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I had so much fun this week reading the entries received for this contest. Thank you to everyone who participated. You can find the post introducing the contest here.
Saturday Celebration #5

I have been offering small contests for a number of weeks now as I build my own stockpile of @steembasicincome shares. It is a perfect solution enabling you to help others as you invest in your own future here on Steemit. This was called Saturday Celebration and will be discontinued for a while as I want to run with the Share your world idea after this week's success.

There were nine entries! And I enjoyed every single one. I'm listing them here for your reading pleasure. You should really take a look.

Entry #Name of contestantPost link
1@oclintonwedding ceremony in my country or culture.
2@celinavisaezBODA TRADICIONAL
3@rvag5Wedding Traditions / Venezuelan Marriage
4@socialmediaseoGetting Married in the UK
5@fitinfunGoing Steady in Chicago Illinois
6@anasuleidyContest: Celebration of Saturday n. ° 5 "VENEZUELAN CHRISTIAN BODY"
7@colochosWedding by the Beach - Contest
8@hairyfairyWedding customs in the Czech Republic
9@thaishpsCourtship ritual or wedding ceremony venezuelans

It was quite a challenge to pick a winner and I think everyone deserves a reward. So, firstly, I changed some of my unrelated plans and every contestant gets one share of @steembasicincome. The three winners will each get four additional shares to top them up to the five shares promised.

So thank you again to everyone who participated. Here is proof of payment.

There were entries from the following countries.

  • Chigago, Illinois (USA)
  • Venezeula
  • Nigeria
  • United Kingdom
  • Czech Republic
  • Republic of Honduras

Then the winners! In the end, I looked for two things that were very closely related. After reading every post earlier in the week, I visited each post again and before reading it again tried to remember something from the post. Good writing is memorable. I was naturally interested in the topic. Presenting it in such a way that I would remember something from yours after having read other posts on the same topic must be commended.

The other aspect that got my attention very naturally was personal stories and experiences. While the customs and traditions of your country or culture are interesting, your personal experiences make it, well, more personal.

Everyone is a winner but the three posts that got most of my attention is:


This guy hinted a couple of times that he wanted to win. It is not something I enjoyed, but despite that, he walks away a winner. His post tells the story of his brother's wedding and we see many pictures. It feels as if you attended the wedding yourself. Congratulations @colochos!


Most of the participants shared information about wedding traditions and not courting rituals. @fitinfun gives us insight into a courting ritual from her youth by relating her own experiences. She is also one of my favourite bloggers and does everything she does at a higher standard than the average person. Congratulations @fitinfun!


There were a number of entries from Venezuela. Maybe they love weddings more than the rest of us. @thaishps did something interesting and different by drawing a parallel with penguins who are monogamous. Although I do not know how we know this as all penguins look the same to me... Congratulations @thaishps!


I so enjoyed everyone's participation and as a result, I want to do this again. The prizes may be smaller (or bigger) and the questions less or more interesting but I love it when we share our worlds with one another. It may be everyday, average and boring to you, but to someone on the other side of the world, it may be fascinating. Please keep an eye out for my next 'Share your world contest.


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Thank you so much, @reonlouw! Right back atcha about the favorite blogger part :) I always love your posts. You are very unique, thoughtful, motivational, and always surprise me.

I "forced" myself to write this post. I saw your task on @kryptonia and kept it open, along with my document, for a day and a half! I am on the hunt for sbi shares now and you had such a generous offer that I did not want to miss it.

I thought my topic was very trite, that everyone already knew about it, and that my story was not interesting anyway. Thank you so much for changing my opinion about all of that! I got some wonderful comments on the post and enjoyed my trip down memory road.

And congrats on the participation you got on this contest. I did read some of the other entries and will now get to them all. I agree that sharing our different worlds is a wonderful aspect of steemit.

You are really a mover and shaker here, and thank you again!

Yupiiiiii!!!! I am happy. Thank you @reonlouw. I loved this activity. I enjoyed it a lot. If you had not published it in Kryptonia, I probably would have missed the contest.

Congratulations @colochos, @fitinfun and me

My Kryptonia ID @thaishps

Congratulations to @colochos @fitinfun @thaishps , good job! And thank you @reonlouw for this nice contest and your generosity. I'm looking forward to next one!

Thank you so much

Congratulations @fitinfun @colochos and @thaishps. Kryptonia@yusuff

Congratulations to the winners @Colochos @Fitinfun @Thaishps from Kryptonia @richard78624

Hello brother, God bless you ... I missed the contest ... :( I could not enter much in steemit these days, however I am glad to see that among the winners there are Venezuelans, congratulations to all, especially to the Venezuelan .. . I am Venezuelan :)

@Colochos @Fitinfun @Thaishps congrats to all of you for winning, well done. (@claudiaz - kryptonia)


Thank you @exposiciónexacta

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Hi, I'm @sahinadm from @kryptonia.

Congratulations; @oclinton, @celinavisaez and @rvag5.

¡Gracias! gracias, mi corazón late fuerte y salta de alegría, estoy muy emocionada, felicitaciones a todos los ganadores, doy gracias a Dios por ponerte en mi camino, un fuerte y cariñoso abrazo @reonlouw

Congratulation, @colochos @fitinfun and @thaishps... Greeting!
I'm tupamalo in @kriptonia community.

Congratulations to the three winners @colochos, @fitinfun and @thaishps. Kryptonia ID @blogjeremiah

Congratulation to the winners

Congratulations to all those contestants, not easy to select @reonlouw a special thanks to you for continued contests and fun into the community.

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Well done guys! Congratulations to the three winners @colochos, @fitinfun and @thaishps. Kryptonia ID @mejia_martinez


Thank You @reonlouw, for the award, we will keep an eye on your publications. Congratulations to the winners.

Well I just want to say thanks you @reonlouw for this contest, I really enjoy it and thats the most important think. As you said everyone who participated its a winner so Congrats to all in special for @fitinfun who is a really good blogger and has so much interesting info in her site. Special greetings to @thaishps and all the people from Venezuela, such a great country which Im hopping visit soon.

Lets keep going