Curating Rewards Explained

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What is curating posts? Well curating posts is that you read posts by others and if you value the information given in that post you can up vote it and leave a (meaningful) comment. When you leave a vote you help other users with identifying great content that is worth their time. But of course this will be rewarded because you, as curator, have to read through new posts and identify the value in it which costs you time and saves time for others.


Basic: What are curation rewards exactly?

A curation reward is when you receive when you vote on a post. At least 50% of the rewards of that post will go to the author (so it pays of the be a curator and an author. The other 50% is divided between the author, the curators (the people that vote) and the commenters. Good to know is that the curation rewards are paid out in Steem Power (not steem dollars, SBD). This Steem Power increases the power of your up votes so you can help the authors of the post even more with greater rewards and help yourself in the process.

Voting, or better yet Curating.

Voting reduces the amount of Voting Power you have. With HF19 (Hard Fork 19) each vote you give will reduce your voting power with 2% and with each percentage that goes away the rewards you give during voting will reduce as well. With HF19 it’s recommended to vote 10 times a day for maximum profit.

Voting power replenishes at a steady rate over the course of 5 days. Each day it will replenish 20% voting power, no matter what.

Be the best curator there is!

“I want to be the very best!” Well you can be! But then you have to know the best strategy there is for curating. Wanna know the secret? Alright let’s go!

0 - 15 Minutes: The author receives 99% of the curation rewards.
15 - 30 Minutes: The author receives 50% and 50% will be distributed among the curators.
30+ Minutes: The curator gets 100%. This is the best to do!

So for the maximum rewards and the ideal moment you have to curate a post that is 30 minutes old, has only 1 vote (yet) from the author itself and makes tons of money over the course of 7 days. But speaking realistically now, that will never happen! Especially with the influx of new people every day.

So for the best rewards you have to read articles and check their value, then check out the author if he is pretty good and the monitor the first voters that came in the first minutes. If the post gets a lot of votes in the first minutes, DON’T WAIT till the 30 minute mark and just pop in. Because 50% is better than 0% - 20% ;)

Some final tips. The TL;DR

Vote on posts that have value and you believe that others will vote for as well.
Don’t up vote content that’s already popular.
Vote on content as early as possible (Most likely from 15+ minutes)
Get as much Vesting Steem Power as you can get!!

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Thanks for taking the time to help others by your insights into how things work around here!

My pleasure! :)

Thank you very much, I have learned many things thanks to your post.

No problem! I'm happy you learned stuff from it!

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Great article! I am a fomplete newbie here and I feel like Alice in Wonderland - a bit lost.

thank you for sharing this very helpful information and tips.

Really great article.

I invested some time into learning about this myself, but it's really nice when people like you take the time to share this kind of information with others, in case they don't know as much.

I made a habit from upvoting only the posts I really like, and comment on a lot of posts that are interesting and provide something valuable to the reader. It really pays off investing time into interacting with the community, and I really believe that more people should focus on both creating high quality content and interacting with others.

This website is build on two important aspects - the quality of the content you create combined with the amount of the content you create, and also the importance of communicating with other people and helping the community.

Newcomers, like me, should start focusing on both aspects, instead of only one of them.

Anyway, great post, love the information. Best of luck! :)

Interesting content, thanks for share ^_^

A very nice article! I was actually wondering how this all worked! Thank you so much!

Breaks it down simple, Thanks

Thank you for posting this. Upvoted and followed.

I hope you find your community. I hope you continue to look at the pages of those who stop to leave a comment on your posts. Write them down, if they return, they are your growing loyal tribe. Write down who interests you. Then maybe one day the steemit chat will just be a place to stop by, instead of waiting and asking and instead you can continue to focus on these worthy posts that to be honest, are monetarily more than I make in general. You are on your way. Engage these people not just in comments. But return to their pages and see if you truly connect with them. You might not even like what I share on steemit. That is ok. But you might like these other people's posts. That is a secret for you, appreciate your positives, appreciate the people who see your potential. Appreciation, appreciates.

What happens when I vote for a post that's older than 7 days? I will not earn anything?
What's the problem with voting content that's already popular? I'm new to steemit, I'm still learning the basics.

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Very nice written krijgsman, mijn upvote heb je dit is goede content

THANK YOU SO MUCH, no I really mean it, I honestly could not figure out for the life of me, what curating was, felt kinda dumb .

No problem! I'm glad you got some more knowledge on the subject now!

0 - 15 Minutes: The author receives 99% of the curation rewards.

This is not completely correct, at the very start 99% goes to author yes, but it goes up proportionally with rewards. That means that at 7.5 minutes for example you will receive 25% curation rewards.

Thank you for clarifying.

Thanks for your insight..!!! this inform will really help..

keep sharing such insight..

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Thank you for the valuable lesson on voting!