Earned another couple bucks from using WowApp the way I would use Whatsapp or other Messengers

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Earned another couple bucks from using WowApp the way I would use Whatsapp or other Messengers

I remember a decade ago I was living in Poland and was short on cash once eating only can beans. This money would have lasted me for a week of eating. It's not much but always something what you make on WowApp, and definetly better than getting nothing with all the other messengers. If you have folks you frequently talk to on the internet, simply register on WowApp and invite them all using your link. I invited my family and friends.

I made an overview I use when people are interested. Feel free to use and copy it for yourself and others. Make sure you adjust your invitation link


Wowapp is like Whatsapp or Skype but more

You can install it on your phone and on your pc


You can do normal chat sessions, group, voice & video chat and you can even call people on their phone no matter where on the globe they are.

Ways Of Earning

While using WowApp there is always an ad shown somewhere


You receive up to 70% from the revenue you generate divided into what you make and what your network makes (the people you invite with your invitation link)

Additionally there are options to earn money with cashback when booking trips and shopping (I use it when buying something on ebay - I get 5-7% back as WowCoins) on the internet and also by playing games which I havn't used yet but a friend of mine uses it regulerly and because he is in my network, I even get a cut of his cashback actions and from the phone calls he spends money on.

Recently they added new earning opportunities like taking surveys, watching videos, etc.


Cashing Out

You can choose to cash out your earnings or to deposit them as a calling card and make world wide calls which cost around half a cent to 1,3 cent a minute depending on where your phone call is going.

I'm in Germany and talked with Arizona and New York ones. I paid 10 cents for a pretty long talk,

but if your chat partner has wowapp installed as well, it doesnt cost you a thing.

You can choose different ways to be paid. I always use paypal

Last Words

I've been using WowApp since 2015 and never had problems with it. A friend of mine was curious so he did some digging how WowApp came to be and turned out it was founded by Thomas C. Knobel from Switzerland who invested 30 Million Dollars into making this app possible. There are frequently updates coming in making the app richer.

I know there are many Steemers on WowApp because I've known them from a life before steem blockchain happened

Wowapp's user base was on the decline for some times but recently I've been seeing it grow again


Click the graph to check out more info on Hypestat


Happy WowApping!



-Share your YouTube videos and earn Ampcoins on Synereo Blockchain
-Sell your Vote and earn extra additionally to your curation reward
-Earn Sola Coins for your posts and sell them for Etherium
-Forget Whatsapp! Earn Money While Chatting on WowApp

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I'm making a little more from Wow lately. I still keep getting people join with my link. Looks like you are doing better from Steemit though :)