Pennsif's Broadcasting Services : Can I help you with your radio show, podcast, social broadcast...?

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On Thursday I held my first open forum style show - The What Makes A Good Radio Show Radio Show.

It was great to have so many people listening in and to have 15 excellent guests from all parts of the steem radio / podcasting / social broadasting ecosystem sharing their views and ideas.

I was inspired by the show. From the enthusiasm of the participants and from the evidence of the growing numbers of 'broadcasts' of all types it is clear there is a strong and increasing demand for this sort of output in the steem world.

Since the show I have been thinking hard about how I might contribute and help the steem social broadcasting ecosystem evolve and thrive.

I am not in any shape or form a broadcasting expert. Before I arrived on steem I had never done anything like this before. But through my involvement with MSP Waves, and with great guidance and assistance from the likes of @globocop, @r0nd0n and @ma1neevent, I have developed some ability to put on my own style of radio shows.

Since I started solo-hosting in January I have produced over 70 shows and interviewed well over 300 steemians. My main shows have been The Alternative Lifestyle Show, My Life In 8 Songs and Here Comes The News.

I would like to therefore offer up what I have learnt so far to help other shows - whether just starting out or already established.

Some of the areas I might be able to help with include :

  • finding guests
  • prepping guests for shows
  • developing ideas for shows
  • reviewing existing shows
  • sourcing music and musicians for shows
  • producing shows
  • promotion of shows
  • developing and running quizzes and competitions for shows
  • financing shows
  • training for show delivery

I am also happy to come on as a guest, particularly if you have a last minute drop-out.

There will be no charge for these services. Although I would appreciate in return a donation to the A Dollar A Day charitable project I run...

If I get too much demand I may have to review this strategy, but for now I am all yours...

Anyone interested please message me on Discord - Pennsif#9921

Thank you.


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An extremely generous offer! I hope you have some worthy takers that will truly benefit from the expertise you've developed. ;)



There is no queue at the door yet... but the night is still young 😃