Share your Plants & Animals photos - Winners of the last week

Weekly prize pool is 17.5 Steem!
Here's the announcement of the winners!

Hi all! It's Wednesday! Share your 'Plants/Animals' photos!

Mammals, birds, reptiles, insects etc. are welcome! Don't have an animal photo? Share shots of flowers, tree or any other plants!

Congratulations to the winners!

by @nelinoeva - Entry post

by @bigsambucca - Entry post

by @maxili63 - Entry post

by @jayclar30 - Entry post

by @wesphilbin - Entry post

  • Follow the themes of the days and use the proper tags!
  • Pay attention to the time window for your entry! You have six days.
  • One photo one theme. You cannot use multiple daily tags on the same post.
  • If you miss the tags I won't see your entry!
  • You can submit maximum two entries in a theme on the same week!
  • Your entry photo has to be your own work. No plagiarism!
  • I will announce the winners next week and the same theme will start again.
  • Please read the detailed rules! You can find them in this post.
  • If you are interested in bigger rewards, please visit me on Whaleshares. (optional).
  • Upvote and resteem this post!
  • Create a new post with your photo in SCAPES theme!
  • Use #photochallenge AND #wednesdayphotochallenge tags (BOTH OF THEM)!
  • Challenge ends on Monday at 10 p. m. (UTC +1 - Central-European Time)
  • You can drop the link/photo of your entry post in the comment section (optional).
  • Weekly prize pool is 17.5 Steem!
    (0.5 steem x 5 winners x 7 days)

    I will select maximum five winners every day.
    Each winner gets 0.5 Steem.

    I'm looking forward to your images!

    Your precious support (resteem/upvote/delegation/donation/advice) will be always appreciated. Let me know in the comment section what do you think!

    Don't forget to follow @photochallenge!

    Love Steemit! Learn Whaleshares!

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    @photochallenge's blog page


    Hi there ;)

    This is my entry for the plants & animals photochallenge .. it is a bumblebee for you ^^


    Thank you very, very much and congratulations to the other winners!

    Here is my submission for this round


    Hey there. Here is my entry

    Posted using Partiko Android

    Congrats to all the winners all beautiful flowers :)

    Great selections @photochallenge!! Congratulations to all of the winners!!
    This is my entry for the next challenge :)

    Wow!! Thank you @photochallenge

    Thank you for the opportunity to take part, and appreciate the notification! Congratulations also to:

    Beautiful photographs indeed for this #wednesdayphotochallenge!

    Thank you and congratulations too. Your bumble bee is awesome.:-)

    Thank you my friend! Your dandelion photo was beautiful as well; a wonderful macro with water droplets was an added bonus!

    Aww, I am glad you like it. :-)

    Thank you kindly, congrats to you too!

    Most welcome! I had never heard of a Cosmo flower, so I was able to learn something new as well!!

    You are most welcome! A Red Torch flower...another new one in my library of memory! Beautiful!!

    We learn something everyday on Steemit !!

    Thank you very much @wesphilbin

    Thank you @photochallenge and congrats to all the other winners !!

    Hi @photochallenge, thanks for the opportunity to participate and I appreciate the notification! Congratulations also to the other winners, this is my ticket of the week!

    Beautiful butterfly on street plant


    Here is my othr entry for wednesdayphotochallenge - Plants

    Thank you.

    cover 1 (2).jpg

    S happy to share my fish pets in accordance w/yourterms & conditions! My kind upvote & resteem applied!! Thanks! Enjoy!!

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