MyPictureSunday#9 - London Streetfood! (WARNING: This post will make you hungry) + MyPictureDay Round #2

in photography •  last year

Welcome my dear Steemian friends to another episode of MyPictureSunday!

Are you excited? I hope so cause I am! Last week we started with a new photography contest called MyPictureDay. A contest in which you can show us your photography skills and earn some SteemPower! A lot of Steemians participated and we have some winners! But more on that later - at the bottom of this post.

What makes you happy?

One thing I can certainly answer to this question is food! Whether it's the sweet hot fruit curry, grilled chicken steaks, fresh crispy salad or sweet fruits - I love food!

Walking through the city of London I came a cross a street food market. I'm not quite sure where you like to have dinner but let me tell you one thing: the best food I had were on these kind of street markets. Since my journey in Thailand I fell in love with street food. It's the relaxed atmosphere, fresh cooked food, the fact that they prepare the meal in front of you and the diversity from many different international delicacies.

It took me at least 10 minutes (it felt more like 10 hours) to decide what I want to eat. Everything looked tasty and smelled deliciously. At first I thought about getting a wrap as in these pictures

They were right, they served meal best! This is what I finally had

A box with some spicy chicken curry, Sambosa, herbs and salad! I was so happy and it made my mouth water. Really have to recommend you to try it.

After dinner I was exhausted and wanted to relax, perhaps drink a tea. We walked to China Town and watched the beauty of these buildings at night. I love green tea! That's what I really need to add.

MyPictureDay #1 Contest Winners

Thank you for everyone who participated in the first MyPictureDay photography challenge. There were many entries and I proudly present you the first three places!

First Place

Press here for the full post

Second Place

Press here for the full post

Third Place

Press here for the full post

Honorable mention:
Hawaii life, An Ephemeral Hallucination, Shot with my Nikon F3 HP, Lake Clifton, TGIF Sunrise, Where was I

Now it's your turn!

Let us know how your PhotographyDay looks like! Grab your camera (or mobile phone) and go out, take some shots and share them on Steemit!
The best PictureDay post gets 50 SteemPower onto his account, the second place 25 SteemPower and the third place 10 SteemPower. Honorable mentions will receive 5 SteemPower.

How to you participate?

  • Make a photography post with at least three shots and tag them with the hashtag: mypictureday and photography (feel free to resteem this post).
  • Write MyPictureDay in the title of the post. For instance: Flower Power - MyPictureDay Submission
  • Only use your own work. You are not allowed to use any stock images. Every entry will be reverse-searched and automatically disqualified when other peoples content was found.
  • The pictures must be from the week of the entry.
  • Deadline for your entry is every Saturday 8 pm UTC.
  • Write us what you did on this day and what camera you used for your shots.
  • You can use any device that takes pictures. iPhones, DSLRs, analog cameras, any phone etc.

    1st Place = 50 SteemPower

    2nd Place = 25 SteemPower

    3rd Place = 10 SteemPower

If you are looking for other photography challenges I recommend you to have a stop at Steemit Photo Challenge or YourCityVibez.

Steem on my friends! Prepare for tomorrows next episode of Myth or Fact. It's about time to bust some myths or prove them right!


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Lmao Comment of the day! If you cant upvote this you should reconsider your existence on Steemit.


lol! Priceless comment


lol! I'd give up my virginity for one those foods :P


I would just suggest spending a couple of pounds instead. You could get a lot more for virginity from a Saudi Prince.




Glad you laughed. haha, You picked up a new follower. Welcome to Steemit.


I am vegan when i am not eating meat ha ha

I moved from London 4 years ago to Brighton, I am just about to move to Shropshire. I have just read your blog and for the fist time in 4 years do I feel home sick for London. I guess it's only 2 and a half hours away. Awww man! All my old haunts. It was lovely to see being a huge foodie 🕉


Comments like these make me happy since I can reach to you, call emotions. Thanks for your feedback and may you visit London soon!


Bless you! You are more than welcome, you will have to visit Shropshire, give me a shout!🕉😍


London was London

Definetly taking place in this contest

Here is my article:



I can't resist "A box with some spicy chicken curry," Great post, great contest idea. I have some mountain landscapes that just might be worthy.


I want to see them! :D


I was just contemplating what to eat b4 I saw your post brother, now I'm more hungry then ever. That whole market looks bomb I'm guessing everything made fresh right there. But that spicy chicken curry Sambosa herbs looks delicious & filling. I definitely want to try it thanks for the post 🙏


I hope you had some good food at least! I love Sambosa! Did you try that?


