Pimp Your Post #11

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Pimp Your Post

Pimp Your Post is Back for the 9th installment and the plan currently is to make this a weekly opportunity to promote your posts and hopefully find a couple other interesting posts to read. We feel this is a good way to create more exposure for everyone involved! To achieve this everyone needs to not only post their link but also visit other posts. If you just want to earn a few cents go ahead and drop your link, but this is an opportunity to do more.


Rules for Pimp Your Post:

This is the easy part and hopefully one that will bring you some added eyeballs to your posts. Remember nobody is forced to vote on your posts so make sure they are quality. Also don't even think of including stolen content.

  • Leave a comment with the Link to Your Post, but also "Pimp It"...that is sell us one why to visit your post.

  • Support Others by Visiting their Posts and leave a reply to their comment that you did so.

  • Post needs to be 3 days old or less when you add your comment

Naturally we love your support and appreciate your votes and resteems!

Tag Someone

Know someone that you think would like more exposure to their posts? Then tag them and invite them to Pimp their Post.



As an added bonus a @steem-bounty of 2 Steem is being set on this weeks Pimp Your Post. @steem-bounty is a great way for @pifc to be able to reward everyone at a higher level without burning up to much Voting Power or taking a ton of time to send out rewards for entries. This payout happens automatically just after post payout to all entries @pifc upvotes.

If you like what @steem-bounty is doing helping engagement on steemit set steem-bounty as a witness. In order to do so you can go to: https://steemit.com/~witnesses and enter the "steem-bounty" account into the text field and click vote. @knircky is the brains behind @steem-bounty and he does a lot to help boost the contest posts allowing for higher rewards.


Dear my friend @pifc, this is my last post of this year:
I am doing a way of my experience of one year of crypto and it seems was not so nice...
As usual you are invite to comment on my post as your knowelage your opinion are good for teach others...;)

Goodmorning in the last day of 18. I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone Reading this a great day, safe night and prosper ‘19.
I hope to meet alot of you @ the steemisfere !

Back to business I want to take you to My te ent blog about the circus. We went to Amsterdam to have a glorieus evening and in My blog intake you There go read😉.


Love Brii

Looks like a lot of fun!

Happy new year
Lots of hugs and love

Almost, lotspraak love back to you and your loved ones. See you in ‘19

I am looking forward to it
Happy New Year to you and your family. Big Hugs

So you didn't only go to see some lights in amsterdam? ;)
Love the picture with the black and white horses!

So I got an Invite from @jenina619 and here is my link ...churning Paddy's into Flattened rice. This is very common food along Eastern India and this is my first experience to see how the entire process takes place.


I invite @clicked and @himalayanwomb to PIFC both of them are good budding photographer from India and have enough talent .

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Hi!!! I came back here to tell I'm reading right now about your rice it's very interesting!!! Thanks for sharing😀 explaining everything so well!!😉

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Hahaha thanks @jenina619 even after this it was not been curated by curie 😉

I wish they could have seen it....anyway..i love sharing such stuff...and sven thiz is my first time to see the entire process....

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This is my latest post a review of the new spider man game on PS$ - https://steemit.com/gaming/@chekohler/gaming-review-marvel-spider-man

I encourage @tata-natana, @jenina619 to pimp their post :)

Thank you ahah I will be pimping my post🤣

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LOL awesome I knew you’d love pimping your posts since they are already so epic

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Ahahah and I love the word "pimp" 😀

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this is my link.. it is a script that uses the Linux CLI interface of the cryptocurrency wallet to check if the block chain is in-sync with the network.. plus, i believe AEG is one of those cryptocurrencies that has a practical use case.


Christmas never really ends. How we treat others throughout the year matters

Keep the spirit going all year long

Hello. Please come answer my DPoll:

What is your Crypto Investment Plan for 2019?

Lets everybody pimp our posts!😁🎈 Take a look on mine, it's a compilations of the drawings I made in 2018 for popular and beloved steemians😃 Happy New Year!!✨😉 https://steemit.com/blocktradescontest/@jenina619/a-compilation-of-my-cartoons-2018-phyl5aog

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Love your drawings, everyone should take a look. Seeing your smile over and over put a smile on my face as I was reading your post. Wish you the best for 2019!

Impressive that you adjusted your mindset about what to expect from Steemit. So many come for the promise of income and leave once they realize this isn't an ATM machine to just pull money from. You are exactly the type of person we need many more of here on steemit!

Nice selection @crypto.piotr for your xmas gift.

Many thanks again my friend!🤗 your words means so much for me I am happy I could contagiate a smile to you!!😁😁😁😁😁 Happy 2019! Keep in touch!!😄🍀😀✨🎉🙌👍🥂

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Thank you for your kind comment @pifc :)

My last post is the final part of the roadtrip me and my GF had earlier this year at the beginning of October. We ended unexpected in Slovenia and Croatia and had a great time in both countries. The last post is over the last days we spend in Croatia while we visited the small city Motovun and Rovinj.

Looking forward to see you guys return in 2019. That 2019 become a great year for the Steem platform and a year with lots of love and happiness for everyone! Enjoy the party 🎉

Hehe oops🙈😇 thanks for adding!

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