Random Challenge of the Day #22

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🌟 Here is our 22nd Random Challenge of the Day! 🌟

Remember, you have until each posts payout to enter each challenge.

🌟 Find the 17th challenge here: 🌟


🌟 18th challenge is here 🌟

Make an "I love Steemit because.." sign

🌟 19th challenge is here 🌟

Show us your unique talent

🌟 20th challenge is here 🌟

Meme me

🌟 21st challenge is here 🌟

Tie Dye or Upcycle an old T shirt

👀 Today's Challenge IS: 👀


💻 Deep Dream Generator Art 💻

Make your own post with #randomcotd or leave a comment here.

Use Google's Deep Dream Generator to alter an image.

Upload any free to use image you'd like and select a dream style. The AI will dream you up a new image.

Here's an example with one of my digital artworks.

I selected the Oil Painting dream style.

You may feel free to use any of these images of mine or find your own to use. Find free images on sites like pixabay.com, unsplash.com, pexels.com or search google. Select the advanced search options and filter by images that are "free to use or share".


The Dream Generator is a really fun tool that I like playing around with. I hope you'll try it out and share the results with us!

Every entry gets un upvote, but please include which filter you used and sources for your pics if not using mine. Don't just drop a pic. Can't wait to see what the AI dreams up!

gif by @skeptic

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This was fun Thank you for the link to the Dream Generator Tool. Here is what I came up with.




Love to you


Aww! Beautiful! 💗


Well a big Thanks to you. With out you I would not have this tool in my brain.

cool, Iv'e been wanting to check out Deep Dream again. Lets see what I can come up with ....awesome idea :)

Those look like spray paint. Can you do this with like a picture on the back ground, so you can see what it would look like on something....like a wall or a car?


I dunno. Try it and see. 😆

HI @khackett this is my challenge today as always putting many colors

wow! you keep introducing awesome apps to me. I should've followed you since start. :) I am creating one now. Wait for my entry. :)


Hi! Amazing idea for the challenge, I made a "before and after" post of my puppy :$ this is my entry:



This photo generator is so coooool! her's my entry @khackett:
really love the edited photo. It's me btw :D

Saludos @khackett y a todos los animados a participar!
Esta es mi entrada al reto.
Espero la disfruten.
Seudo-Sueño psicodélico.

Hey @khackett this is my entry for the challenge, i use a previous photo i had taken I hope you like it : D My Entry to the Random Challenge of the Day #22 - Deep Dream Generator Art

: D