PIVX: Could a Correctional Bottom be Near?

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The whole chart of PIVX looks very overlapping and thus a bit shaggy. I've included the impulse five waves. Elliott Waves states that after five waves, there is a requisite correction. This correction is often in the form of an ABC waves and in this case it's an Expanded Flat where wave B exceeds the origin of A. Expanded flats are more common in Cryptos than in Equities.

The close up using microwaves shows that the expanded flat has yet a few more waves to go. Since most likely waves A and B are complete, the C's five subwaves have 3 still ongoing with 4 and 5 on deck. What does this mean? IF this count is correct, a prospective bottom could be near.

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Nothing matters but bitcoin. Until Bitcoin recovers all other cryptos will fail faster. The TA does not mean anything in this market.

You aren't a financial advisor... But your doing a better job than them! 😁

Lol. I believe most Financial Advisors telling people not to invest in cryptos are just going down the safe route. I mean, Google comes out and says we are banning crypto ads and the market falls, that cannot be predicted unless you had insider info about that news coming out. They don't want to ruin their reputation giving advice about this crazy market I think.

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Good Job
Keep it up...!!!

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