[Exchange student in Denmark] Chapter 4. Cooking many kinds of food for my lovely friends

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Hi, my Steemitans. Here's @followme95

Last time, I introduced some Korean food what I cooked for my lovely friends. You can see that through this link

Today, I am going to show other food such as some Korean food and Chinese food. I was so happy that my friends greatly complimented me on my dishes. I hadn't had any experience of cooking for someone before living in Denmark. Now, I'd like to cook for someone!!

Let's look at what I cooked!

The name of this cook is 'cheese egg roll[Gyeran-Mari]' which is very popular side dish in Korea. It is quite similar to make egg fries but it requires more technique haha. This cook is not recommended for beginners. I took this photo during cooking.

After cooking, you can see this!!

This is 'Beef hotpot.' Look at how tasty it is. I couldn't have some kind of Korean vegetables so I just put red onions instead of them but it worked :)

This is 'Volcano Kimchi fried rice'. The reason why the name of cook is like that is because it seems to be volcano. It is also very famous side dish when people drink with their friends.

This is 'Dongpo pork' which is kind of Chinese dish. I used to buy pork belly because it was quite accessible to buy. Then I thought I wanted to cook something special with pork belly. Actually, I haven't had Dongpo pork in Korean restaurant because it is so expensive. However, I'm sure that my Dongpo pork is much better than many Korean restaurant's dongpo pork haha.

Cook my signature dish for my family



My friends who had dongpo pork got so touched because it required at least 3 hours to finish cook. Then, I thought I would have to cook this dish for my family when going back to Korea. My family were proud of me when having dongpo pork :)

I will post the recipe of my cooking when I am available to cook in Korea. Now, I'm in university dormitory so cooking is not suitable for me.

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Your cooking skills are great! If you haven't yet, you should participate in Steemit's Iron Chef Competition organised by @progressivechef XD

Ohhhh totally thanks my friend. I would try to participate that competition later :)

I upvoted you sir,i love your post.

Thanks mate :)

Alway's welcome:)

keep it up!!!

Thanks. You can see my other post when you follow me :)

Wow. You are definitely better than me, a housewife.

Whattt! haha Thank you so much :)

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