Myth or Fact? #23 – Tea has Theine and Coffee has Caffeine

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Welcome my dear Steemian friends to another episode of Myth or Fact!

We are all familiar with the situation – the alarm clock goes off and you don’t want to wake up. You are tired and feel like sleep on. You have two choices now: wake up or go back to sleep. What do you choose? Of course to wake up! There are many ways to become wide awake: take a cold shower, do your morning sports routine or take a cup of coffee or tea. Many people swear by the positive and stimulating effect of coffee since it contains caffeine. Tea however has no caffeine but theine. A friend of mine told me theine is the same as caffeine, another friend told me they are totally different. What do you say? We will find out!

Theine vs Caffeine or Theine = Caffeine

Let's have a look at the chemical structure of caffeine and theine first. Then we will discuss the positive and negative effects. In addition to that we will see some facts and figures.

Fig.1 Chemical structure of caffeine - Source

Fig.2 Chemical structure of theine- Source

Did anyone of you spot a difference? I hope you didn't spend too much time since there is no difference because caffeine and theine are the same chemical molecule. Does that mean both are absorbed and processed the same way?

We need to take on an overall view before answering this question. Though both are the same molecule I will continue to use the terms caffeine and theine. Caffeine is the world most widely used drug and is found in over 60 different plants as cola nut, tea bush etc.. Caffeine quickly gets absorbed by the human body. The moment you drink your cup of coffee caffeine enters your body and within five minutes it enters your blood. The maximum blood concentration is reached after 20 to 30 minutes, it doesn’t accumulate but gets degraded with a half-life of 4 to 6 hours.

Once it’s in your blood caffeine will affect your physical processes. It is able to permeate the brain blood barrier and thus reach your brain directly. Caffeine has a similar structure as adenosine, a messenger substance of your body. One of its tasks in the body is to let you know when you get tired. Since caffeine has a similar structure it can attach to adenosines receptors and block them.

In short: your body doesn’t feel tired. You might be exhausted and need to rest but make your body think you are top-fit which can be dangerous. Furthermore, blocking the adenosine receptors will increase the level of dopamine in your brain, one of the main reasons why you feel even more awake. Smokers are able to degraded caffeine faster than pregnant women, newborns need more than 100 hours! Theine however is processed in a different way by our body. Caffeine and theine are bound to other chemical compounds and then released in our body. Theine is bound to so called tanning agents which cause us to degrade theine slower than caffeine. While caffeine gets fully absorbed in our stomach after 20 to 40 minutes, theine needs 6 to 8 hours and gets absorbed mostly through our intestinal tract. Green tea contains additionally an amino acid analogue, theanine which bounds theine. Theanine has a stimulating effect while caffeine has an exciting impact on your body.

Not only lasts theine longer in your body it also comes with other positive compounds that are missing in your daily coffee. Tea doesn’t kick in like your coffee and you won’t feel low after few hours, while once your coffee effect diminishes, you will feel even more exhausted. Last but not least it must be said that a single cup of coffee contains more caffeine than a cup of tea. You need more coffee beans than tea leafs to brew a cup of each.

Following figure shows some positive and negative health effects of caffeine on your body:

Fig.3 Positive and negative effects of caffeine on the human body Source

Facts and figures!

Ever wondered if people drink more coffee or tea? The following illustrations shows the percentage of Americans who prefer coffee or tea by age group in 2015:

Some other interesting facts:
Every second 30.000 cups coffee are consumed, that is 946200000000 cups of coffee a year!

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Thanks for reading this episode of Myth or Fact! Hope you enjoyed it! Prepare yourself for tomorrow! It's time for the Steemit Crypto Challenge.

Wow! What an excellent piece again, you are becoming one of my very favourite blogger on here, congratulations!!!

Thanks a bunch for this information which will be passed on to many. Namaste :)

Excellent information and the order of presentation is spot on. I am starting to read all the rest you have posted. This is my first read, keep going with it!

Perhaps your friend who said they are different was actually thinking about L-theanine and not Theine. Since as you say Theine IS caffine.

Great stuff - huge value - Honestly I don't like coffee, I am a tea-oholic . I drink at least min 4-6 cups of green tea a day. Especially a cup after I eat, helps with the food to digest better.

But that's none of my business

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I would have expected old people to drink more tea... Damned I am wrong :)

Hey old people like to drink it ( coming from an older person )

Of course, and also youngish people too. The numbers quoted in the post seem to state that coffee is preferred. Which is the reason of my comment.

