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It sure has been quite some long time since I have taken part in the contest of Petals and as for today I have got few images that I think is worth to share it with you all.

As for the contest it is my entry for the contest of @petals today is the topic PinkFlowerDay, it is an idea of @adrianobalan and @sardrt

The color of the flowers are indeed something that just allows us to get mesmerized and if it just happens to be there just awaiting for you to get it captured in your frame. While I was kind of wandering and came across this beautiful one and did not waste any time to get it captured.


Getting them together was sure a beautiful thing that just made my day and to tell you it was looking much more beautiful than the image.


While this was a short tour perhaps you liked it and I do will share more in my coming posts.

The images were Captured by me

Stay Blessed My Friends

Thanks for Stopping by Everyone


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Wow! I love your photography @rehan12. I really loved your post. 😍🤗💚💙

Thanks for sharing this post.

Have a wonderful day!

The picture of your raised flowers is great

Tnx mate !

Very beautiful pure and natural flowers! I saw such flowers for the first time. Nice photography. Really you are a good photographer.

I hope you like it buddy !

Thanks for being here !

Yes buddy! I liked it and you are welcome.

really nice, love the composition ❤❤
love it! the selected focus make it interesting.

Thanks buddy !

Lovely flower pics. 😊👍

thanks !

It is most common flower in our country. Nice pic.

Thanks and where do you live !

It is colour of our life and beauty of nature

Yes indeed !

Thanks for being here !

Khop sundur flower


@rehan12 wow! it is very beautiful.nice photography.keep sharing.

Will do mate !

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