[Exchange student in Denmark] Chapter 2. How to SURVIVE in Denmark with extremely expensive price

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Hi, my Steemitans :) This is @followme95

Let me introduce myself again for people who didn't read my previous post.

I was an exchange student of DTU(Denmark Technology University) in Spring 2017, now I'm in the fall semester in Korea.

Today, I'm going to talk about SUPER EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE PRICE of Denmark. Actually, it is not expensive for Danes because their minimum wage is normally higher than other country's minimum wage. However, the price of Denmark is quite expensive for travelers or exchange students.

Here's an information of minimum wage in Denmark. Link


Let's see how much this hamburger meal's price. According to this link, the average price of Mcmeal is 70 kr(11.36 USD). The photo what I uploaded is not Mcmeal, so it was more expensive than 11.36 USD. The price of Mcmeal in Korea is 4.33 USD so I was SOOOOO frustrated...

Therefore, you can easily guess how much the price of other menu in Denmark. So I usually had a meal in McDonald while hanging out with my friends in Copenhagen. Fortunately, I found one cheap restaurant of ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT. The price of all-you-can-eat was 17.68USD!! Yeahhhhh. However, the price of beverage was about 7 USD. I regretted that I ordered two beverages without considering the price of them once...

The reason why these things are so expensive is because of minimum wage in Denmark. The answer of how to survive with extremely expensive price is just to buy some ingredient from market and cook it. :)

As you know, Denmark's welfare is basically great so you don't have to pay for fee of visiting doctor if you have CPR card(Danish healthcare insurance card). In my case, I rolled at the stair in London during travel so my ankle ligament was broken. Fortunately, I got diagnosed from my personal doctor and used emergency room and taking X-ray for FREE!

Time to improve my cooking!


I cooked most of my meal for saving my budget. This photo is the first time to cook my own pasta. It is not usual to cook for myself in Korea because we can easily use delivery service with cheap price. This cultural difference is caused by a big difference of minimum wage between two countries. I liked to watch cooking video like recipe of Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver so I was so excited to follow their recipe!

The bad point is that I always had to cook for saving my budget. I was such a lazy person to go to canteen and delivery fee of Denmark was too expensive for me. That pasta what I uploaded was just 1 USD!

Most of my friends agreed that the price in Denmark was quite expensive so we often had a cooking party(probably every day!).



It was the first time to have a cooking party with Hong Kong and Singaporean Friends. Since that day, we had had a lot of time until the semester ended. They knew more than me about Korean TV show or celebrities so it was easy for me to have a conversation with them because we had similar interest.

This is my primary meal and also my signature dish. All of my friends always complimented on my signature dish. My Italian friend said that "It is as delicious as my mom's pasta!" and my Australia friend said that "I didn't expect that you could cook this pasta very well!"

I'm still interested in cooking so you guys can see my recipe such as Korean food or any food in the future posts.


This is called "Bibimbap" which is one of the most famous Korean traditional dishes. I wanted to try to have my friends taste some Korean food so I cooked a lot of them such as Ginseng Chicken Soup, Grilled pork belly, Bulgogi, Korean spicy rice cake, Fire ramen.

I'm so glad that I feel like I'm in the happiest memory while writing this post!

Thank you for reading and please looking forward to my next exchange student life.
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Omg you speak Korean! 안녕하세요 @followme95 님 :) 저는 한국어를 공부하고 있어요 ㅋㅋ 한국 음식을 좋아해요;pp
지난학기에 교환 학생으로 London에 갔었어요. 물가가 너무 높았어요! ㅠㅠ Denmark처럼......
좋은 하루 보내시길 바랍니다 :)

Oh my gosh!!! 맞아요... 영국도 물가가 너무 높죠ㅠㅠ @susanlo님 한국어 엄청 잘하시네요! 저는 반대로 광동어(Cantonese)를 공부하는 중이에요. 아직 잘 못하지만요ㅠㅠ Do ze! I hope we can interact more :)

감사합니다 @followme95 님! :) 저는 한국어 공부한지 2년이 됐는데 도 못해요 ㅠ 근데 노력 중이에요 !

