Weekly Run for Steem Challenge Mar 27th - Apr 3rd & Payout For Last Week

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We have concluded eighteen weeks of our #RunForSteem Challenge



Click the participant's names to visit their entries


Last week's challenge post made


Everyone receives 0,124 SBD and 0,026 Steem





All week until payout next Tuesday Apr 3rd - Upvotes have to be placed up to the 5th day after #runforsteem post has been published, not later!

Upvote with 100% Voting Power, resteem this challenge post so we can spread the word about this challenge and participate by going for a run. Then prove you ran by uploading a 30 minute selfie video of yourself running


Just kidding! Using a running protocol app on your phone should do it. Then upload your stats with the given data and date (running app needs to show the date) linking the challenge and myself in your post.

The earnings of this post here will be paid out equally among participants a week later


  1. Follow the Rules!

  2. Upvote 100% & Resteem Run For Steem Challenge Post

  3. Create your post with your running data & date - running app needs to show the date

  4. Link the challenge in your post

  5. #runforsteem has to be included in your tags and post title

  6. Post your entry link in the comments

  7. One entry per person but I will cheer for you if you run more ;)


Thank you Guys and Happy Running!

forrest runforsteem.jpg



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Morning @jumowa.

What an awesome challenge... I run permanently, but the Forest Gump meme above is spot on this week since I've been sick since Sunday. :|

I normally do a post for my weeks runs with the Strava runs included. Here is my one from last week: https://steemit.com/landscapephotography/@extremejogging/fifty-runs-till-may-week-23-the-doggy-s-back

I'll definitely be joining from next week.

Keep exploring...

Thx EJ!
Glad you found us.
Happy Running!

Here's my post. As I wrote, I did not use an app to verify, but instead am trying to pull a fast one on you by using actual human beings to verify that I did this workout :). I understand if you cannot bend the rules. That's a lie. I will not understand, but its your contest. And although I use the payout to pay rent, I can just go a little hungry this week if need be. Need to lose more weight anyway. You can tell I am little punchy this morning. Happy Easter if you're into that sort of thing.

I read your post. I'll let it pass because you've been running for some weeks regularly but I try to stricktly stick to the rules because the next week somebody else with have an excuse and entropy will take its course. I'm not paying myself this week because my running app's gps was acting out although I run every day to work.

Also, I realize we aren't making much with the challenge atm so what am I making all the fuzz about, right?! But the rules are there and if you like, set up another cstrimel running challenge where we have to upload a video of a person confirming our run - little catch. The person has to be a stranger, haha!

Imagine steem would grow to Etherium and Bitcoin status some day. In that case we would have made thousands of dollars already.

Not sure if to help you get fat on the couch and help you loose weight. Both has its advantages :)

First, I truly am sorry to put you in a position to have to take the time to explain your decision. That was not my intention, of course. Second, I totally agree with the rules and the need to keep it consistent, and maybe more important, relatively simple. Like I wrote, I would understand completely if I was disqualified this week. I honestly just thought it might be a little humorous to do the pic of real people verifying. So, if you haven’t already divided it up, I’m happy giving my payout to the group. And in the meantime will figure out how to carry my phone during track workouts. Your influence is multifaceted— I should be recording those workouts electronically anyway!

All good, no need to apologize. You can choose whether you disqualify yourself and transfer your payout to others.

Not sure if april fools

Very funny, happy easter!

As always thanks for a great initiative and hope you are feeling better. 100% UV & resteem completed

Thx Chelsea. I think I do. 😊

Yay, glad to hear it =)

Here is my post, with a bunch of bonus aviation-geek photos. DC-3 from the war and I was close enough to touch it :) https://steemit.com/aviation/@nwtdarren/runforsteem-challenge-and-another-spring-run-in-the-nwt

Herez mine:

Oh, you're on sola too. Great. Me too I'll find you on there. Good idea to put on your steemit blogs!

Cool Chelsea. If you like, let's exchange our daily APs

You're on the same wavelength let me go find you

Also you've been priorifized 🤩

Got you. thx for the love

This weeks' entry: https://steemit.com/running/@wolfje/marathon-post-9-runforsteem
Can you please verify if I qualify, I seem to keep forgetting things, I just noticed that I hadn't re-steemed this post, have I forgotten anything else?

All good!

I hope whatever ailed you this week is long gone! Thanks for continuing the initiative. Even when my runs are lackluster it is still motivating to get something in. ;) https://steemit.com/runforsteem/@plantstoplanks/run-for-steem-sometimes-it-is-not-about-the-run-but-the-company

Thank you psp. Same here. You guys are great push in the right direction^^

I don't know how to be sure of the 100% on my upvote, but thanks very much for last weeks contest. I'm going to try to fit in one this weeks as well.

When you have less than 500 steem your vote is always a full 100% one

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