Outside my comfort zone: Doing a classic South African Snoek.

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A "Steemit Exclusive"

So I had this great idea that my first video that I release on Steemit first before any other platform would be a recipe that I do that's also out of my normal "let's add more red meat, bacon & cheese" style. Very symbolic, I know!

However the blockchain gods have conspired against me, and I've been trying for 2 days to get my video up onto @dtube, without success. Be that as it may, I've decided to upload the video to YouTube, but keep it unlisted. So that unless you know the actual URL, you will still only be able to see it here on Steemit. OK... so that's still sort of symbolic and I'll take it :P

This recipe was inspired by fellow Saffa Steemian @Shenscott, who fell for my "something for the vegetarians" recipe. Anyway so we got to chatting, and since Shen is a pescatarian, and his was the 2nd request in a row for a fish recipe, I decided to challenge my prejudices against fish a little.

I originally got the recipe from a Louis Vermeulen on Facebook when he proposed the same thing over there. According to Louis, the single biggest secret to ensuring that a snoek doesn't taste too "fishy" is to get the freshest snoek you can lay your hands on. Now since I can't just pop down to the beach and catch one, I called on the only place I know in Pretoria that organise seriously fresh fish... Shoutout to Bazaruto Seafoods in Groenkloof for hooking me up... and on such short notice too.

With or without foil: A hot topic :-)

Lekker fresh snoek!
I didn't know this, but apparently Snoek can grow up to 2m, although most of the "nice big one big ones" are under a metre.It's "real name" is Thyrsites atun... I'm not even sure I can pronounce that correctly :P If you are interested, you can read more about it on wiki over here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thyrsites

So I got myself a lekker ~45cm, once trimmed, SNOEK (that's roughly the size of my grid :P), and set about challenging myself! Check out the video below for how it turned out and for a classic West Coast Snoek basting sauce recipe.

What we're looking for: White, Flaky but still nice and moist... Perfect!

Click the video below to get the West Coast Snoek recipe in the latest episode of BraaiBoy TV

UpVotes, ReSteems & Comments are held in high (e)steem ;-)

Do you have any recipes or ideas that you would like to see me try out? Let me know in the comments below and if I use your idea there will be a reward in it for you. I don't know what that reward is just yet... but there will be a reward, and it will be cool!

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Lekker @braaiboy! Very similar to how I make it myself and might just be having one this weekend now that you've inspired the cravings!

Cheers to always making good content!

Thank for watching... and thanks for requesting that I do the recipe... seems someone at @curie is also a fan of fish, and so it got me noticed by them. I think I owe you a beer :-)

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Hey @braaiboy, that's golden - both the dish and your vid. And kudos to you for fully embracing the Steemit platform; just saw your cross-promotion on Youtube. That's great stuff. Continue being awesome!

Cool stuff... Thanks for the kind words and the encouragement.
Yeah... I'm on a mission to move my focus from FB & YouTube as my main content sharing platforms to Steemit and @dtube... it's tough going as a minnow, but it helps when I hear people are indeed watching over here and enjoying my videos.

Thank You!

Yeah, truly enjoyed it. Lots of my friends at @curie did as well :)
I'm actually part of a guild looking out for new top-quality creators on the platform and rewarding them with some upvote and extra exposure. And you fit the bill perfectly: excellent content and platform engagement. I will be looking out for more of your videos for sure.

Btw, if you'd like to support what we do at Curie, you can vote for us as a witness right here. Cheers!

Daasy my brutjie, nou kan os mos oppi flats gan snoek braai.

Hahaha. Actually I am not a fan of too much fish stuff either, I tend towards red meat.

I have actually been thinking about doing a fishy braai thing... I am in Cape Town after all. I know a guy who catches Snoek as a past-time so I should maybe ask him to give me a hand.

Aweh Masekind :P

Yeah... I must say I was rather impressed. I might just start doing some more fish... they key is definitely that the fresher it is the less "fishy" it will taste, and if you know someone that can catch it for you... well, it's not gonna get fresher than that.

Wonderful work you are a master cook and rather good at photography too, very nice indeed. Cooking is an art-from and you have it waxed. I am a terrible cook, but a most wonderful artist.

Yours always

hmmmm... are you THE pricasso?

hmmmm are you THE braaiboy? ;)

hahaha... touché!

OK... well the reason I ask is that the Pricasso I know mainly does portraits... with his penis. I'm assuming that's not you?

I am the most wonderful artist and I do not use my penis it is far too big I use my magical paintbrush and silk canvas

Yours Always

wahahaha! Fair enough!

Very nice one bud you are surely making progress here your best post yet congrats. Cheer$;)

Work hard... play harder... always Braai! #HeeltydSpeeltyd ;-)

I like it with foil!!

Any specific reason for that, or just the way you were taught?

That is how my dad tought me. Foil at the bottom, then with the skin side down on the foil. Braai it only on the foil side. The sauce thta you put on then also does not fall into the fire but assist to cook the snoek in the foil. Once done I just quickly flip the snoek to give it some colour on top but it is like you say, there are many ways to skin a cat

Cool... thanks for the insight... like I said: "a hot topic"... almost as bad as the "Does the butter go on the inside, outside or both on a braaibroodjie?" :P

Lol, can you believe that my braaibroodjie goes totally without butter!!! I belive that the cheese has enough fat to make the broodjie tasty !! I tend use atleast three different cheeses, feta, cheddar and then usually another one such as Brie etc!