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As you might know, I work as a sailor/photographer (I just came back from France). I joined the Gouden Vloot Crew on a race earlier last year (Klipperrace 2018, which also was featured on Zeilhelden) and they invited me again for Het Beurtveer. This time we would sail one of the fastest traditional sailing boats in Dutch waters, the Overwinning. In this post, I would like to show you some of the people behind the sails. Of course this is not a biography of everyone on the ship (I simply cannot include all...the blog would be too long) as I am telling the story of these sailors from my experience.

The purpose of this race is to sail, as quickly as possible, from Workum to Amsterdam and back again with passengers on board. Part of the race is that the ships need to enter mandatory and optional harbors in both the IJsselmeer and the Markermeer AND all that without the use of the engine.


During this race, the crew was 15 strong and all of them are all experienced sailors. This race is considered to be one of the more tough ones since the rules are quite strict and you can not use the motor, except of the locks you need to pass. (You can use the motor in certain situations but as you receive time penalties this will considerably slim down your chances to win). We sailed to all necessary harbors in less than 23 hours (and did not use the motor) where the maximum is 72 hours. At the end of the race, our speed was well over 11 knots and it felt like we just flew over the water. Over the two sailing days that we used, wind ranged from 3 to around a 7 Bft.

You can see the whole field sailing as a replay here: (just press play on the bottom left) – At the end our AIS, unfortunately, failed a couple of times so it is not the actual course we went but you get the idea.

Fastest in the Netherlands: The Overwinning

The Overwinning is officially a charter ship, but feels like a sailing beast in disguise. Joost, the owner even calls it a racing vessel that is also great for a family sails. During my work on the Gouden Bodem, which has been my home away from home the last couple summers, I got to know the Overwinning and its crew very well. Not only does the Overwinning sail in the same area but is also docked in the very same harbor in Harlingen.

Let’s talk numbers: The Overwinning was built in 1914 and has room for 16 persons plus crew. The ship is 5 meters wide and 26 meters long and has a weight of around 45 tons. It is completely outfitted with Dyneema which make the rigging extremely rugged but also very light. More about Dyneema here. You should consider Dyneema for your boat as well!
(Just a personal opinion: I’m not being paid by the producers of Dyneema nor the Gouden Vloot / Overwinning owners ;) )

Layout of the ship:


The Overwinning in Hoorn at Beurtveer entering the harbor with around 7 Bft!


In command of Team Gouden Vloot: Joost Martijn

Joost sailed all his life. His parents made him passionate him for sailing and after he finished his studies in 2001, he started his life as professional sailor. In the very same year he bought the Overwinning, and his life as a charter skipper began. In 2013 he bought his second traditional sailing ship, the Isis. In 2018 he added a third ship, the Hoge Wier, to his fleet.


Joost is a fanatic regatta sailor. He competes to win while safety remains number one on his list. As he says himself: “NO HERO MOVES, if something happens – let it happen and then we will take it from there”. He pushes his boats to the max while maintaining complete control and he ensures that his ships are capable of doing this. I really enjoy seeing him work. He is not only a good sailor; he is professional and trusts his crew, but mostly he is passionate and you can really feel that he enjoys every minute that he is on his ship.

(Photo from Klipperrace 2018, also check out the videos of day one and day two)

Team Gouden Vloot: Joris

When it comes to sailing Joris is your man. He grew up with sailing as his father is a sailmaker and started as a deckhand on the Isis and the Overwinning. Thanks to his dedication and enthusiasm, he obtained the necessary skills and has been the (proud) skipper of the Overwinning for two years. During this trip his positive attitude and professionality made him the center point for the crew.



Team Gouden Vloot: Anna

Anna sails with Joris on the Overwinning and Isis during the sailing season. She is straight forward, professional sailor with the heart in the right spot. At the Beurtveer, she took the role of navigator, logging the route as well as being our social marketeer. When the pressure is on, she is also the one that comes up with creative solutions that save the day.

