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This is a little treefrog I found sleeping on my door under a temporary sign I'd left for a delivery driver.

I thought it was the neatest thing. There have been many tree frogs hanging around my patio area this summer. Under the patio table's umbrella were 3-5 on a daily basis. They'd sleep there during the day then hop down about dusk for their night time antics.

I'd often find them sleeping on the inside of the corn stalks in their camouflaged colors. They would be resting on the center of squash leaves. Some were the colors of lichen tinged with moss. At night I would see them at random places affixed to the outside walls of the house.

One time there was even a frog who took a joy ride in the back of the truck on the way to the dump. It was terrified. It was rehomed into a heavily wooded area behind a grocery store.

This particular frog was the most interesting of the lot. I found it curious how it decided to hop onto the glass door to slide under the piece of paper. It was there all day long. In a deep slumber. I wish I could sleep so well. Little froggy looked super relaxed and comfortable.

I love seeing the wild creatures around here. Their personalities shine brightly. I wonder if they know that about themselves. I wonder if they are self aware like humans are, or if they have these little quirky behaviors they never think twice about.

I guess that also poses the question of whether we, humans, are as self aware as we think we are. If so, is that a good or a bad thing?

I see people go through life self conscious, but are they self aware? If other people weren't there to point out our individual quirks as either positive or negative, would we be obliviously ourselves? Seeing these pictures reminds me that the spirit of animals are universally unique. I wish people could be as genuine as the creatures all around.

Well, that's my post on some ponderings I had this week that this little treefrog inspired. Until next week …Please consider upvoting, resteeming, following, and commenting if you like.

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I’ve never seen a frog doing this. Yeah, the disadvantages of living in a big concrete jungle... sigh he looks like he is planning something evil ^^ be careful.

haha that's just his sleepy face. =p sorry I didn't see your comment earlier

Yoooooo how ya been PhePhe?

Hey Ason! I've been alright. Practicing my hermiting lately. Not on steemit or discord much except on my posting day, Fridays. Inward and upward. Oh wait, that's not the saying. Oh wellz. lol I'm getting camping fever lately. I want to run into the woods. If I do, I might never come back. Well, that's not true. I'd come back in summer when air conditioning is needed. { ; How have you been?

My friends and I always say "Inward and upward" so I think it is the best saying haha. I have been doing great. Having a good time and working hard.

Great to hear man!

It's pretty amazing how those frogs can make a suction cup out of their belly and just stay stuck somewhere all day. When I lived in the country, I would see them stuck to a basement window once in a while.

theyre the coolest. they feel really weird, tho. did you ever have one jump on you? sometimes they would jump out from under the umbrella onto me. its a hard texture to describe. im not a fan. they look like they could be fun to pet, but they kind of do feel like a wet suction cup all over. their skin is cool and gummy. I don't think you're supposed to touch them but if they jump on you, what can you do? lol

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