[Exchange student in Denmark] Chapter 1. Denmark, "The happiest country in the world"

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Hi there, I'm @followme95

What I am going to talk about is the life of exchange student in Denmark.

I was an exchange student of DTU(Denmark Technology University) in Spring 2017. Now I'm preparing for next semester in Korea.

What do you know about the most famous and representative things of Denmark?

Probably you have heard of Denmark milk and yogurt, Denmark diet, the most famous toy company Lego and Andersen's fairy tale such as 'The Little Mermaid'

However, I think one of the most representative things of Denmark is "The happiest country in the world"

I had wondered how Danes can have happiness before living in Denmark because there were most of people who complained their country's structure a lot in Korea.

So If I caught the answer of how to get happy easily in Denmark, I would solve by far the biggest problem in Korea. That's why I applied for Denmark exchange student. I had two friends who had already been exchange students of Denmark so I could easily know how to live in Denmark.

Before I show the life of Denmark, I tell you something about my scholarship. I got the scholarship of Mirae Asset exchange student by submitting my self-introduction letter. Therefore, I could also get some crucial information of exchange student from my mentors and have enough budget of living expense.

Here's the website of Mirae Asset exchange student. If you look around it, just click it.

Mirae Asset exchange student scholarship


This is the first photo when I arrived Denmark dormitory. That room was quite wide. The funny thing is this dormitory is "CONTAINER". There are 8~10 people in one dormitory which provide public shower room, toilet and kitchen. This place was easily influenced by terrible weather such as strong wind so it made me get scared sometimes. At the end of semseter, we had beer party on rooftop of container and it was one of the greatest moment in my life.


This place is one of some bars in our university. It was prohibited by law in Korea so I felt like I was in the heaven. DTU is located in Lyngby which is the north of Copenhagen. I forgot the exact number of bars in my school but it is around 7. DTU is quite far from Copenhagen so these bars were enough great to hang out with our friends.


I met some Taekwondo club people of DTU while participating in the introduction week. I was sooooo proud of them and I showed "Real Korean's Taekwondo" in front of them. Taekweondo is the traditional martial arts of Korea. I took the photo with him and gave him some Korean candies.


This is Nyhavn canal where Danes introduced for exchange students. This type of architecture is totally different from Eastern's building. Some of my friends said "You don't need to go to Venice to see European canal." I loved seeing this landscape in harmony with architectures and river. It was starting point to see various European style of architectures.

If you think this post is too long or too short, please comment about it.

I hadn't studied how to speak in English for 5 years before living in Denmark, so I easily got exhausted to focus on listening to what my friends said. I did my best to overcome this hardship while being in Denmark and then finally I can speak what I wanted to say now. It was just 4 months. I will post about this point later but you guys who read this post in English already get used to understand English I guess haha. I will post what I thought about how to make my life better and I hope I will share this great idea with my lovely Steemitans.

Thank you for reading and please looking forward to my next exchange student life.
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I would love to visit the country. Great photos!

Hahaha Thanks @cyncarlton. You can see more photo and my life in Denmark in the next posts!

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Interesting post! I am an exchange student in Washington. I have never been to Denmark. I would love to go there one day!

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