@craig-grant and his wife @yuliana caused someone to comiit suicide. Then tried to profit from it.steemCreated with Sketch.

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Be careful this women might be a scammer. Theres information her and her boyfriend Craig Grant have been making money selling her pictures to Africans by Western Union since 2004. She has tried to make money off of the suicide of Al Circelli who died after he sent all his money to a scammer using Avalos pictures. 20/20 who ran a story on the suicide interviewed Avalos twice the first time she came off like she was hiding something so they refilmed it. A radio talk show host named David Rosenblatt in his show Davin's Den exposes nigerian scams.

He discovered Craig Grant's facebook page that has him admitting to making money from her pictures and he is friends with some of these scammers on facebook. She was taking off the Match.com law suit because of the evidence. I am not trolling Avalos she has every right to use steemit but I think the users have a right to know her past. This post is a warning do not be scammed.
Links: http://www.davinsden.com/avalos/#!


good stuff, and i wrote about some here https://sercee.wordpress.com/

Dont you think it stinks like say ... the cryptos are a ponzi scheme, they will blow up, blablabla ... im into genesis and bitconnect and if i would have known bitconnect before ,i would have put all my money in bitconnect ; in fact i have a 2 years x11 mining contract, 3 months in only, paid 18 k would sell for 10 k if anybody interested . Also i will say one other thing ; theres is a guy called cliff and in one of his report was talking about good thing in the future for this coin . Anyone know who im talking about know im far from wrong

The strip club was the most fun, I paid a girl for one dance. When it was done she ask me if I cum, I said “no” she told me she is not going to stop until I cum, and it’s free. I guess she was doing it because she knew I was with Sean Paul. The next song I was about to cum when Sean’s manger said it’s time to go.

Stay classy brah.

if someone accused me of murder and rampant fraud/scamming i would have more to say than "good stuff"

Oh look Craig upvoted another one if his posts.

Entertaining read craig. Like everyone should, live it up while you're around and flush. Sounds like you've had your share of "bad days" Not everyone enjoys their money. You cant take it with you.

Just remember, karma's a bitch...live fast die young, I guess. ..

You should delete your youtube before the FBI downloads every one of your scam videos for proof

By chance do you know what is the name of the hotel at 1435 Brickel ave in miami florida?

we all know craig grant is a lieing piece of shit and a wierdo but its not his fault some weak person kills himself and whats wrong by selling pix of his bitch to scammers?

He's talking about 100,000 in a bank account in a year but hes been saying 10,000 a month renting a shitty over priced condo he can afford. Do the math 10 months that 100,000 is gone. shits a joke. Befor he went wherever the fuck hes at some spot in florida he was talking about convincing some chick his job is vlogging so he can buy a house. Guess she didn't buy his story now hes doing this which is "better" but hes renting and don't own shit. I had to stop watching this guy because he was actually slowing me down wasn't even worth the low key passive aggressive bitch made comments.


Way to be the bigger man Craig. Haters gonna hate.....

You know you're doing good when these losers come out the woodwork Craig. These people are destined for failure lol, that's why they hate success :)

you're defending someone who was defended as retarded by his wife and his wife's lawyer, for self incriminating statements of scamming and being involved with scamming, poor victim craig.

yeah way nice.

this fucking guy craig grant said before he was a millionaire and all that shit and than he started renting out bunce houses- this dude is nothing but a fucking liar- i dont understand why those fools like Trevon James and all this youtube idiots sign up under this fucking scumbag- however he makes NOW a little bit of money by talking people into investing in ponzi schemes

I saw the post and read the article that was linked. Mind blowing. Reteemed and upvoted

I just wrote a steemit post like a week ago explaining why I decided to unsubscribe and unfollow all of craig grants social medias. If it walks like a duck , talks like a duck, scams like a duck. its a motherfucking duck. https://steemit.com/craig-grant/@danielownsall/craig-grant-not-a-fan

Whatever you saw in following him to begin with?

well he mines posts here, tries to make profits on trades, mines with genesis contracts and is generally care free and has an assholish vibe around him. What's there to no love, I've personally muted him for a few reasons. I did follow him for a while.

Has he ever talked and not gave clear indication "this guy is a moron"?

not sure I haven't given it enough thought, he appeared random, disengaged and totally engulfed in his own stuff. I don't know him, I can't say like him enough to bother :D

That's a goose.

THIS is duck:

I find it odd @nextgencrypto is defending @craig-grant don't you?

@nextgencrypto probably has @matrixdweller on auto-flag b/c most of his posts are shit. I personally have never upvoted matrixdweller before until today.

That does not explain why @nextgencrypto has me on auto flag though.

What made you up-vote him today..the @craig-grant bash?

Bash? You mean the excellent journalism and exposing of a scammer abusing Steemit?

Don't beLIEve the hype:)

Sounds like a hater to me. You know slander is a crime right?

How is Craig responsible for the suicide of some guy who sent 50k to some a picture of some woman who he had never met whose pictures were being used by scammers likely from Romania as they usually are.

Anyone who is silly enough send 50k to a stranger they never met had serious issues to begin and was likely suicidal way before any contact with scammers.

Obviously you didn't take the time to read the investigation on the linked page. I suggest you do.

It was the victim's fault, he would have killed himself anyway, hilarious bro!

I appreciate the information but I think I'm going to stay well out of it , cheers mike

yeah , people like this shouldn't be walking free and I think FBI is currently on their tails probably ;-)

According to your source, there is no proof that she sold the pictures to the Nigerians before hand, just allegations of that. Hence your title is not really the truth, it is merely an allegation.

Still, thanks for shedding light on this and I hope that if it is proven that they are scammers, that they both face the consequences.

Read the post by @ashketchum on my blog and my comment on it. I think there is more than enough proof what these two people are but the nail in the coffin is that post.

Damn son, you are a fucking criminal, and your girlfriend called you retarded numerous times, project much?

post got wrecked :| well wow you are doing a good job promoting it in twatter and probably minds or smth

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