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Many of you know I am ALL about community, Discord and am the writer for @qurator's daily newsletter. I spend about an 30-60 minutes every morning compiling posts from Qurites and put them together, send off the document and viola... the post is made. Normally I work ahead and have most of the next few days half done, but I leave a few open slots for new posts coming in on a daily routine.

Today I want to share with you some curation members, groups, communities and newsletters I have found, use daily and look forward to reading to find new steemians.

Not sure what curation is? Then check out this post Curating Rewards Explained

All steemians are curators in some degree; whether you comment on another's post or UPvote another's post.

So let's take a look at some of the curation places, newsletters and daily/weekly posts I watch for.


Qurator will be a service that helps users who spent their blood, sweat and tears on content creation to get noticed and rewarded for their efforts. Steemit has seen some incredible growth in the last few months and even though this is amazing for the platform, it might make it harder for the new Steemians to get noticed. With daily posts hovering in the 120 000's you can imagine how hard it is to get the attention you deserve for all your hard work!

That's where @qurator comes in. We want to help those who work really hard but still see little to no rewards on their posts. We are a support system that likes giving back to the community.

When I first joined qurator about three months ago, I had NO clue what it was all about. I joined because a fellow homesteader and Qurite @em3 highly recommended the page. Knowing @em3 wouldn't steer me wrong, I paid the one-time registration fee after being approved and my steemit life, and career, took off like a rocket shooting to the moon!

The founder, staff and moderators are the BEST group of co-workers! Supportive, open-minded and we mesh so well together. We all come from different backgrounds and places in the world; but we ALL bring our individuality to the Qurator table that makes the curation page excel!

I am so confident and excited to be a part of the Qurite team and family that I recently hosted a contest to pay for six steemians to join the curation page. I paid for all six memberships (once approved by @scrooger the founder of the page) and by doing this, I hope it speaks volumes of how much Qurator and the Qurites mean to me. I want to bring more quality steemians into the fold of our curation page.

Here is a recent qurator newsletter for you to read.

Steemit Bloggers & @appreciatoR


This is a newer Discord group I joined maybe a month or so ago and have found it to be a real positive place to interact, find new steemians I may have never noticed before and to share support. There is a requirement that you do have to find at least one other steemian in the group to UPvote and comment on daily; but trust me... this is NEVER a problem. Most members will support more than one every day. I have seen some members showing support for as many as five or six other people in the group... EVERY DAY!

Plus the group founder, @jaynie, keeps us all on our toes, is a joy to chat with and is one helluva steemit writer and supporter!

And another PLUS...
steemitbloggers and @appreciatoR have joined up!

As I am positive you are all aware by now, @appreciator is all about encouraging and supporting quality content on the Steemit platform. Our collaboration with #steemitbloggers is just one of the ways in which we are supporting this endeavour.

@appreciator sponsors a generous upvote EVERY SINGLE DAY to three “WOW FACTOR” posts by the members of the Steemit Bloggers community server on discord. The aim of this endeavor is to encourage and support quality content on the Steemit platform as well as within the Steemit Bloggers server


So here you have a win-win situation. The @appreciatoR puts out a daily quality content rewards post and mentions steemitbloggers' members. So you technically have two chances of being mentioned EVERY day of the week. HOW cool is that?

NOTE: Membership is purely by member invitation only. So you must get a referral from an existing member.

The Steem Engine

The STEEM Engine

The Daily Whistle Stops is a curation post brought to you by @thesteemengine! This post features the best posts from our members selected by our master curator @enchantedspirit!

All of these posts were submitted in our Discord server's post-promotion channel, and have been hand picked to receive a nice upvote from our group account! If you'd like to see your post featured here, simply submit it in The STEEM Engine Discord server!

I just came across this curation page last week. They became a member of the Qurites... and me being nosey.. I headed over. I LOVED what I saw and joined immediately.

SIDE NOTE They have really great train station names for their channels

Here is recent Steem Engine The Daily Whistle Stops edition.

Just A Few More


If your first language is NOT English, then this curation page and newsletter is perfect for you.

