Mint Chocolate Chip Avocado Mousse Cups - FOOD PHOTO SHOOT

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Ok, so I’m officially sick of being sick this year. This past week I caught a case of the flu, on my birthday actually, so yeah that was wonderful. I’d planned to share this recipe a little sooner so that it would be live in time for you guys to make it for St Patrick’s Day, but as you can see I’m a little late. But hey, who says you can’t do mint chocolate flavored treats all year long?

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So if you’re a little skeptical about how a combination like this could work and not be gross, no worries, I was right there with you until the first time I tried avocado mousse and realized how amazing it can be.

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Then, with this dessert at least, you’ve got the addition of minty freshness and chocolate to help mask any flavor of avocado so even if you aren’t a fan you still may be surprised by these.

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Also, cocoa nibs you guys, has anyone else tried them? For those of you who’ve never heard of them , they’re sort of like completely unsweetened chocolate. Now, as a die-hard lover of bitter-sweet chocolate, I completely fell in love with them. I’ll admit, they’re not the best on their own, but when added to sweet things they add all that dark chocolatey goodness without any of the sugar.

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Anyway, I used cocoa nibs in a few of these and some miniature chocolate chips in the others, The choice is up to you, but I’d definitely recommend tasting cocoa nibs at least sometime in something sweet.

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These little mousse cups are very fast and easy to whip together and the best part is that they’re gluten free, dairy free, and vegan.

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Mint Chocolate Chip Avocado Mousse Cups

Prep Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Yield: 3-4 servings

Whip up these quick and easy little treats that don't need cooking. They're also gluten free, dairy free, and vegan.


2 medium (ripe) avocados. pits removed
1/2 cup sugar in the raw
1/2 cup full-fat coconut milk
1 tablespoon chia seeds
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon pure peppermint extract
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1 1/2 tablespoons cocoa powder

Crumb Layer:

3/4 cup almond flour
2 tablespoons sugar in the raw
1 1/2 tablespoons coconut oil, melted
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
pinch of salt
1/3 cup mini chocolate chips, or cocoa nibs
fresh mint leaves


Avocado Mousse:

Combine all the ingredients for the avocado mousse (except cocoa powder) in a blender or food processor and pulse until smooth. Scoop about half of the mixture into a separate bowl and add the cocoa powder to the blender and pulse to combine.
For the crumb layer, mix the coconut oil, vanilla, salt, and sugar in a small bowl. Add the almond meal and stir until evenly mixed.
In small glass jars or bowls, layer the avocado mousse, chocolate avocado mousse, chocolate chips or cocoa nibs. and almond crumb mixture. Top each cup with some fresh mint leaves and store in refrigerator until ready to serve.

Raw Mint Chocolate Chip Avocado Mousse Cup (10).jpg


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Love chocolate and avocado, but I think that it´s very interesting to do combo from these. Your photos look pretty good ,so maybe I have to give a change to this one :D

I do hope you give it a try

real food

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Great post, I will try to do it myself. If I can get these Mint Chocolate Chip Avocado cups, near as good looking and tasty as you did, I am going to be like:

😆 😆 😆
Keep up the good work! @gringalicious

What an interesting combination. I think that I will try to make this dessert on my self. -

I hope it turns out well for you, thanks so much for commenting

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The photography and the recipe look sensational. I am reposting for my benefit as much as yours. I want to find the recipe for later.

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This looks delicious. I've made chocolate mousse in the past by mixing cocoa powder, banana and avocado, so I'm 100% convinced this recipe will be delicious! I'll probably switch the sugar for some honey just my preference. Love your work!

honey would be a great idea, I hope yours turns out perfect

Tonight's dessert courtesy of @gringalicious! this was yummy! I used buckinis instaed of chocoloate nibs - delicious!

I love parfait cups, with just about any combo!

I know you do @freerunner Thanks

it must be very delicious

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I really like Chocolate Chip food,,Amazing Mint Chocolate Chip Avocado Mousse Cups photograpy ,,,I appriciate you and I also follow you ,,,,,Thanks for sharing your post.....

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Hi dear! How are you! Am also sick , I have a cold and runny nose, I like this avocado 🥑 mousse , I can make it as dessert, looks so yummy dear.

Wow i like avocado but never tried with chocolate and mint 😊😊😊 but when i look to your food photo shoot it is taste great i feel iam tasting it 😊😊😊
Another one bueatiful and lovley food photo shoot @gringalicious

Looks like this looks delicious..

Not a combo I'd think would work...but hey, worth a try. I have no idea how you keep up the pace of food blogging. It's a ton of work...I did it for a while a long time before steemit. Great work btw.

I hope you can try it @jfolkmann!

Magic ¡ . Very nutritious with avocado and cocoa, excellent antioxidants and superfood shia seeds, you can not add more.
You just have to eat and enjoy ...

Mint leaves, cocoa and avocado is a food can increase the body's energy in the healing process of pain.

eagerly wating for your post. Always in your way. PleAsure to see you 🍸🍸

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sunggung very delicious, and it's one of the meals that I like. ask me to learn how to make it.

learn how to make it

Wow.very yummy ..nice photography

It looks so yummy. Thanks for the recipe.

you are very welcome, thanks so much for commenting

Mouth watering!