Team Gouden Vloot deckhand: Eduard

Eduard is studying at the Maritime Institute “Willem Barentsz” on the island of Terschelling. He is the jack of all trades on board. Regardless whether it's about the trim, hoisting or anything else: if there is something to do, Eduard fulfills the task efficiently and with enthusiasm. Due to his calm personality it is a real pleasure to sail with him.

Turning theory into practice: Leo

At the moment Leo is studying Nautic at Elsfleth “Marikom” maritim school in Germany. He is a very experienced mate since he worked in the past 6 years on the klipper Ambulant in the summertime. His routine was a welcome addition to the crew. Mooring the Overwinning, hoisting and trimming the sails, general overview and good communication skills all added to the successful race.

Regatta sailor: Louise

In 2018 Louise was sailing on the Grote Beer with skipper Daan Delforterie. She took a break from sailing for her management studies, which she finished successfully in 2018. As her father owns a watersports company, Louise has been sailing all her life and participated in a lot of regattas. A regatta sailor on a regatta boat is, of course the best combination for a race like Het Beurtveer.


It was all about the Risico: Tamara

She became a mate in 2018, sailing with Daan Visser on the Risico. She grew into her role, and her ability to focus, work within stressful situations and willing to be a helping hand made her a valuable crew member for all regattas. Tamara worked a lot at the foredeck and was as a valuable member of the crew.

Boats, Sunglasses and an awesome beard: Thom

Thom is a Skûtsje sailor and owns a boat himself which is located in the Amsterdam society museum harbor. He has participated several times (at least 5 times!) and with his knowledge of Het Beurtveer, he was a great help. Experience with this sort of events is key to successfully plan and execute the strategies.

Bad luck for Paul

Paul was really unlucky at this regatta. On the first day he caught a sort of food poisoning and had to lie down for quite some time (around fifteen hours). We, of course, missed him as a person but also this meant that we had one crew member less. Mostly it’s a real pity for him to travel from Germany to the Netherlands to sail this race and then not being able to participate 100%… Luckily, Paul felt a lot better on day two and was able to sail with us.

Full of action: Yesse

In the past two years Yesse has been sailing with his skipper Jan Willem Tetteroo on the traditional sailing vessel Confiance. As one of the photos below clearly shows, Yesse can be very focused on his goals. He is a hard worker with a lot of enthusiasm for sailing and chartering. Maintaining boats or working for hours on end on the bow (for example to do the trimming): it does not matter, Yesse does it all – regardless of the weather conditions.

Oh and just as proof that not everything goes well all the time, this happened too:


As we left the harbor of Lemmer, the ship heeled over to one side due to the wind. It heeled over so far that a pan (that was secured!) jumped happily from the stove on the ground. Of course the pan was completely filled with pasta sauce. I would like to call these pictures: the great pasta sauce spillage of 2018. Cooking during a regatta certainly requires some skill!

To end upon a high note: When you win, you celebrate. And this is the Overwinning-crew celebrating our record time at the award ceremony :)

(I did not take this picture. If you know who has, please let me know as I would like to add the proper credits)

For those interested in all results (we were not the only one in this race ;) ): All the ships and their results!


Thanks and hope to see you at the next race…. if you like racing of traditional ships, please also have look at the Klipperrace 2018.

In the meanwhile: if you see any pictures that you like (perhaps you have seen your own ship sail by in this story) or would like some special topic photos, do not hesitate to contact me! I am a photographer specialized in everything that has to do with sailing (landscapes, interior and exterior of ships and their crew) and I will also happily help you out if you want a great picture of your ship for your wall or website!

More of my work can be found on Steemit or Instagram. Contact me via the above or ricpicksdd[at]



This is lovely

This is really a nice and wonderful occupation/job one which you will surely enjoy the beauty of the sea and also the racing.


Also do well to comment, I understand the work of a sailor can be tasking but engagement is key to the attention and reward you desire.

thank you tormiwah! you are very right, there are moments in my life that i could not enjoy more... the freedom of sailing and photography, the physical aspect vs the creative part... which i love :)

a lovely comment from you!