On Steemit, writing in English gives the widest audience, and largest potential financial gain. Many new users come to Steemit, and purposely write in English as a way to improve their English language skills and increase their potential earnings.
Fairly new Steemit users who don't speak English as a first or primary language, but who are writing and posting in English, and making their first-time post in #introducemyself or #introduceyourself.

For more check out their recent post

The Magnificent Seven

The Magnificent Seven is a post from the independent curation team @enchantedspirit and @catweasel. These are the best seven posts we found in our latest travels through the Steem-osphere. We invite you to enjoy their exceptional quality as much as we did and encourage you to show your appreciation for the fine contributions of these writers and artists to the Steemit community. We are sure your upvotes and comments on their blogs would be most welcome!

I just found this in The Steem Engine Railway Post Office and have found it to be a great resource for finding some quality steemit contributors and writers.

Steemit Ramble Discord Group

Check out @shadowspub's page for more information about this group and newsletter.
Here is a recent Steemit Ramble newsletter

Plus the Steemit Ramble Discord group has a channel where you can find MANY, MANY more curation posts and daily newsletters. It's a plethora of information and links!


Just wanted to toss this one in here too.
He has a post Curator Court - A new post series? and you know... I saw his post and I jumped on commenting!

Sweeney loves human curators!
Being one myself, I understand the attention to detail and thought that goes into choosing the right posts to put in front of your readers. With so much content being created daily, it can be daunting to find the best of the best. I want to show some love to those people who go out of their way to deliver quality content to feeds too often filled with junk. So I propose to my followers a new post series titled...

I had been mulling over writing a post of this nature over the weekend, but after reading @thatsweeneyguy's post, it pushed me to sit down and start hammering away at the keyboard- so thank you @thatsweeneyguy!

If you're looking for some other Discord groups that are popular check out this post by @aschatria.

Join Link: https://discord.gg/VKCrWsS
Community Link: http://homesteaders-online.com

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Without the great communities the steem would have evaporated long ago.


Absolutely! Communities and its members really are the glue. And the homesteaders group we have is amazing!


I really appreciate this post @goldendawne, because it clarifies a few things. Sometimes it becomes really hard to tell which of these many groups "offering something" on Steemit are legitimate, and which ones are not only a bit sketchy, but might actually end up hurting your overall reputation.

I like Steemit because it seems like social media with a little more "soul" than most other venues, but there also seem to be a lot of people who are dead set on misusing what seems like a great opportunity you can be part of, in an honest fashion.

Bright Blessings!


Yes there can be many that are not out for anything but to earn some sbd or steem. The ones I listed are ones I trust, have followed and felt they needed to be recognized.

It seems that no matter where you go there is going to be a few that spoil the punch; so to speak.

Fantastic work you are putting into the community. Let's continue to become stronger here! Thanks @goldendawne!


Thank you!! Building a community and having support is so important to me; which is probably why I put so much effort into posts, comments and being visible on Discord.


Ya I see you!! :):)

i would really like to join the #steembloggers and or the @appreciator group/discord but can't find the link in your post :/


The steemitbloggers is by invite only; that's why there is no link. I made a special note about it.
Chat with me in Discord if you are able to


Yeah, i dont know how i missed the big special note in the article?!? Lol. Its huge.

I found u on discord! :)

Hi there! I sent a message to @gingerninja on discord, a couple of days ago, asking to be considered to join @qurator, but i have received no answer. Did i do something wrong? Could you give me some advise? Thank you!


Gingerninja is not as active right now. But if you send a message to @scrooger, or @brumest or @EwkaW they can hep you.


Thank you so much! I'll try to contact them right away!

Thank you once again @goldendawne for such an informative post. As soon as I am able, I want to register with @qurator. I put everything I had into steem power the last 2 times. Really didn't understand this aspect. :)


I highly recommend qurator! Coincidence or not, once I joined the group my movement and advancement on steemit really took off.