Oh my goodness I have to try this @gringalicious. You keep dropping it like its hot!!!

thanks so much for commenting

Whenever you post a new dish/snack I just SMH. Cause I know it's another reason for me to feel hungry. I'm still saving your recipes. Will make sure I try them all when I have the money. Keep em coming!

thanks so much for the great commenting @ulqu3

This looks very interesting, definitely want to try. Thanks for sharing, keep it up. And if you think you are getting sick you should try taking some olive leaf and raw garlic. Cheers.

raw garlic, I'm on it, thanks so much @portobello8me

yummyyy :D

thanks for commenting and welcome to Steem @witul4r

Definitely a very tasty friend

I'm glad you like it @rafka90!

looks very tasty and delicious food ..greetings and have a nice weekend

wow amazing pictures man you have a good skill and yes this made me hungry and want to have some thank you for making me hungry lol

thanks so much for the very kind words

You just made me wanting to try some food experimentation. i just followed you so in time I can always refer back to your posts

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looking delicious...Good food...good life...@gringalicious


very kind words, thanks so much and welcome to Steem @usamamsd

I will be very thankful to u to co operate with me bcz i am new

Quite the interesting combo!

Beautiful shots btw..

thanks for the compliments

Gran trabajo, no puedo esperar para hacerlos, gracias a tu receta. No creo que los haga tan bien como tu pero al menos lo intentaré. Saludos!

muchas gracias

Wish you good health @gringalicious 😊 I love avocado, great recipe!

thanks so much for the support @xuanito

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its beautiful and looking so nice its very unique

This looks lovely my friend I'll surely gonna try this , you can also view my post for indian recipes and you can find me on kanikakathuria90

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JUST WOW! 😋😋😋😋😋😋

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i like ur way of presentation..

Another great looking drink with healthy contents.. Keep posting!

thanks so much for commenting and welcome to Steem if I haven't said that alrady

hello gringalius. I was wondering what kind of cocoa-feathers. I wanted to try. as always an excellent post.


You're an expert mixing flavors!

thanks so much for the kind words

I’ll never heard this combination! Sounds crazy!

you're right, it does sound crazy. Even more reason to give it a try, yes?

Nice and beautifully made so awesome dear

thanks for the daily support @cuitiepie

looks interesting. i will try it sometime & report

I cannot wait to hear how it turned out

Wow..i like this food photography..i appreciate this beautiful..

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Awesome job with the layering girl! I layer stuff all of the time and generally speaking tend to give up and just eat it all mixed together! Love this! Perfection as usual dear =D

I know exactly what you mean, that's like everyone that doesn't make in the shot, LOL

These sound so delicious! And the last photograph taken from above, Wow! :)

always so sweet and supportive, thanks so much @emilyl

I will definitely try it out, although with dates and no sugar ;)

dates, that's a great idea

This is something that I really gotta try. I believe lemon makes the avocado not to go brown. I wish I had a good camera to make my pictures as beautiful as yours and as you hahaha. Thanks for sharing. By the way, I
wish the best for you to get better and healthy and I send you late Happy birthday regards.

very sweet and kind words, thanks so much @juliomendoza01

I could eat anything with avocado, and what to say about the dessert! The first time I see such a dessert, it's hard to imagine the taste, but I'm sure he's adorable!

P.s And yes, to more no diseases

thanks so much for your daily support @naditinkoff

Looks extremely yummy and oh sooo heavenly and kinda treat 😍❤ Love!

I've been planning to buy some cocoa nibs for a while, but after seeing your recipe I'm sure I will! 😋 Beautiful pictures btw!
Get well! 😘

thanks so much for the super kind words @annaskitchen

I must admit, this is a combo I would not think to put together, but it looks amazing, I can't wait to try it

I'm sure you'd find it interesting @noboxes.

If it has "mint chocolate chip" in the title, it's a winner in my book. :)

Happy belate b-day!! Hope you're feeling better now and congratulations on this food photoshoot, it made droll again...after having my breakfast!

thanks so much for you kind words and support @liliana.duarte

I think ... I must try this :)

Thank you!! how long did you make it ? :))

Sorry to hear that you are sick! Have you tried Elderberry syrup? Super easy and you can make it at home:

1c Elderberries (dried)
1/4c grated fresh Ginger
1 cinnamon stick
1t clove
1t lemon zest if you're into that!

Simmer on the stove for one our. Cool and strain. Add 1c raw (local) honey to your cooled, strained brew. Stir to combine and enjoy 1T 2 - 3x daily if you're around sick folks, if you feel yourself getting sick, or if you're already under the weather. 💜

I will take a look at this, thanks so much

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Hi, I'm from Indonesia. We call the fruit "alpukat". I love alpukat. But the way you serve it never accros to my mind. Looks very yummi. Know what, I will show my wife this recipe. We will try it. Many thanks. Sorry my english not good.

that is great commenting, thanks so much @atalontuan and welcome to Steem

phenomenally beautiful photography

Hola, me encantan tus recetas y esta es muy original, felicitaciones!

Excellent photography my friend....really amazing photography thanks for sharing....

So good to hear from you @jhonsnow2!

These look AMAZING!! Your photos are beautiful <3