Myth or Fact? #32– Bananas grow on Trees

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Welcome my dear Steemian friends to a new episode of Myth or Fact! A series in which we will show that some common believes are myths while others turn out to be true.

We all have this one friend, the smart aleck who knows everything better. Walking through the thick jungle of Thailand this know-all saw bananas growing and said, ‘Look there are berries growing.’ I couldn't spot a single berry but bananas and asked him if he meant the bananas growing on the tree. All of a sudden he started to sound like my old teacher giving me lessons. ‘No! Bananas don't grow on trees but herbs and therefore are berries.’ he explained.

Well Steemians what is your guess? Today we will know more. Let's have a closer look!

Trees or herbs, fruits or berries?

I do not know what you are thinking but my mind was totally blown! In fact bananas don't grow on trees and technically are considered as berries. Right, berries! (Tomorrow I will tell you that strawberries are nuts!)

Let us have a look at the banana plant and understand its structure. In the picture below you will recognize that the banana plant has no real trunk but is made of packed leaves. Actually the whole tree is made up of leaves. Having no wooden tissue doesn't mean the stem is soft, in fact it is sturdy.

Fig.1 Musa troglodytarum Source

The correct term to use to describe banana plants is perennial herb. The banana family is known as Musaceae and the banana herb called Musa. Having sturdy stems allow the banana plants to grow up to 25 ft! That's pretty high for a herb, as a matter of fact, it's the largest herb on earth. Like I said the banana itself is not a fruit but rather a berry. It contains seeds you can see in the figure below.

Fig.2 Wild banana berry with seeds Source

Haven't blown your mind yet? Then take a look at the title picture and guess in what direction the bananas grow. You will notice that they grow upwards against the gravity! The phenomenon is known as geotropism, in this case negative geotropism. Roots grow in the direction of gravitation while stems grow against the gravitation.

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Thanks for reading this episode of Myth or Fact! If you enjoyed it feel free to resteem and leave a comment! I would love to know what you think about todays episode!

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What in the world, so bananas are berries and grow on giant herbs!
Waaaaah, my mind is blown! You won lol! :d

Go bananas ahaha

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

And strawberries are nuts lol. Enough internet for today?

Definitely, enough is enough lol!

What about the fact they defy gravity and grow upwards? explosion

Really ? Thats fvck ahaha

didn't know they are berries
I only thought they were more of grass that grows tall as trees
i thought that cause they send runners of shoots
i grew up in the country and my grandparents have lots of them in the yard
since bananas are berries and you mention that strawberries are nuts .. since we eat bananas does that make us - monkeys? eeek!

Banana is a very good food.
Very funny.
Any people who like my post.please click my post

This Is Definetly A Fact :)

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I from Aceh. I like your post. @bukharisulaiman

Great funny post :) Another fact is we actually open bananas the wrong way too??

How are we really supposed to open up a berry.

Monkey business ;)

Right! Apes do it the right way to check if they are ripe

Yes and supposedly it tastes different but I can't see how :)

Probably it tastes like a berry.

Hahaha maybe ;)

My life was a lie, just learned that bananas are berries.

nice myth and facts episode :)
since I am a biologist, this wasn't new for me. However, I guess many here are surprised by this fact ;)

I hope so! Imagine you sit in a quiz show and the next questions is what bananas are and you remember my post lol

haha :)
that would be absolutely great ;)

P.S: Figs are not fruits too, they are....

Bananas are very good source of energy!

And delicious!

And they are berries.

Hi @timsaid I've published an article about you, check it out, if you can, thanks.

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I have to congratulate you for the niche you have picked - Myth or Fact? are very very interesting topics to read about! well done :)


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I like your posts You manage me science that I did not know. I really like bananas Because bananas are very beneficial to our health. Many vitamin content in it.
I always consume at least 4 bananas a day.
The last few months I've started gardening bananas.
Hopefully my business is getting maximum results.
Thank you for the information you provided.

I really like your post @. I also have a lot of bananas, in my place a variety of banana trees, my area of ​​banana trees can make a raft to sail in the flood, can also be for sauce cooking, banana leaf can be for rice packets, as well as other bundles. Dried banana leaves can be wrapped in dodol. Banana's heart can be cooked with plik U sauce, can make other maks-masaksn, if the banana can for various, kinds of cake, like timphan Aceh, can for hot medicine in dab various usefulness of banana. Banana peels are used for both oxen and goats.






In essence, all of the bananas are useful, if the banana is already dried all can be used as compost or natural fertilizer for other plants.


Folliw me @adoelesteem

What an amazing hybrid of everything, looks like banana is a centerpiece of the Universe!

I grew banana plants here in California and I used to get paid for the leaves. Leaves are used for cooking. The reason they knew I had banana plants is because they were well over 2O feet tall.