Being a member of some of these groups i agree fully with your take on them in this well written piece, I think communities like these are what makes Semit such a wonderful and caring community


I agree @tattoojay- I belong to about a dozen Discord groups but only after I see how they work, what they have to offer, etc.


i am also cautious before joining and only have a few I am active in

thanks at goldendawne! definitely some good food for thought. it can be challenging to be seen as a newbie and these groups are our allies. i have a question, too. I'm a member of qurator now. should i tag qurator as one of my tags, does that help the post get seen and is it encouraged? Thanks


Not necessary (re: tagging qurator) unless your post is specific like this one I wrote where I mention them directly. Just use your normal tags pertaining to your post topic.

the qurator will know to come by regardless of you tagging it or not.


Thanks! Answered my question :)

Amazing Informative Great Post overall. Thank you for sharing all this nice info I thought I knew It all but you got me there a couple of nice new discords thanks. God Bless you keep up the good work. I was actually thinking of doing same post today well I guess I have to make it after a week or so :)


Glad I could show you some great places and Discord groups. I know people tend to get overwhelmed and at times, are hesitant to join groups, or have had a bad experience; so I wanted to shed some more positive light on the groups and communities I can vouch for and know are helping steemians.

It would be great to see your post about this topic too. I know we all have our own experiences and groups, etc so I'd be interested to see what others have to say and share.

Wow there are so many to choose from.

I started my own @steemitfamilyph and our aim is to educate, mentor and curate the blogs of new people who joined Steemit.

It is a good practice ground and my wish is to eventually get into one of the major curation guilds and I have been stopping by their Steem chat and discord rooms so I can get all the best advices I can to be a better person in Steemit.

Your post has been very informative and I checked some of the people and groups. Thank you.


I just read your @valerie15 post and LOVED the idea! I may have to try and implement something along those lines for myself. Just not sure how i want to do it yet.


Oh wow I am overwhelmed!! She is a great writer and does deserve the recognition.

There is a lot of whales and dolphins out there that have been delegating SPs, curating good posts and expanding the reach of minnows and I truly feel that is how we make Steemit awesome and have great content.

I will support your endeavors and it's great I found you here :)

As if @enchantedspirit did not already have enough on her plate:

Producing "The Daily Whistle Stops" for @thesteemengine
Collaborating with me on "The Magnificent Seven"
Writing for her own blog
Feeding our cats and dogs
Feeding me

She has now started a new curation project, The Inbox Runneth Over

@goldendawne you might drop this excellent post in railway post office.

Trust me, I'm a doctor.



Thank you! I wil do that now!

Your cup runneth over I see.. You are truly an amazing person!


That was quick. I saw it.

Not me. I have an amazing wife.

Trust me, I'm a doctor.


What great insight! How can I get involved myself?


It depends on which Discord group you want to go into to. There are so many possibilities.
I would recommend clicking on each individual link I posted and see which ones you may be a good fit with.

This is enlightening and quite informative. Nice one


Thank you, hopefully I'll see you in some more Discord groups soon.

I love to read your writing.thanks

I need to actually take the time to read this properly as I find I put a lot of effort into some posts and they don't get much response. Thanks for taking the time every day to do what you do!


I do mentoring for the homesteaders group. Catch me on discord and we can chat tomorrow. ANything I can do to help, I will.


Awesome thank you. Looking forward to learning a lot more at our local meet up too =D

This post contains a mammoth flow of information. Thank you @goldendawne for sharing

great informative post, thanks!

Great share. I liked it. Let's grow together. Please follow back if you like my feed.


I only just discovered the @qurator service a few days ago (after chatting with you about steemit via comments), and I looked into it, signed up and am awaiting final approval. It looks to be a great place for community interaction, and social connections. Glad to have found it, finally.

Lots of great curator service listed here. Perhaps still one new one to me, so off I go on another journey of discovery.

Very interesting post @goldendawne! It is really interesting to read about this part of Steemit. I have only been on Steemit for a little over 3 days and I do need a bit of time to let the excessive information sink in, it is certainly a learning curve but it is an awesome place!

As always great info! I have been trying to get in the Appreciator but I guess I do not know anyone that could help. Hint! Hint!

What a great post! I plan to check out these Discord groups. I've not done much on Discord as I was intimidated by it. Need to be brave!