Power Ledger (POWR): MACD & Price Very Similar to Bitcoin!!

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Power Ledger (POWR) looks very similar to Bitcoin (BTC). Why? Because sentiment between the two is quite uniform. In other words, many who hold BTC must also be holding POWR.

There is likely a nested 1,2 scenario going on. The blue waves 1,2 are nesting the white waves 1,2. Note that the white 1,2 are subwaves to the blue 3; and so being of lesser degree of trend than blue 1,2; they are nested.

I'm just so impressed by the MACD indicator. Note how there is almost zero room for it to move either up or down. Look how close it is to the apex. Let's give it time to marinate and await the what could be an explosive breakout.

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Rất ok bạn nếu có thể bạn cập nhật thông tin về đồng SPR một lần nữa

Nice Post @haejin, I wish I could chat with you on discord!

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Thank you very much for your nice post. I do own some POWR and your post makes me more confident!

Means if Bitoin rise up by 10% then POWR will also move by 10% and vice a verse

Let's see how many followers will you lose tomorrow. I don't think most of them want to follow your account, if you're going to post about stocks and such.

I post about stocks and continue to gain followers. If I can do it. So can Haejin.

Maybe... but he gained ALL of his followers through Crypto Analysis. Now he's doing a U-Turn...
It's as if he wants to intentionally lose followers. Well, and maybe he does, since he earns the same no matter if he has 1 follower or 30.000 followers. :-P

I still follow his analysis. Stocks are interesting, just like cryptos.

really want spent time for upvote or reply who has comment on your post