SteemRadio - schedule of all the steem radio shows, podcasts & open space broadcasts - week beginning 8 October 2018

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And it's back...

Inspired by my radio show on Thursday - The What Makes A Good Radio Show Radio Show - where 15 hosts came together to talk about how to push forward the world of radio shows, podcasts and open space broadcasts in the steem ecosystem, I thought it would be good to revive my weekly show listings.

So here it is again. This first post is rather a throwing my hat back in the ring posting as I know a whole bunch of new stations and shows have come online since I parked these listings at the end of July.

If you know of any new or changed shows that aren't listed here please do contact me in the comments or better still via Discord (Pennsif#9921) and they will be added.

Pennsif On The Radio

Since I last did the listings I have dropped down to one radio show a week. That is on Thursdays 8pm - 11pm UTC on MSP Waves.

The show has gone through a couple of iterations and variations so for now I am just going to call it 'Pennsif's Random Radio'.

This week it is changing again with a one-off show with @surfermarly interviewing @creatr, @cryptocurator and myself as part of @anomadsoul's #gettoknowme contest.

Over the coming weeks I have a number of new content shows coming up covering gaming, employment, funding, films, music, news and festivals. If you would like to be involved in any of the shows contact me on Discord (Pennsif#9921) - there is bound to be one that fits!

In the coming days I will be catching up with the new stations and new shows that have gone on air over the last few months - like @johnspalding's Steeming Pile and Canna-Curate and GreenHouseRadioOnline.

Bare with me while I get these all plugged into the listings.

In the meantime I will be building up from the old listings skeleton.

If you know of any other relevant shows that I haven't included please do put the details in a comment below or DM me on Discord @pennsif#9921 . Also please let me know of any changes to the shows already listed

The times for the shows are all shown in Coordinated Universal Time UTC/GMT - which is currently UK time. There are numerous sites on the web for converting UTC to your local time. This one looks particularly useful

SteemRadio : schedule of shows for week beginning 8 October 2018

DayTime (UTC)StationShow
Mon 08 Oct12am - 1amMSP WavesSteemit Musicians with @isaria
Mon 08 Oct1am - 3amMSP WavesMinnow Mayor’s Town Hall with @aggroed
Mon 08 Oct5pm - 6pmRambling RadioCreatives Coffee Chat with @artemisnorth & @shadowspub
Mon 08 Oct7pm - 9pmClinic FMLove Matters with @Klynic
Mon 08 Oct8pm - ?Buddy UpDrop In The Ocean with @penderis & @calumam
Mon 08 Oct8pm - 10pmMSP WavesFlew Shot with @movement19
Mon 08 Oct9pm - 11pmYou Got SnekkedYou Got Snekked Monday Madness Curation Show with @poeticsnake & @thebugiq
Mon 08 Oct10pm - 12amMSP WavesSounds of the Underground with @furius
Tue 09 Oct12am - 3amMSP WavesFreezepeach Radio with @r0nd0n
Tue 09 Oct2am - 3amGreen House Radio OnlineCuration Show with @bluntsmasha & @jonyoudyer
Tue 09 Oct6pm - 7pmRambling RadioCuration Corner with @artemisnorth & @shadowspub
Tue 09 Oct6pm - 8pmMSP WavesHacking Mental Performance with @WipGirl
Tue 09 Oct8pm - 10pmInformartionWarThe Decentralized News Hour @gregorypatrick
Tue 09 Oct8pm - 10pmMSP WavesThe Music and Money Show @ScaredyCatGuide
Tue 09 Oct10pm - 12amMSP WavesWhatRUat with @BuckyDurddle & @doghaus
Tue 09 Oct11pm - 1amGreen House Radio OnlineSMASH!! with @asonintrigue
Wed 10 Oct12am - 2amMSP Waves/dev/null with @jrswab
Wed 10 Oct1.30am - ?Vimm.TVThe Steeming Pile with @johnspalding
Wed 10 Oct6pm - 8pmMSP WavesUtopian Open Source Radio Show with @jedigeiss & @techslut
Wed 10 Oct7pm - 9pmClinic FMWacky Wednesday & Contest with @ElizabethScarlet
Wed 10 Oct10pm - 12amMSP WavesMa1ne & Snekky with @ma1neevent & @poeticsnake
Wed 10 Oct11pm - midnightR-E-D RadioThe Raw Edition with @eaglespirit & @enginewitty
Wed 10 Oct11.30pm - 12.30amContestKingsThe Steem Monsters Show with @coruscate & @littlescribe
Thu 11 Oct12am - 2amGreen House Radio OnlineWednesday Sessions with @jackdub
Thu 11 Oct12am - 2amMSP WavesThe Dancing Dreamers with DJ Damashii
Thu 11 Oct2am - 4amMSP WavesSongwriter Shop Talk with @meno
Thu 11 Oct3pm - 5pmRambling RadioPimp Your Post Thursday with @shadowspub
Thu 11 Oct6pm - 8pmMSP WavesThe Mix with @WipGirl
Thu 11 Oct7pm - 9pmClinic FMThrowbackThursday & Curation with @estherlove1
Thu 11 Oct8pm - 10pmInformartionWarThe Decentralized News Hour @gregorypatrick
Thu 11 Oct8pm - 11pmMSP WavesRandom Radio with @pennsif
Thu 11 Oct11pm - 1amRambling RadioPimp Your Post Thursday with @shadowspub
Thu 11 Oct7.20pm - 1amGreen House Radio Online#CHRONICandCOFFEE with @fracasgrimm
Fri 12 Oct1am - 3amMSP WavesFull Force Thursday with @crimsonclad
Fri 12 Oct2pm - ?Vimm.TVMorning Coins with @johnspalding & @crollo3
Fri 12 Oct3pm - 4pmRambling RadioBarbarella with @ravijojla & @anutu
Fri 12 Oct6pm - 7pmRambling RadioWords With Witty with @enginewitty
Fri 12 Oct6pm - 8pmMSP WavesSpotlight On The Artist with @d-vine, @darrenclaxton & @onemedia
Fri 12 Oct7pm - 9pmClinic FMClub Night & Sports with @joeycrack
Fri 12 Oct8pm - 10pmGreen House Radio OnlineThe Resistance with @gregorypatrick
Fri 12 Oct8pm - 10pmMSP WavesSpotlight On The Artist Afterhours Request Party with @onemedia
Fri 12 Oct9pm - 10pmR-E-D RadioThe Informal Witness with @eaglespirit & @enginewitty
Fri 12 Oct10pm - midnightMSP WavesHanging with WHO with @movement19
Fri 12 Oct10pm - midnightVimm.TVPoets United : Friday Poetic Live Talk Show with @angelveselinov, @madevi & @trumanity
Fri 12 Oct11pm - midnightRambling RadioBarbarella with @ravijojla & @anutu
Fri 12 Oct11pm - 1amSteemStarThe Playhouse with @carrieallen & @chrisroberts
Sat 13 Oct12am - 3amMSP WavesThe Chaos Show with @globocop
Sat 13 Oct3am - 5amMSP WavesVoices from the Mountains @VFMRADIO with @lpfaust
Sat 13 Oct3pm - 5pmMSP WavesSteem Panel Forum with @aggroed
Sat 13 Oct5pm - 7pmMSP WavesMeadows & Makers with @makinstuff & @jackdub
Sat 13 Oct7pm - 9pmClinic FMPurpose-Backed Saturdays with @Mike4Christ
Sat 13 Oct7pm - 9pmMSP WavesSteemwaves Saturday with @crimsonclad
Sat 13 Oct8pm - 10pmInformartionWarThe Decentralized News Hour @gregorypatrick
Sat 13 Oct9pm - 11pmMSP WavesFrequency Waves 432Hz with @globocop
Sun 14 Oct1am - 2amMSP WavesMinnow University with Shane @swelker101
Sun 14 Oct2am - 3amMSP WavesThe Peace Academy with @isaria & @aggroed
Sun 14 Oct4am - 6amMSP WavesCoffee and Philosophy with @Clayboyn
Sun 14 Oct2pm - 2.45pmTeamMalaysia DiscordTeh Tarik Sessions with @branlee87 & @zord189
Sun 14 Oct5pm - 7pmMSP WavesGod Waves with @globocop
Sun 14 Oct7pm - 9pmClinic FMSunday Sauce & Staples with @Annieben
Sun 14 Oct7pm - 9pmMSP WavesSpice4Life with @hope777
Sun 14 Oct8pm - 10pmWafrica DiscordWAFRO Party Show with @mediahousent
Sun 14 Oct9pm - 11pmMSP WavesFrom the Ground Up Lazy Sundays @ftgu
Sun 14 Oct11pm - 12amMSP WavesSteemit Creative with @swelker101 & @isaria