Naw never in life I'm going to try it in my city if I can't I may have to fly out there sometime. What kinda food is it exactly like West Indian so I know where to look?

@timsaid yeah dude m totaly hungry now at 3:00 am walking on my boulvard of broken dreams with empty pocket ur one vote will not make me rich but it will help to kill my hunger 🖖🍔


I'm so sorry! Didn't you read the title?


Nothing can stop a food lover bro

Im indeed very hungry..
I have always been fascinated with food and i just dont know why.
I love cooking them too and love to try out new receipes from time to time
But this is exceptional and mind blowing💙


I should invite you to Florence when I'll be back then :p and take you into a food trip around the best places there. Pretty sure you like Italian food.
Just wrote about the best place to have a fast and great meal there. And now watching your pics too, I have to say I'm damn hungry
Have a good day man ;)

Man, I am hungry already. You know exactly how to make someone crave for more!! Tim Said in other words: Go plunder the fridge!


hahaha :D oh man!

Hey @timsaid, great post! Samosas' really making me hungry right now. I actually joined Steemit because of your comment in the FB blogging group. Followed you!

thx for showing me a bit of london
never been there, never ever will, probably ^^
looks like x-mas in evening ^^

Hello . Dear Friend . Happy day. Beautiful photography. Well this food is good

my friend I hope to get the support of your vote here this is an honor

I've never been one to get jealous over mone or another mans girlfriend...but I do get jealous when someone is eating good food that I'm not! 😂 Followed/upvoted/much appreciated. Please more pictures of food!! 🙏🏼


You like food photography? I might do more :)


Like? No. Love. 😍

I wish I could go there now

Not doubting about your choice at all... But that wrap looked good!


Was really hard!


I LOVE street food! Hong Kong was like heaven on Earth for that part of me and London looks like it has a stunningly good street food market. Any chance you know where abouts this is and if it's a every day thing?


Amazing shots btw :)


Not quite sure but I think its daily. Near Soho? No idea lol

I will definitely have to participate in one of these soon. So cool that you do this!

beautiful and yummy post @timsaid mouth-watering food and nice click showing photography skills.


Thanks man!

Now I am really hungry .

nice one

That's strange! I've just been to China town yesterday and suddenly they look revamped ;) ;)

My mother, who is dieting with those images mmmmmm forgot all kinds of diet jjjjj excellent!

Congratulations @timsaid!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following categories:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 3 with 786 upvotes
  • Pending payout - Ranked 4 with $ 1171,51

new to me but exciting to learn about how Steemit works as a new fish in da hood

Love the London Street Food!!! May I ask what camera you use? Are the Chinatown pictures yours? Those look really great! We were in London as well just recently and vlogged about the Borough Market here:


All pictures are mine. Using a D750

I love London!! Was there 4 months ago. It such a busy city with many things going on!

They all look so delicious!
I love how multicultural London is and with it brings a magnitude of food and culture.

Awesome. I was at a street food a few weeks ago. Had such a great time.


Of course. Some food from mexic. Can't remember what.

Awesome Post! Upvoted And Resteem.


I appreciate :)

really exciting food and good pics too ,nice post!!



yeah your post is making me hungry, you was right :)


I am sorry!

your pictures are stunning! Would like to eat everything


Haha, I know that feeling! Can't get enough

too late I was already hungry :-) upvoted and followed!


Hope you had some good lunch/dinner!


not yet but I am going to :)

I like the way you are running this and you let us use our phones.. I have many lovely shots.. London is a beautiful city... my friend on steemit here lives outside of London @stevec check this out. :)
Upvoted and resteemed :)


Everyone is welcome :)


How did I miss all this on my travels to London.

I am really hungry right now. I could eat one of those pictures in this moment. XD

Stunning photo's Tim! Keep up the good work, upvoted and following!

all that food looks so freaking good!

Wow! Great pictures again and will definitely go there on my next london visit!!

thank you for the mention sir :)

happa happa!!

Very beautiful pictures.

Very nice post!

That food looks amazing!

Now I'm craving chicken curry and sambosa lol

Great photos! The food looked amazing.

Splendid steem nice to see the tour thank you for sharing also the info for the contest I thank you for that 🕊

Is that a pile of bbq in the third picture? Just say yes, even if it isn't and let me enjoy my dreams tonight. Tomorrow you can be honest with me. lol Great post, and looks like it was a wonderful experience. I thought the funniest thing was the way the sign was worded, "We Serve Meal Best", hahaha that is great. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy following your blog.

