Burning Man Retrospective – Dust Storm 1

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Towards the end of the week, the dust-storms come more frequently, likely caused by the massive influx of vehicles.

A clear, sunny day will quickly become a haze of dust. Sometimes so thick you literally can't see 5 feet in front of you. Knowing that such storms can appear seemingly out of nowhere, one must always be prepared by carrying water, goggles and scarf/face-mask at all times.

It's possible to get caught in these storms while in deep playa, with little choice but to ride it out. It's easy to become disoriented; with zero landmarks visible, it's impossible to retain a sense of direction. If the storm is bad enough, even if you're just outside the city proper (where camps are), you may still find yourself stuck – sometimes for hours.

It's happened to me. Thankfully, the last time I was with a group of dear friends, riding around in a little gypsy wagon. We just made the best of it — we had each-other and a small sound system, so a dusty dance-party/photo-session ensued.

Though it's decidedly risky to attempt photography during such storms, As you can see here, sometimes I just can't help myself.

The rest of this series can be viewed here:

For more context check the Burning Man website.

I’ve decided there are simply too many images to list individual details. So — here’s a summary:
cameras: Canon EOS 5D, Canon EOS 5D Markii, Canon EOS 5D Markiii
lenses (all prime): Canon 50mmf1.4, Canon 85mmf1.8, Canon 35mmf1.4L, Canon 50mmf1.2L, Canon 85mmf1.2L, Canon 135mmf2.0L
location: Black Rock City, Nevada, USA
dates: annually, during the week preceding Labor Day, from 2008 through 2017 (except 2010)



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As an admirer of Burning Man photos for a dozen years or so, I think the dust storms add to the surrealism of the event. The dust is similar to a fog, shrouding some things in mystery and accentuating the behemoth artworks rising out of the "mist" of it all. 💜

I was rather surprised to see bare feet in some of your photos — isn't the playa a very caustic place, with an alkaline environment? I would think that would be very hard on bare feet, which I understood to be the reason so many attendees wear boots.

These photos are all so amazing! Burning Man has always been on my bucket list and seeing these just solidifies that.

Your such a talented artist in so many ways. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us.


Great photos.
Always loved to watch stuff from Burning man, it is an interesting event but i am not sure is it just great or just to crazy :D
I want to see how does photo equipment look after the festival :D

So much dust! I would be scared for my camera. It gives off such an awesome atmosphere of the place. I want to go so bad.

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