[ header graphic by @pennsif ]

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Thanks for stopping by on Saturday and give us some perspective from across the pond.

It was great coming on the show. Thank you.

Thanks for posting this. You have received a Preemptive Strike by one of our simulcasters, @johnspalding, from:


Your post will be featured on our next LIVE broadcast. Typically we broadcast on Tuesdays at 9:30pm EST on the @vimm streaming platform. Here is the link my my channel The Steeming Pile is an open space live broadcasting project for the #steem #blockchain community. We set the agenda live on air. We are just getting started so feel free to jump on the pile.

Thanks for this John, and thank you for featuring this post on The Steeming Pile.

Thank you my friend. It is a noble gesture on your part to put in the effort to research and provide this information to our community in promotion of our 'radio' podcasts/open space broadcast networks.

Hi Zig, hopefully it will gather sufficient interest and momentum to carry it forward.

On that topic, yesterday I enjoyed a bit of on-boarding success with getting a friend from another platform who's very interested in music and radio onto the SMA and PAL Discord servers ... I predict he'll have the grasp of Steemit before year-out ... For this type of person, I think that path may be the best avenue.


oh snaps we got on Pennsif's list @enginewitty ... dang ... pennsif we need to come on your show, when will you have us? :)
of course you need to come on ours too ... can you sing? hehe

Hi @eaglespirit, alas I can't sing but would love to come on your show.

And you are welcome to come on my show.

Message me on Discord and we can discuss further.

do you read poetry or play an instrument? :)

Alas no...

Thank You @pennsif. We are in Canna Curate but our official operations name is #GreenHouseRadioOnline. Much respect for including us and for the work you do puling us together.

Name updated on the list to Green House Radio Online, thank you.

Thank you good sir. Much RESPECT

Thanks for coming by on Saturday, and great post!!!

Thank you for inviting me on the show.

You are simply the best 💗

Thank you 😊

This is really incredible compilation, well done sir.

Thank you. And if you spot any other stations or shows in Africa please let me know.

I will surely get back to you on that. Keep supporting the blockchain shows. You're really amazing.


Hi @pennsif my show is not Romance on the Air anymore it changed to Spice4Life! Thank you!

Thanks for the update Hope, now edited.

Thanks for mentioning Barbarella on Steemit Ramble! @anutu and @ravijojla appreciate your kind support!

You are welcome.

Can't wait to meet you guys on the show!!! :-)


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