Shall we do a business? We do have lots of banana plants. We can ship either banana or leaves in large quantities. If you can arrange some buyers, we can be business partners.

lol! You were spotted. I love bananas, do you ship? :P

This was well over 10 years ago. The root system is a bunch of short and thick roots. It's amazing how tough the plant is. In California, they are used in landscaping. Beautiful plants if well cared for. Steem On @timsaid

Wish we had them in Germany

Are they growing in our rainy summers here in Germany?

I think the banana is like me - don't like the cold times in Germany 🇩🇪

Many people in India use banana leaf as a plate to eat food. It supposedly helps with digestion and has many other health benefits. Banana leaves are better than plastic plates.

berries serious? didnt know either they grow upside down lol. Very interesting!

It's all just terminology when it comes to the eating. I love bananas.

Various things that are called berries are not berries and many things called fish are not fish. It's a crazy world.

Totally agree. There is a term and rule for everything.

Crazy nature. Haha...

this article is fake- Bananas are mined by grocery shops :)
proof of work : wallmart

Eww the banana growth looks nasty, But I learned a lot of things in just a short amount of time :P Great post @timsaid

Wow. I have always thought that bananas grow on trees because that is how they look on television. This is an interesting fact in deed.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)Reveal Comment


Really a very good post, I really like it
thank for sharing
upvote you @timsaid

I am bananas for bananas!


Always thought that bananas are fruits and they grow on the trees...🙃
And do you know that a watermelon is also a berry, and strawberries are actually a nut? What a crazy world!

Watermelon is a berry too???

God, take me back please, the world is too confusing with the advent of Internet.

Yes! I'll drop a post on the strawberries tomorrow

Great post @timsaid

To add more...
Banana plant, banana fruit and banana peel all are absolutely so very beneficial and useful, world over.
Hope, people know that banana plant has feng shui/vaastu benefits too! It is considered very sacred and is even worshipped in India. It also signifies, good health & mental peace, so to say scientifically, for the reason, that banana fruit has plenty of nutrients for the body and when you eat it, it also leads to the increased levels of serotonins that also makes you feel Happy!!! Yeah!!! (scientifically proven!)
Besides, I believe that April 15, is also celebrated as “National Banana Day”! WOW !
Moreover, bananas are amongst the most widely consumed fruit on our planet earth as is believed around 100 billion bananas are eaten every year around the world, Yummy !!!
Banana peel’ s internal side is also used to rub teeth and make them look whiter and brighter and shiny, because of the nutrients in the peel.
Infact, it is even said that banana peel (also called as banana skin) is more nutrient full since they have antifungal, antibiotic and enzymatic properties.
Three cheers for bananas!!!

this sounds so confuseing.
banana is a berry fruith or berry crop myth or fact?

This is a very interesting post.
Comment signature.gif

This is a very cool post. Plus a complete explanation. There is a lot of picture proof you show I really like this post. In my opinion, this is a quality post and full of meaning and explanation. For people who do not understand the diversity of bananas They come to know. Thank you I'm waiting for the next post from you

Hehe I knew that they have seeds and are not growing on trees but the growinf upwards against the gravity part was all news to me. Pretty good idea of busting myths like that! Coodos on that! :)

I enjoyed your post . Interesting facts. Particularly the anti-gravity info. The bananna flower is quite pretty. Thanks 🐓🐓

A new scientific knowledge, I just found out by looking at it and reading it here, I am very happy to read your writing @timsaid

I eat every day 1-2 they are great for bodybuilding

then how much is the monkey shares?

follow bro

Thanks @timsaid for sharing. This has given me different perspective to look at banana plant which is not a tree.


hahahaha ))) bananaaa ! )

Fruits and herbs are natures greatest foods and healers!!! Thank for for posting this is unreal :)

2 bananas in a tree, one banana turns to the other and factually states "we are infact berries dont you know" the second banana screams "Ahhh a talking banana."

Bananas are my favorite fruit. Good for you and high in potassium. Informative post. Learned something new.

Thanks for this post ~ It's Awesome!
As a teacher, I can use your information as good writing prompts to get my students thinking. They will have fun trying to figure out if it's Myth or Fact. Is it okay to use your topics as writing starters for my students in my English/Language Arts class? I like to find information that gets them thinking!!

I thought bananas grew on trees!

Meh. I'm going to continue calling them fruit. By the same token, I still call tomatoes vegetables. It doesn't matter to me if it's technically wrong as long as I can continue eating them. Yum!

Let's call it food!

Keep up the good work with your posts!! :)

I grow 22 different varieties of bananas from all over the world here in Florida. Yes, it is a herb and each leave from the different varieties has a different quality, especially when used to wrap meat with. The stalk only produces one time and must be cut down at the base. Not to worry, new shoots come up continuously while the other one is growing. from the time a new shoot appears to fully ripe bananas is about 18 months.

So next time whenever i will go to wallmart to buy bananas i will ask them plz give me berries. & maybe they will kick me out of the market. hehehehe just kidding . Nice thought & explanation. Very Interesting .

