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Hey Steemians,

This is my entry into the Share Your World Contest #3 hosted by @reonlouw. Here we are challenged to share the most pressing issues your country/ region / cultural group/area is currently facing. If you would like to know more about the challenge, check out the original post here.

Abduction for Human Trafficking is Plastered Across Headlines

Child and human trafficking has always been an issue in South Africa, and also the rest of the world. But lately, over the past few months, more and more cases of kidnapping and attempted kidnapping has been reported across the country.

This has been breaking news across all media platforms; TV, Print, Online and Social Media. The primary target seems to be young children and teenagers. Although many incidents are reported where victims have gotten escaped unharmed due to quick thinking, there are still a large number of missing children cases reported each day.

Young Children Are Targeted in Their Surroundings

Many parents have reported that they caught random strangers taking pictures of children in the mall. These pictures are said to be sold to the highest bidder and syndicates will then proceed to kidnap children. Of course, large sums of money are being paid for kids to be delivered. Which brings me to the question, are people so desperate for cash and cannot find an honest job that they would stoop this level to make some money??

Children are also being targetted outside schools, and favourite hangout spots and Adults have been urged to take extra precaution and be on guard.

Action Being Taken by the Community

School have been taking considerable steps to educate children even more about strangers and how to flag suspicious people and situations. The "Stranger Danger" campaign is being drilled into young kids minds so they can be aware of the situation.

Parents are also urged to not post pictures of their kids on social media especially one's targeted with specific locations or featuring these children in their school uniforms. It is rumoured that suspects are targetting social media platforms and using them to source victims for their catalogues.

Everyone is on High Alert

Everyone is on high alert and doing their best to teach their kids about these situations. However, it's quite sad that in a world as progressive as it is today there are still such inhumane practices about. What sane grown person will indulge in sex trafficking to satisfy their needs?? Thankfully, I have not heard of a case where victims were directly related to me, but I have heard of incidents where members of the community directly affected.

I hope you found this read informative.

We pray that our kids are kept safe and that the world of human trafficking comes to its senses.

Much Love From Sunny Cape Town, @mimismartypants

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Oh ...... my stomach is in knots. This is so evil - the very essence of evil!!!! I try not to hate - but if there is anyone that I would say I hate - it would be someone who would take a child from their family. It is evil, personified. There is absolutely not excuse.

I can't even watch the movies about the heartbreak of children stolen. The heart of the parents - who never see their child again... who go through their lives just wondering... oh my gosh. I can't think about it anymore.

Let's just keep our eyes on our children as much as we can! They can't be in bubbles of course - but as MUCH as we can... eyes on our treasures.

very hard post to read - but a GREAT reminder that life changes in an instant!!!


Yeah!! What gets me is people do this to earn cash. Apparently the going rate is 2k a kid. How souless ro you have to be to engage in these practices!!

When @mimismartypants hits 1 year on steemit let's do something big!
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Hey @chekohler, I will notify you on May 1st 2019, 12:00:00 pm (UTC)
Later! ( read more... )


hahhahahahaha! Thanks so cool man!! Very neat bot!!