Shaded Door :: Beautiful Japan #59

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Or is that a straw door?


This is not quite as strange as it might look. Air condition isn't as popular in Japan as it is in some other places, especially with older folks. Therefore even on the hottest summer days, you will see doors and windows wide open to let the breeze in. That's where this screen comes in. Normally it is hung in front of windows and unrolled about half way or more to block out the morning or evening sun while still letting in the breeze. It's a bit more unusual to see one of the screens propped against a door like this, but it is clearly functioning the same purpose, to block on the sun—maybe to give a little privacy too.

That tree hanging over the entrance way is a common sight at more traditional houses. I've never been able to get a straight answer from anyone on the purpose†, but I imagine it is either considered good luck or is just such a part of tradition that it's unthinkable of having a traditional house without one.


†: That is to say, no one seems to know the reason.

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I am surprised that AC's aren't popular in Japan, taking into consideration how technically advanced it is.
Or maybe it's just people in the country that don't like those?

I don't think the two ideas are related, really. It is technically advanced (kinda. they do still use fax machines) but many people just grow up enjoying the feel of the natural world. It's harder to enjoy the seasons when you are in a constantly controlled environment. I think younger people do tend to like AC more than older, and city folk more than country folk, as you might expect. But the percentage of people who dislike AC seems higher here than elsewhere. If I had a nickel for every time a Japanese person told me "I don't use the air con because it makes the air so dry" I'd be a rich man.

Haha that is crazy to think about, I guess I was under the impression they would have AC's everywhere because there are so many cool things in Japan, based on what I've seen on Youtube like parking for bicycles and cars and how everything is automatized that I didn't really think how life is for regular people. Good thing I can always ask you :D

Hi. I've been lost in Korea for 20 years. I see we have a lot in common. I will try to follow your blog more closely as we are on similar timezones.

That's only a few longer than I've been here. I've always wanted to visit Korea. Perhaps after my kids grow up and move out.

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