정말요? @followme95님 광동어를 공부하고 계시네요! 저는 좀 궁금해요: 왜 Mandarin대신해 광동어에 관심이 있으세요? ㅋㅋ
중국어 정말 어려워요. Intonation도 어렵고 쓰기도(더) 어려워요ㅠㅠ 근데 재미있어요 ㅎㅎ 파이팅! Haha yup let's interact more ;p

I met some hk people in Denmark and they were sooooo kind. That's why I started to learn Cantonese. My cantonese is still poor :( Susan is hou leng~ haha I saw that you were a big fan of Running man. Thank you for loving Korean culture haha. If you know how to easily develop Cantonese, then give me a tip plz hahaha

Wow now I understand why you choose to learn Cantonese! Haha I'm glad you like HKers! >v<
Ohhh "do ze" haha! And yup I LOVE Runningman!! Although it's no longer popular in Korea it's still well-liked in overseas countries!!
Haha ummm for Cantonese learning, I think the best way would be speak as much as you can! Haha and you might be interested in this article on 2 ppl who's learning Cantonese :) Hope it helps, fighting!!

Yeah it was quite interesting when I heard that Runningman was so popular in foreign countries haha. Unfortunately, I have to develop both languages(English and Cantonese). The serious problem of learning Cantonese is that I downloaded Cantonese wordbook in Korean app store and it was the only app to learn Cantonese :( I know there are some materials about Cantonese in English haha but not in Korean :( Anyway, I will do my best for studying Cantonese :) Thank you for your soooo useful information. You show me that how kind hk people are again! haha. hou do ze nei :)

OMG learning a language by using app is quite difficult!! I appreciate your persistence!!!! And typically when the medium of instruction is not your mother tongue... :'( But I'm sure you're gonna do well!! You've already know many Cantonese phrases!! ng sai hak hei :):)

Haha Thanks @susanlo You are the one of the reason why I should learn Cantonese because there are so many kind hk people :)

아 그리고 한국어 엄청 잘하시는 것 같아요ㅎㅎ I'm not sure that I can write Cantonese in the future even though I keep studying Cantonese... I was quite good at studying Chinese character but there is a big difference of Chinese character used in Korea and China. My only goal is to understand and speak Cantonese haha

감사합니다 !! >v<
Haha yaa I think not learning Chinese characters is ok, but I believe you can understand many of the Chinese words like 大,小,男,女,火,水etc. ㅋㅋ oh, and for pronunciation, I think you've already discovered that many of the Korean and Cantonese words sounds similar! Eg 학생 is "hok sang" in Cantonese ;ppp so I think if you keep on listening and speaking it'll be alright. That's how I feel when I'm learning Korean. But one thing is that what we write is quite different from what we speak. So I think it's better to learn speaking first!! Cheers!

How smart you are! Yeah I was so curious that why writing form and speaking form was different in Cantonese... It made me feel frustrated sometimes haha. I got some Cantonese phrase from using 'Hi native' appstore. I'm such a good teacher on that app. I'm top 1 percent teacher of Native Korean haha. You can also ask me when you need something curious of Korean. But you seem like you don't need anything from me because your korean is already enough great! Ok la~

Thanks a lotttt! haha I know the difference in written and spoken forms is a major difficulty encountered by Cantonese learner! Oh really, I didn't know 'Hi Native' app!! WOWWW top 1 percent???? You're excellent!!! hahaha sure, thanks SO much!!I'll ask you when I have problems >V<
OMG 'ok la'?? hahaha you're soooo good at Cantonese too!! I'm surprised you know this phrase LOLL! The 'la' is quite odd to foreigners, isn't it X)

Oh it means my hk friends are not fake hk people haha. They always used 'ok la~' haha Actually, I know many foul Cantonese language but it is not appropriate to show you haha. Talking to you is so joyfulness for me. I'm such a lucky guy to meet you who are interested in Korean culture. One of my goal in Steemit was to interact foreigners who like Korea and you are the first person :)

11,36 is very expensive for a mcmeal...the price here is ca.8,50 USD...good post thank you..my upvote for you greets..I follow you now.

Thank you my friend :) Denmark is not good travel place for the poor but good living place for the poor haha

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