value. Right now I find it hard to imagine the good times described by Steemians that have been here longer than me.

In my regular Saturday post, I have been dabbling with small contests. I want to do this again today and I want to offer three prizes of five @steembasicincome shares each. It is my opinion that investing in @steembasicincome is one of the best things you and I can do at this time. The shares are cheap now but will last. If you have many shares when prices go up, you will reap the benefits. And those daily upvotes now will help keep you afloat in these difficult times.

Another benefit I see in @steembasicincome is that it motivates you and me to post often. If you do not post, you do not get any benefit from owning shares. I often want to reward people who comment on my blog by entering them for a contest at @pifc where they can win SBI shares. However, too many Steemians are specialising in commenting and resteeming mostly, with very few of their own posts filling their blog. This means that SBI shares will not help them.

I do two things to gain more @steembasicincome shares.

  1. I enter contests to win shares. You can find regular updates on such contests at @steembasicincome. Take a look.
  2. I offer contests like this one. For every share I buy for the winners, I get a share. It is a win-win! Right now, I'm using every single Steem I can spare to do this.

Here is the contest I am offering today.

Share Your World contest

One of the things that excite me the most about Steemit is the opportunity to engage with people from all over the world. Somebody once said:

You will find that I am just like you. And you will find that I am nothing like you.

I want to use this opportunity to find out about your world. Hopefully, I will be able to do this again, so we will start with one question about your world. Here is the question.

Tell us about an interesting/different/unique courtship ritual or wedding ceremony in your country or culture.


  1. Create a post to share this with us.
  2. The post should be at least 300 words.
  3. Place a link to that post in the comments here. This will be your entry and will be acknowledged by being given a number.
  4. At least five people need to enter for prizes to be awarded.
  5. I am looking for something interesting or out of the ordinary or weird. Something that will give us insight into your world.
  6. The winners will be announced after this post pays out.
  7. Use the above picture for your post. Here is the link. (You can use other pictures too. Just start with this one.)
    <a href=""><img src="" title="source:" /></a>[Source](


  1. Three winners will each get five shares of @steembasicincome.
  2. I will upvote every post made for this competition.
  3. Each entry will be featured in a curation post by myself at the end of this competition.
  4. A @steem-bounty of 3 Steem will be created for this post.
  5. Eight people will receive 300 Superior Coin from me via @kryptonia just for entering this contest.

I hope all of the above is clear enough to understand. I look forward to reading your posts!


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  ·  last year (edited)

Done! Great idea for a contest, @reonlouw. I do not think this is too interesting, and maybe not unique, but it was a fun walk down memory lane :)
Going Steady in Chicago Illinois

Edit to say I am one of the lucky ones from @kryptonia. Thank you for a cool task :)

Thank you @fitinfun. Entry #5

Loved your entry @fitinfun. I find it a precious gift when people share memories.

I know the term 'going steady' and that it is anything but steady, but we never did the rings. My mother would have killed me several times over if I gave anything of value to a girl in school. She never liked any girl that I liked...

Sludos @reonlouw, mi entrada .
Me alegra haberlo encontrado en mi camino, un abrazo.

Thank you @celinavisaez. Entry #2

Great entry @celinavisaez. It was my first time ever experimenting with Google translate...

I enjoyed the 'triumphal entry' of the bride. As a man married for 18 years now, I understand this... 😀

¡Hola! ¿como estas?, yo todos los días, tengo que usar el traductor, no hablo inglés, hay días que el traductor, no funciona, porque el internet, es muy malo, me cuesta un poco interactuar con todos, pero me encanta steemit, aquí estaré, mientras el internet me lo permita, un fuerte pero cariñoso abrazo.

Thank you @oclinton. Entry #1

Very interesting entry @oclinton. I accept that I need to attend a wedding in Nigeria to fully experience it but you did a good job of conveying the rich tradition and joy. Thank you!

@reonlouw It's a great Contest and SBI share is also seems to be Awesome.
I am also Looking forward to participate in this Contest.

Thank you @kmayegaindia. I look forward to your entry!

Thank you @rvag5. Entry #3

Great entry @rvag5. I am familiar with many of the traditions you describe. South Africa and Venezuela have more in common than I realized.

Thank you @reonlouw, , excellent I like that we have traditions in common.

Thank you @socialmediaseo. Entry #4

Thanks @reonlouw Sorry I couldn't have written something a little more 'All singing and dancing' but at least it is a true account of my wedding experience ;)
And a BIG thank you for such a great competition and showing a way to support the Steemit community.

Great contribution @socialmediaseo. As a marriage officer who officiates at many wedding, I have a huge problem with the money we spend on what is essentially a party. It is money that can benefit a couple starting a life together in many different ways.

You made a good choice and it obviously worked well. Well done!

Hello @reonlouw, I like the idea of your contest, here is my entry.
Have a beautiful day, ID Kryptonia @hairyfairy

Thank you @hairyfairy. Entry #8

Great contribution @hairyfairy. There is definitely a uniqueness to the Czech traditions. You have added huge value to this contest. Thank you!

  ·  last year (edited)

Hello! Here my entry 😀

Oh! I lost my 300 SUP. You should have said the time or date you would close. It took me all morning to do the post. You owe me an ice cream!

Thank you @thaishps. Entry #9

I enjoyed 'crazy hour' @thaishps. Thank you for your contribution! I'll look you up on @kryptonia and transfer the SUP.

Thanks, but do not worry. I am new to Kryptonia and did not know that the number of tasks that were available had to be taken into account. I took a long time to make the post and when I returned to Kryptonia others had already taken the task 😀

Thank you @anasuleidy. Entry #6

Great entry @anasuleidy. And I agree with @rynow. The Bible is a special gift and tradition.

Thank you for the contest, and If the Bible is a beautiful and sacred symbol.

Ok, am going for wedding ceremony soon, or i gate crash one for you.

Great stuff @botefarm. I look forward to your entry!

  ·  last year (edited)

I love your idea and am glad to be part of it. here is my post hope could get the first place !
btw: its from Honduran, Central America.

Thank you @colochos. Entry #7

Wedding pictures of a real wedding! Thank you @colochos. I enjoyed the fact that the whole wedding cake belongs to the bride. 😁 My wife would have loved that!

You welcome @reonlouw !
Its a real history and Im sure every single woman would love that fact. Hope most people could enjoy the blog as well.

Thank you

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Just post on my world nothing else.

Well, as sad as it might be, many sais that STEEM price was that high last year because of purely manipulation.
I would love to see it go again to 4.5~5USD, and even belive that it must be in the 20-ish USD, not ony because of the comunity but for the velocity of transactions... time will tell.

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let me see if I can make one😊

I hope you will @fabio2614!

I have an idea for one I don't hear of often these days. Sounds like a fun writeup to do. Marking the spot with a comment so I will remember to come back in the A.M.

Awesome @headchange. I look forward to it!

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Dear @reonlouw, thank you for your post, it is very nice to see people like you and @knircky do good for Steemit and not just for own earning like most of users here, but our Steem-bounty family is growing and this thanks to you too. I would like to sponsor you in @steembasicincome as my introducer, can i do it?