Yes it is surprising that young people are drinking tea. Which is cool, but just hope it doesnt start a price increase.

The millennials are enjoying more and more tea!

Hello my friend
Really good herbal drinks such as (green tea + mint and other herbs)

Great post as always @timsaid! I have a question for you though: is decaf coffee really decaf or is it the placebo effect that I am experiencing sometimes? :) haha

Decaf coffee is not completely caffeine free. You will always have some caffeine in it, however it's not much (< 3%)

I prefer green tea to coffee, also like to add some extra Theanine. Definitely a more stable energy and less jittery. Some good gunpowder green tea with a teaspoon of coconut oil in the morning gets me going! ;-)

Same here! I don't like coffee but tea. Mostly I drink green tea with some citrus

Have you tried masala tea from India?

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I do come from a TEA family.

Everyone in my home needs tea.

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Plus, in India, teas are sold on the street (with milk, which is the norm) for 20 to 30 cents. :)


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Nice post! I do not drink any coffee thats why I always prefer green tea. But I luckily never needed any drinks to be awake at morning. So its just a drink for my enjoyment ...

I don't need more than 4 hours of sleep and I will be awake! In case I am tired I take a cool shower :)

Very interesting post . I drink both coffee and tea depending on the time of day and the occasion.

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I never even realized tea had theine instead of caffeine. Good to know the differing processes of absorption and effects. I have greatly reduced my coffee intake from a pot (10-12 cups) each morning to 4-6 cups per week.

Seeing everyone choose tea over coffee makes me feel sad a little for dear coffee.
But its tea over coffee for me also

Tea > Coffee

What an excellent article on coffee vs. tea. I loved all the information, especially the detailed facts on caffeine vs. theine. It was interesting that the chemical make-up was the same but the overall impact on the body was different. You seriously made me think about drinking tea. I am so glad you took the effort to do this very well written article. Look forward to more. Thank-you!

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Or the headaches when you need a cup. This is only if you stop caffeine altogether. And start to use decaf everything!! Lol

I drink a lot of caffeine, at least 4 cups and additional throughout the day, but used to drink tea a lot more when I was younger. I never really noticed an increase in energy from tea, but maybe it is working in the background. I drink a lot of green tea so maybe that's part of the reason I struggle to rest.

There is nothing better than tea, especially japanese green. :)

lol wow after reading this article i quit drinking coffee 3 times a day to once a day.thanks for the intuition @timsaid

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A cup of tea has about 1/2 to 1/3 the caffeine of coffee, great post!

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Coffee is what keeps people awake.
Coffee is life.

This is excellent. I love tea, hot or cold. Can't stand coffee. I think I am the only person i know that doesn't drink it. Glad to know I'm not alone in the world.

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I love tea, particularly white tea since it has the lowest caffeine levels yet is very high in health-promoting antioxidants. It's interesting to see from the graph you provided how tea consumption is increasing in the U.S.. Perhaps a bearish sign for the economy---in socionomic theory, coffee or other high-caffeine beverages are popular during bull markets. Upvoted and following.

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Tea is one of my favorite drinks in the world. I think I could survive on Tea, water, and red wine. With a little whiskey thrown in for variety.

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Both coffee and tea has good qualities. Coffee also has anti-oxidants that are healthy but so does tea.

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Enjoyed this informative piece! I was left with one question. If they have the same chemical structure, is it the configuration of molecules around the ring that make Caffeine and Theine different?

You could say that. It's the molecules that come together with caffeine. If it's bond to amino acids like theanine turns out to be theine then

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Hi I enjoyed your article but would like to see positive and negative effects of theine to compare with the coffee one, also final conclusion not very clear xxx

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I've always loved coffee. I even met my husband at a coffeehouse when I was in college. I used to drink two cups every morning from the time I was 18 till I was 25. Then, the hereditary general anxiety on my mother's side kicked in right on schedule for other women in the family, and I could no longer handle the large amounts of caffeine in coffee, as much as I love it. I would LOVE to be able to drink it, but I just can't without really bad side effects. I can have a few sips of someone else's coffee every now and then, and I do, but that's as much as I can drink at a time. So now, I have tea. Either green tea or white tea, as black tea is also too stimulating (unless I drink it very, very slowly). I have at least two cups every morning, with raw honey, and I love it. I still miss coffee, but I love tea just as much. :)

here in Europe, drinking tea is only popular in Great Britain. Every other country is waking up on coffee ;)