What??? Lol....interesting reading. Im blown away about the banana not growing on trees like we thought and are berries...
Thanks for this. Resteemed

Very very interesting way of looking at the banana tree! I enjoyed your article.

Interesting to know. I've posted pictures of different "trees" I've seen. Yes, that's what I've called it all the time. I don't think I'll get use to calling it a herb especially the ones bigger than me.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

After I have seen a wild banana fruit it looks more like a fruit. Our banans from the supermarket don't look like them anymore so many people don't believe that bananas are a fruit.

Most people think food comes from Malls.

So next time whenever i will go to walmart to buy bananas i will ask them plz give me berries. & maybe they will kick me out of the market. hehehehe just kidding . Nice thought & explanation. Very Interesting .

In my mind, bananas are still in the category of fruits. Category berries can be said his fruit contains a lot of water and ordinary trees are not too big

uhmmm weird. we used to have banana plants back in the philippines. I know they have seeds but I dont think they are berries.haha.

I was told that the correct categorization was herbs.. Now this.. Lol!!

Mind blown! lol I enjoyed this post a lot. I love reading on interesting facts! I will be for sure following you for more myth or fact :)

I did know that bananas ain't trees but know i also know that they are not fruits either. By the way, i believe water melons are also berries. Big ones :)

And watermelons don't grow inside you :P

Well...are you so sure about this? Please explain me this then ... _DSC4945.jpg

Yes, the banana plant is interesting. I had one in my backyard when I lived in Japan and was very excited about it.

Its great

I love bananas. It's very delicious :P

I like it

Herbs are more medicinal

Please write facts about monkey. And corelate with this blog ahahaah
Am thinking now what monkeys pooop ahaha

I love it!! Another favorite of mine is bamboo - which are not trees! Thanks so much @timsaid, you Rock!

download (2).jpg

Wild banana, we call it monkey banana here, it plant also much grow in aceh forest,

Hmml i did not know this . thanks i will follow for more fun fakts.. Good work
Se me @richart

The Moon is also made out of cheese.

I just learned something wow, thx

wow man great post I would have never known that if I wasn't a part of the steemit community this is crazy and very good information that I would have liked to know at some point in time in my life keep on posting bro I will be up voting this post as well as following thanks for the great info.

informative content ! than's for sharing

A couple of years ago for mother's day I bought my mom two banana trees. They're absolutely massive now! The pods are way bigger than I thought but it's awesome visiting hom and going back with about 5 bags for smoothies.


Lol that means I am 60% herb

Heheh yeah banana doesnt come from trees. This is an interesting subject though. Never really thought about it!

In my country, banana trees are grown a lot and almost all parts of the plant are usable.

Amazing informative content Tim. Keep up the great work.

My world just whend BOOOOOM. Bananas are berries Oo

Berry interesting : )

I am your follower :) and u know that ? your posts are super, post more like these! @ronaldmcatee

I will never see a banana in the same way anymore haha

Looking forward to the next episode about strawberries 😅

Banana is a useful fruit for health! Eating banana can also help reduce stress!

This post made my day...!!!!!
Thanks for sharing it..!!!!
upvoted and followed...!!!!

This post made my day...!!!!!
Thanks for sharing it..!!!!
upvoted and followed...!!!!This post made my day...!!!!!
Thanks for sharing it..!!!!
upvoted and followed...!!!!

Well, do you think I am a fool?

I very well know that Bananas grow on Trees and are not manufactured in factories.

Hahaha, that’s what I thought for a moment.

Thank you for sharing the knowledge with us. I will never see Bananas the same way now.

Nature is pretty much confusing.

P.S: I post stuff on How to Become a Writer and make money with Steemit, please take a look at it.

Thank you.

P.P.S: Please dear God, let Strawberries be berries and nothing more.

@timsaid Yes it blown my mind
I knew that they were growing in trees but that were berries , never knew! Something learned :)

Have you seen my Bunghole? My people; we are without Bungholes...

I have a banana in my garden

Bananas are very energetic fruit and we should use them in morning time with milk, it's gives more power to us and make us healthy.

bananas on trees ... crazy stuff.. thanks for sharing this info ...

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Very interesting post... Lil bit funny too. Thanks for sharing....

Very interesting post, and a lil bit funny too. Liked it. Thank you for sharing...

Thanks for the feedback

hi friend great post i like it

Very interesting and a little bit funny too.. Liked it, thanks for sharing..

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I have a banana plant in my garden unfortunately I don't think it will ever produce bananas. Cheers mike

Next you should post how peanuts are not actually nuts...

love bananas :)

VERY interesting post;)

Thanks my friend

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Interesting post. Followed.

seriously?that is great

Where you from my friend ? i want to know which country to belong to @ronaldmcatee

Your article is very interesting sir @timsaid I have gained knowledge of this article you, thanks for your information this and I hope you will still continue to provide the best post like this, warm regards from me @ dion12