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Hi everyone. Steemit is where we share and create informative and educative content for all readers. therefore, sevenfingers built a great team of great creators and we summarize their writing in Sevenfingers Creators Weekly. this is a bulletin of content already created by our creator and we make weekly reports for the 3 best post they have created.

SevenFingers Creators is a person who has become a model for sevenfingers community in guiding beginners in creating content as well as maintaining the quality of sevenfingers tags to be filled with content that is worth reading.

SevenFingers Creators Weekly


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Title : Steemit and bad game, I'm embarrassed looking for ill-gotten money

Dear steemian, talking about steemit of course everyone will love it, because here you will get paid from every post you share. Well, if you get a question, what do you think about steemit ?, Of course many different answers. But the short answer from most people is because of the hobby, your goal here is to straighten your hobby. And what if your hobby continues to get paid, of course you will turn your hobby into a place to make money, yes this is no longer a hobby, but a place to connect life. But what's so wrong with most people is copy + paste, why I talk about copy + paste, because it's a nasty act for you that makes steemit a place of business. In fact you continue to copy + paste because you have not get a ban from some parties, and finally you keep silent with your depraved deeds, even as if you like not experiencing mistakes. A quiet nature will only make you calm, does not mean you have to calm down with all the mistakes that many people do not know. But you have to learn from the riots, because There you will see noise, but what they show is sure.

Title : I really have put off every time for my work

Today, what you always feel in your life is lazy or lazy to start, indeed this problem has become something haunted for every person's life. And finally you put off all your work perfectly. why the delay often happens ?, Because you have many reasons to always postpone it. Even some of the reasons you give are very far from important words, but that is what is called lazy. You will always have an excuse to postpone every job.

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Title : Some fear, but you have to get through it because fate is have neatly arranged

Fear, of course we all have fear, and that makes you different from me I am what object to be feared. You would be very afraid to lose your job, of course, because your job is the future for your family. So also with some people, death, departure, affair and so forth are some very fatal problems in life. But you have to believe that fear will only happen shortly before the problem. No need to fear, because destiny is neatly arranged, you just stay through it.


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Title : Pilihlah Keahlianmu dan Asahlah

A person born into this world must have a different parent, although one parent but certainly has different birth time, even though one time of birth must have different friends. Any of these differences will form a variety of characters and will ultimately develop skills as a provision to lead a life. The bottom line is we have to have different provisions each and this is what shows we are not robots. Well, this skill that needs to be sharpened further to be ready to be applied in various fields that we will wrestle. Great ability will quickly guide us to the top of the career in the near future. Because frankly, when we hone the greatest ability of each then when we work we are not actually working but enjoying the job. "remember do not just work but also have to enjoy the job".

Title : Kindness is Necessity while Crime is Choice

In a social life means we have relationships with humans in terms of psychology called horizontal relationships. This relationship can be good and bad depending on how we manage it. Well, in the end feedback from all that will return to our own either in the near future or in a long time. Everyone knows that good relationships will bring goodness, so this is called a necessity. On the contrary, everybody knows that the evil will lead to failure but still be implemented, this is an option. Well, friends please choose yourself what you want to go in each way and ready with each resikon.

"remember that kindness is a necessity whereas evil is just an option"

Title : Doing it wholeheartedly then the results do not betray you

The heart is the measure of success. People will judge from the heart to get a worthy conclusion. Not infrequently when we interview the work in love about just a matter of psychotest, honestly this is the assessment of the heart tested by the interviewer. Working wholeheartedly will produce satisfying results for yourself and others. Working wholeheartedly here means being earnest in order to realize a work to be enjoyed by the wider community. Well, ultimately our work will be assessed by others in the long term that make the views of the people who enjoy will be good and bad depending on the results we do. Therefore, try to work wholeheartedly for the assessment of the community as well as wholeheartedly. In the end both can enjoy in a horizontal relationship kinship.


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Title : Food Inheritance: Ie Bu Peudah

Know the heritage of the cuisine of Indatu, one of the dishes that are very old and very rare in some areas. This typical cuisine we found in the post belongs @abuarkan, which is incorporated as one member #sevenfingerscreators. "Ie Bu Peudah" is the name that is composed in the Aceh language, the food found only during this fasting month became one of the most popular foods in some of the sharpening. Only a few places in Aceh Besar, the western tip of Indonesia that treats it as a tradition. The process of cooking is done in sharpening together and then distributed to all the children, visitors and every citizen who is present there. There is also very visible kinship, ranging from the process of cooking together, to equally distributed to be enjoyed.

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Title : Rumoh Aceh, On A Memory

Rumoh Aceh, a house that can accommodate all family members and will only get you in Aceh, it is true. This is the traditional house of the people of Aceh from the past until now, but unfortunately this house is only left in some places in every region. The shaped house is made about 2.5 meters from the ground with the highest quality wood. With square shapes and dozens of poles. This house also has a different length, because according to the enthusiasts of someone who wants to build it, the bigger the house the more poles buffer. This house is made with a wooden peg system and without the use of nails, is believed to be earthquake-resistant and disaster-friendly.

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Title : Zuhur For a moment at Masjid Tuha

Looks like a building, small and closed. Yes, it is one of the ancient mosque buildings that are still intact until now, located behind MIN Ule Kareng, Banda Aceh. With a size of 10 x 10 meters, this is a very short size for the size of the mosque. All sides of the mosque are lined with half-meter concrete, and the rest use small wood as the walls look very strong, sturdy and fierce, yes that is the wood of choice first time. The mosque with the old-fashioned architecture without domes that only use the roof overlap and limited a little space for air circulation. The poles and beams are carved with floral motifs, their style resembles the Indrapuri mosque that has Hindu cultural influences.