Great sails in beautiful places!
I hope you enjoy it!!!
Steem on!

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thank you moncia - will do!

Oh, the thrill of the sailing along with the calmness that the sea always gives... What an amazing article! The people you portrait in such a beautiful way, their faces and stories, the ships; everything is great! Thank you for sharing and congrats on the Curie upvote.

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What a wonderful journey. I love the sea. I live by the sea, but I was neber able to learn or venture too much into sailing or fishing. Ironically in Cumaná, despite the sea and golf surrounding us, we hav every little infrastructure and resources available for sea sports lovers. Thus, we don't have the chance to even see, as audience, these kinds of competitions or events.

You have given life and soul to this competition. Great report on the crew and their role in the whole adventure.

Beautiful images, some of them quite funny.
I laughed at the jumping pasta pan.

Thank you for your kind and lovely words - I am more than glad that people like you read this post :)

"Thus, we don't have the chance to even see, as audience, these kinds of competitions or events." - Yeah very much the same here with this event and others in the Netherlands. Unfortunately they are so niche that there is not much coverage :( - I would love to see it on the web as a stream or even in TV with proper commentator.

Btw.: I was jumping as well when I saw that pasta sauce spillage since I was the first one to recognize it and dammmmn, what you see on that photo is barely half of the spillage :D


Hahaha. I can imagine. cooking must be done on firm ground.
looking forward to more from the Netherlands. Beautiful country. I have a cousin-in-law living in Nimega. His mother visited him in the summer and we were drooling at every picture she sent.

it is WOW. fantastic experience serve together with high resolution photograph. Perfect my friend. congrats for curie love on your post. keep steeming on

thank you! it was my pleasure :))

Was that you on the first photo? Oh my, how could you have kept your balance without falling into the water?! Did you just get lucky that the wind did not move the sail? 😃

That sounds like a very interesting race. Who hosts the race, by the way? Is there anyone from the organizers joining every ship to watch that no cheating is done on the motors? Or is there any device tracker to do that?

Wow, you won in spite one having one man less than your expected manpower. Congratulations! 😊

Yeah, that was me on the first photo :). Since I do sail almost all year I am used to do these sort of "stunts". The wind was calm, the weather was good and my balance is great as well... so I dont drop into the water... and even take my camera with me :)

to be honest, I do not have too much information about the organizers of these races but for the next post I will include what I can find - that was a good call from you!

None of the organizers is on board but all the ships have an automatic identification system which sends the location and various infos about the boat (speed, heading.. etc) to a webpage where the race is monitored :)

glad you like that post macoolette :)

fair winds,

Ah, since you're used to those stunts then maybe you can try cartwheel on that sail boom next time. I would love to see a video or at least a gif photo. 😃

Such fantastic photos! And an all-around interesting post to get a small peek behind the scenes at the crew. I've never been sailing, but I would love to get a chance to some day. Thanks for taking us along on the journey! I'll definitely be checking out some of your other posts to see more!

Its my pleasure. more insides will come along the way!

fair winds :))

This post is absolutely great. It deserves by far a place on the trending page. Or at least the average amount of upvotes that articles get over there. The pics are amazing and the way you wrote are simply Steemit gems.
Congrats and keep up with the good work!

I am flattered - thank you. Creating one of these need so much time (at least for me) but I will try to publish content like this from time to time.

I can only imagine how much time it needs to create such content. I am disappointed though that content like yours doesn't get the spot lights that it deserves. Hope this thing will change.

let's drink a coffee and wait :) - but i my guts tell me that just bigger steemians get on that trending page ;)

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This was a really fun post to read! I know nothing about sailing and your insights into the people and what it is that makes them a valuable part of the crew was really interesting. The photos are wonderful.

Hey melinda :) cool I could show you a little part of the sailing Word. Thank you for reading my blog.

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