26 Best Steemit Bloggers Of The Day To Follow 31st July 2017

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At the last day of July 2017, i am going to share a list which contains some of the most well known steemians, i included old and new accounts and you might find them the most helpful, if you follow them. This list is generated manually and all the profiles listed are random, and all are the best users. No user is superior or inferior to one and other according to the numbering, and i respect all of them. follow me @jzeek for more awesome content, vote-up and resteem, if you like my effort, thanks.


0User NameDescription
1@worldclassplayerMike McDonald is a Self Investigator, Writer and Explorer. Joined the community in March 2017 and has 541 followers, 1842 posts are available on the profile including comments, with 58 reputation score.
2@doitvoluntarilyDo it voluntarily arrived at the scene in August 2016 and gained 74 reputation score so far, Posting articles in market, news, sugar, money, food, technology, boxing and many other categories.
3@timsaidTim Said is a Scientist and creative person, crypto enthusiast and photographer, who Joined the platform in July 2016 and has 71 reputation score. Gained 5677 followers with 3157 posts.
4@someguy123Someguy123 from United Kingdom is a well known 3rd party developer for STEEM, and Litecoin. Joined the community in August 2016 and gained 67 reputation score, has 1668 followers and 426 posts are available on the timeline.
5@daveksDaveks from Saskatchewan, Canada. Mostly posts stuff in photography and other categories, Joined the platform in August 2016 and gained 2996 followers with 11617 posts, has 70 reputation score.
6@dana-edwardsDana Edwards is a promoter of a more secure, free, and happy society. Posts articles in health, life, politics, Artificial Inteligence and many other categories, Joined in May 2016 and has 2436 followers with 2703 posts.
7@officialfuzzyOfficialfuzzy is the most popular user on the site, who is the founder of Beyond Bitcoin and WhaleShares, and the Cofounder of BitShares. Joined in April 2016 and gained 4774 followers so far with 2076 posts.
8@gardenofedenGarden of eden from Arlington, Texas. Joined in August 2016 and has 70 reputation score, Working for building a happier, healthier, and more sustainable world for ALL. Has 1785 followers and 3117 posts.
9@kafkanarchy84Kafkanarchy84 from Niigata, Japan. Joined the community in July 2016 and has 72 reputation score, Writing articles on unschooling, steemit, ramen, spam, motivation, nature and other different topics.
10@aggroedAggroed from USA, is a Passionate Witness for Peace, Abundance, and Liberty. Writes articles on the community about news, politics, corruption, state violence, and truth. Provides Steemit community help with humor.
11@voronoiVoronoi from New York, is a curious urbanist, artist, and architect, who Joined the community in October 2016, and has 68 reputation score. Gained 1896 followers so far with 2569 posts including comments.
12@saramillerSara Miller is an old user, who joined the platform in August 2016. Writes articles on colorchallenge, yoga, bwphotocontest, steemitphotochallenge, streemian, and many other topics.
13@blueorgyBlueorgy is a designer, developer, witness and entrepreneur. With 67 reputation score and Joined in July 2016, Gained 2681 followers with 4809 posts are available on the profile.
14@lordvaderLordvader from A Galaxy Far, Far Away. Is a very funny profile in this list, Joined the community in July 2016 and has 68 reputation score. Gained 1312 followers with 1870 posts.
15@alexbeymanAlex Beyman posts articles in writing categories and mostly posts text along with images and videos. Joined the platform in July 2016 and has 1423 followers with 2266 posts including comments.
16@meesterboomMeesterboom is another old profile, who Joined the platform in July 2016 and gained 71 reputation score. 2395 people are following and 15894 posts are available on the account wall.
17@netuosoNetuoso from New Orleans, Louisiana, is a developer, hacker, crypto consultant and crypto trader, who joined the community very recently in June 2017. Has 56 reputation score, with 602 followers and 529 posts.
18@natureofbeingNature of being from Portland, Oregon is an artist, seeker of underlying truths and lover of life. Joined the site in August 2016 and gained 67 reputation score with 848 followers and 2403 posts.
19@barryduttonBarry Dutton from Canada is a REALTOR since 1991 / Land Use + Planning Consulting / Past City Council Candidate. Joined the platform in August 2016 and has 3196 followers with 16761 posts and 71 reputation score.
20@cognoscereCognoscere from The great Garden State of NJ, is an explorer, photographer, hiker and enjoying life. Joined the community in July 2016 and gained 67 reputation score and 823 followers with 3171 posts.
21@carrinmCarrinm is an old profile, who Joined the steemit site in August 2016. Gained 65 reputation score till the writing of this and has 769 followers with 1171 posts including comments are available on the account.
22@gamer00Jaro from Finland is a Photography, Music, GNU/Linux & Free Software, Art, modern culture wars and free speech lover. Joined in September 2016 and has 591 followers with 1143 posts.
23@katecloudKatecloud is a Swashbuckler, Nomad, Artist, Poet, Mom, Optimist, Halfsies Hippie, so basically a Lover of Life. Joined in July 2016 and has 67 reputation score, 809 followers and 353 posts.
24@dwinbloodDeva Winblood from Westminster, Colorado is a Network Engineer, Game Developer, Musician, Anarcho-Capitalist, Father and Grandfather. Joined in July 2016 and has 72 reputation score, 2132 followers with 9009 posts.
25@evanrvossCyrptoEvo is an Investor and Entrepreneur graduating with honors from The University of Florida. Riding his motorcycle, traveling and Steeming, Joined recently in February 2017 and has 611 followers with 1619 posts.
26@the-alienThe Alien with a tag line "From a Strictly Extra-terrestrial Point of View." has joined in June 2016. 2326 people are following the profile and 3397 posts are available on the account page.
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