RIPPLE (XRP): Still in the Basin Phase

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Ripple (XRP) is still in the basin phase. The left wall is complete and price is will within the blue rectangle. The basin phase is the second stage of the rounded price formation. Elliott Waves show that wave 2 is in progress. This should tage the white arrow line since it outlines the contour of the price bars. Once wave 2 is complete, wave 3 should give some excitement to the rest of May.

The MACD has not yet broken out and approaching the apex more closely. It has been traversing within the confined of the symmetrical pattern (blue lines) since the beginning of January. So, it's a pattern that's been 5 months in development. Once the breakout occurs, price action should become jar dropping.

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Time for a dash update :) It's got to break out eventually?..... doesn't it?

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I feel like TA is important, but XRP is a crap coin. What current problem does it solve?

Slow and expensive money transfers for banks, western union, etc... I think that is a huge problem, especially in todays day and age where you can send messages to anyone, anytime for practically free.

There are thousands of tokens to choose from and I think picking a coin that is as centralized as xrp would be a huge mistake. Ripple owns about 61 billion of the 100 billion XRP in circulation. Personally I don't trust strangers enough with my money. I'm guessing you weren't around for Mt.gox either. A lot of people lost a lot of money right after Jed McCaleb cashed out and stepped down as CTO. Some think he was involved with the hack. Then he became CTO of ripple until 2013. He still has an estimated $20 billion worth of xrp as of January 2018 and I don't want to lose sleep at night worrying wether people like him are playing me and the market.

I totally agree with you on money transferring and thats why I have plenty of Omisego (OMG). Much safer investment in my opinion.

Thank you for sharing! I am not a huge fan of ripple but it "seems" to bridge the gap between crypto enthusiasts and more traditional investors. When XRP starting hiring the big names from JP morgan and I believe an executive from American Express i started scratching my head. Aren't these the same people who were responsible for the financial melt down of 2009?

i say separate church and state. XRP is great as far as transferring money and even allowing the banks a smooth transition to the age of digital currencies. So yes, in theory the idea is great. But, like you mentioned, I too have trouble trusting people. Especially people that have a history of behavior I do not agree with. I will give a look at Omisego. Thanks @davidblackwell I appreciate your insight!

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Remarkable post. This type of informative and helpful post will make all of us updated.Tnxs to share your precious words.

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I really respect this breakdown of cryptocurrencies, I have done a similar breakdown but from a slightly more humour based point of view, please feel free to read it, and laugh :-)

Upvoted :-)

for this graph, is possible to break for up, and complete the cup!!!, is a option!!

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Hold to die :)

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Ripple has lot many coins in circulation that is why the prices more or remain stable

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Hi Haejin! If you hv time, could you update BCH? Thanks

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