WOW very nice post,
nice photos
nice country i would like go some day for look around , eat , shopping hahaha^_^

Wow, such great photos! Just discovered this project and can't wait to enter this week ♥♥♥

great pictures

Wow!! AWESOME variety of food pics!! I LOVE TO EAT.....way to go @timsaid, now I'm hungry! lolol

love this post. Take me on your journey. I have been to Thailand as well and it was a great adventure

Nice photos.

Great pics. Thanks for sharing!

You just hyped my hunger...unfortunately I can't get such here.

Now I will stir a pot a little bit 😉. I visited London few years ago, but I didn't like the food. Yes it does look delicious but ... great photos btw!

Maybe I can visit when I become a SteemIT millionaire :) nice post upvoted ! ;)

I love food and different meals

Superb pictures, continue :) An excellent day
I follow you, follow me back if u want much fun and amazing picture everyday.

Wow, this sure reminds me of the Ramadan street food stalls Malaysia is having right now! Of course, most of the people who buy them right now will not eat them until open fast starts.

I am excited read this story

Wow, that looks amazing! So much good food and scenery! Book me a trip right now lol


Enjoy your trip!

man i absoluley love street food, something about being out and eating sat on a wall in a different city that gives me wunderlust!

You are right. I'm way too hungry right now!!

great blog

Nice post , very interesting, i like eating food prepard fresh like this, i will like to read more of you writeup and to work with you. Upvoted already, i wish i have such fresh food now,i am very hungry.i love working had in steem, following and voting people who write good content, hoping that one day, they will also follw and upvote me when i write good content,

Wow! Not only that , even the surroundings look promising as well! Wish I can go there..

Nice pictures. Can I get served too? Lol!

Mouth watering stuff :D
I am only 14 and got a very good amount of upvotes on my photography post so if any of you amazing people could check it out that would be much appreciated :)

awesome, didn't know street food is popular in London. It's risen in my places to visit list with this post..

for sharing


Fantastic photos! Now i'm going to go on a food trip.

Wow great pictures!

I'll be on it !

Makes me want to come back to London! Would love to see food photos of Camden :) ❤️

It looks like rendang aceh cuisine, lol

buty pictures )

Ah, I saw Chilli Paneer and Samosa in the pics. It's surprising that these Indian foods are also available here. I thought only curry was available!!!

makes me hungry

Your pictures of the food market really caught the wnergy in the area. The composition of the pictures was also quite fantastic. I look forward to seeing more of your work!

what a powerful and healthy food , i like very much to eat same like food thanks dear

Some great photos your got there check out my content I'm new to steemit trying to earn new followers check it out I think you will enjoy it. @babyfist Thanks for the follows and support!

Looks like some amazing food @timsaid! And a great contest for the community! I'd love to submit something :)

Thought London was too posh to have such streetfood. Thailand and India is my best bet for yummy sinful treats

Now thats what i call some food :O


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In the mids of viewing all those tastefully looking pics I had to get up and eat ;-)

I feel like I lost out now that I read this. I went to London last summer and walked all over the place, only seeing ice cream stands and trucks (one called SNOG, too I think). The restaurants were nice, but man, I love street food! Thanks for the post.

London is a very beautiful city, while reading your writing, I am very interested in the food you send, because I really like the type of curry dishes let alone goat curry like in aceh. I almost daily ate the goat curry served in front of my coffee shop. In Aceh @timsaid

Before leaving for London everyone told me "the food sucks" but I will totally show them this post when I head back and watch them drool. Cheers, m8!


A relative in the US refused to visit London because the food here is not something she fancies lolsss

I love this idea. I recently did another challenge of portraits. Check out my blog post and see if you like any of those. I'm going to scope out the area and take some pictures and watch out for my next few post. Really excited about this contest thank you for hosting it!

Really great post upvoted and followed!!

nice ..
i followed your steemit account because of your supportiveness in steemit community please help me raise my steem power thanks ..

Wow! You were's making me hungry!

Nice shots. They make me feel like I'm actually there on the street with you!


That's cool :)

Amazing picture! Thanks for sharing it and Happy Father Day!

I enjoy your posts and its great when you have contest like my picture day but they make me sad too ha. I'm writing a similar series as yours documenting my days then posting it on steemit with the pictures I took to tell a story. I think I'll enter my picture sunday but don't expect to win ha, I'm on taking the pictures on my mobile phone I can't afford a good camera.

Damn, pictures are realy good :D Hi from Turkey, come here one day :)