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The photographs seen in this post are the sun's ambience set in the city of Lhokseumawe. Taking pictures from different angles produces very interesting images. The sun looks like a ring coin. The photos have filled my post in the Black and White contest made by @daveks. The picture was taken using with the camera Canon Power Shot SX540HS.

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These images will invite you to see the squirrel more closely. The jumping squirrels really caught my attention. I did not waste this opportunity to instantly photograph them. The tree was seen hanging from a tree. That's their habit, jumping from tree to tree. Squirrels are one of the most common mammals living in coconut trees. It's very hard to get a good picture, because they move so fast. My hands should always be observant in pressing the shootter button.

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Actually I am not used to taking pictures of the outdoors in the landscape category. These pictures are my learning phase in taking pictures in nature. Some of the objects that I photograph this as a trial only. The Japanese cave located at the height of Lhokseumawe City is perfect for sunset shooting. Here I am looking for various objects to be photographed.Finally I found some of these objects and collect them in this post.


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Title : The debate of Galileo, Copernicus, and Physics Scientist About Theory of Physics

Physics is a branch of science that investigates the universe, metaphysics and achieves the intent of epistimology. In the development of the era of science Physics continues to develop. Scientists continue to develop various theories about physics. Then Physics becomes as a science that discusses one theory with another theory and the opposite of existing theories. Differences about the theory sparked a debate among scientists. Galelio, Corpenicus, and Bellarmino are some examples of scientists who have different points of view on cosmological theory. From the journey of history, we can understand that science continues to develop in the search for truth.

Title : Namib Ocymyrmex, Species Of Insects Conquer The Sahara Desert

There are not many living things that can survive at 70° Celsius. However, what happened to one of these insects makes us stunned. Namib Ocymyrmex, one of a kind of black insect that mamou lives in the hot Sahara Desert. This insect is unique because it survives in hot weather conditions. Sahara Desert is one of the largest deserts in the world. The black insects live and search for prey in the 70° Celsius desert. This insect has a slightly small body with long legs. Black ants and silver ants have thick fur on the body. Long legs make his body is not in direct contact with the ground.

Title : Geoneutrinos, Anti-Matter Particles

In 1928 Paul Dirac made a derivative of the interaction equations between electrons with positive charges and electrons with a negative charge. Through his research, Paul Dirac said that there is one type of particle called anti-matter. The development of ininterus research is done by scientists. Until at last scientists discovered one type of anti-matter particle called geoneutrinos. These particles are thought to be formed from the decomposition that occurs in radioactivity.


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Title : 168# drawing sketches of women, ex-girlfriends. with PAPERDRAW apps

Art indefinitely, can only be made by some people who have the hands of experts. as well as seen in the image above, style hand gestures and fingers move the line hands so the created image plain such a way. maybe you see a woman with a short hair style teen, it is a painting hand with alloy different colors. each of sketch made of course has the meaning, as well as with color already a form of this, a sketch made to repeat the success of past and as a surprise to someone who happened that night will celebrate birthday. process image using PAPERDRAW and become a form as beautiful women of encouragement.

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Title : 167 # Vidio post creation process 166

SteemitTV, the creativity of cardboard and used fabrics into a few people who will fill the show on television, from the process of making shapes, suturing clothes, making a news table place, to the process of taking video to become a program of steemiTV. And the process of writing STV news, steemiTV requires a process that is so incredible ,, so the idea becomes the main ingredient in this manufacture. the next is the process oengisian sound on baguan video use the application filmorago. then combine a few pieces video so be steemitv that will be interviewed about steemit, steemian and influence steemit.


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Title : Longing | 20180531 (Poetry) # 45

This poem tells about the feelings of longing a lover to his partner. A sense that can not be dammed with a flat expression that eventually falls in poetry. The overwhelming emotional bursts of emotion are expressed through the poetry verses. So much memory to convey and hope to be represented by poetry verses. It is an art for poets to describe every emotion for a poem. Confidence, love and longing to be a poem to be conveyed to the reader in the hope that the message is conveyed. The message of this poem is the outpouring of the writer's longing for lovers.

Title : Thank You | Terima kasih | 20180530 ( Poetry ) #44

This poem tells the story of the importance of gratitude in communication. As we all know that the word 'thank you' becomes a major part of effective communication. The word thank you contains many advantages in building communication at the next level. The use of words in a conversation contains a value of gratitude and respect. No one wants their communication disturbed by the lack of skills in building that communication. This is the content of this poem, that by making the word 'thank you' part of a communication will lead us to the next stage of communication. Keep in mind that communication is the key to success....


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Title : Waterfall Ceuraceu Pandrah, Bireuen Indonesia

Bireuen is a district in Aceh that has natural beauty that is still natural, Ceuracue Waterfall one of them. Ceuracue waterfall is located in the hills Pandrah Village which has a height of 18 meters and distinctive characteristics with other waterfalls. Waterfalls are very easy to reach on a motorbike and travel here can either go back or set up camp for the night. For those around Bireuen County who love travel and adventure world, I highly recommend this place. Ceuracue Pandrah waterfall will look natural if we are equally guarded, for example do not throw garbage and the absence of vandalism. Greetings adventurer.

Thank you for looking at the summary of content already created by sevenfingers creators. this bulletin has been written and noticed by all creators above. hopefully with this creators can try to keep making great content every day and become a model for other creators.

This proves if sevenfingers are serious and highly appreciative of content creators in providing information and will continue to be a great community to help newbies and help great creators achieve success.

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