Rice is Done :: Beautiful Japan #53

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A crop so important to the country that at one point it was used as money.


Most foreigners in Japan love the big city, be it Osaka or Tokyo. Me—I love the countryside in Japan. It is quiet, peaceful, and it also feels more like my image of Japan, whereas the big city sometimes feels just a little too much like America for me.

While they do grow other crops, rice is the main one you will see if you venture out of the city. There is something pleasant about walking nearby the rice fields, especially when the rice starts to get taller and all the plants sway back and forth with the gentle breeze.

Saying it was used as money is pushing things a bit, but it is also somewhat true. Back in the day feudal lords (Daimyo) collected almost all the rice produced by the peasants, then in turn sent most of that rice to the Shogun as tax. Samurai received rice in exchange for their service.

This photo was taken a few days before harvest time.

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Hi thereDavid LaSpina is an American photographer lost in Japan, trying to capture the beauty of this country one photo at a time.
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Very good post, an impressive photo. By taking a picture that is so very natural, really enjoy seeing the days with natural scenery like this. I will wait for other interesting things and stories from you, hopefully today is a beautiful day for you.

Thank you for the comment :)

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Great Post! Didn't know the fact with rice as money. Check out my feed for photography and videography :) @finkistinger

Thanks! :)

We enjoy rice too. I believe that it is a daily staple there, isn't it?

Yep. Every single meal usually includes rice. It's so common that Japanese people always report feeling a bit strange if a day comes that they don't eat rice.

That's a stunning photo- I love the shades of green and gold.

Thank you :) I feel the same way when it is harvest time and I wander around in these fields.

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Wow!Excellent photography.You are really creative photographer. Please stay with photography. how the beautiful natural view is! Very color full also. this see world good to traveler.