KillerPix Promo - & Paying it Forward in Some Saturday Shoutouts

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Everybody Loves Flowers!
That's the theme for
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@kerrislravenhill - Rep: 46 - Joined: August 2017

I met Kerri by chance through the #steemsilvergold community. I had seen her using #thealliance tag, but since she was not a member, did not pay it much attention. She had made a comment on, I believe it was @thedamus' post a few months ago, that threw me for a loop. It was very creative and had a strong ninja/pirate flavor that I do so much enjoy. After I started following her, there was a post about a month ago that really stood out where she did a badass samurai unboxing. I love her way of describing her 'booty'. Check out her latest:

Chronicles of the Bloody Raven:
Episode 5 - Part 2 NEMESIS

@heclgang - Rep: 41 - Joined: April 2018

This account, I was actually referred to by another new-to-me Steempeep, @lanmower. I had noticed his humor in various discord servers and thought I would give him a closer look. He referred me to another account - @heclgang. The Gang is comprised of 'SteemPunk' humor and their first post seriously had me rolling. The one they came out with a few days ago was just as good, maybe even better. If you are looking for some good comical posts, you've found some. Check out their most recent:

Did You Know That STEEM
Is Actually in the Vatican?

@crisangel - Rep: 52 - Joined: December 2017

I can't say enough nice things about this guy. He has been instrumental in coordinating the upbringing of the Latino community in #thealliance by helping going through applications, guiding people to be better Steempeeps in the classroom and even on the playground. Not to mention being a valued family member himself! I am 'paying it forward' with him for a vital reason. His compassion and humanity.

Compassion and Humanity.

He had asked me about 3 weeks ago to bring a fundraising initiative to the attention of @youarehope. It isn't much different than what @malos10 and @rapo are doing and it's even in the same place, in Venezuela. It is headed up by @ropavejero and the initiative involves fixing up schools. Where Cris comes in is he is the English speaking representative for the Ropavejero Education Project(s).

What To Do

I had asked @sircork a couple times to check into it, as it was in perfect alignment with what they were already doing. Sadly, it was denied YAH assistance as they were unfortunately already stretched too thin with their resources. You'll notice the #teamgood tag down there @battleaxe, that's because I am giving half of the SBD's generated from this post to @crisangel to be used for that project. So I'm calling on each of you to blast that vote to 100 and resteem the fire outta this post. Let's get them some exposure and help them out like the good Steempeeps we are. I bought a decent vote for this post by Cris and you can follow him and his blog to stay up to date on their advancements. Here is the most recent update:

Progress of Educative Ropavejero IV.


You already know I have to include the OG P.I.M.P.
in my shoutouts. She wrote a post about the way she curates called Crafting Paragraphs on Your Posts where she divulges her preferred style of a blog. She is probably right, it is, after all, a blog post, where you want to retain the reader's interest. If it was a journal or report, I'm sure different rules would apply. Love you Shadow! Hopefully, what I have written here falls within your personally acquired tastes and you read it all he he he.


You are killing me with these Fireflies Stories! I'm all like, stop hanging me off a damn cliff every time! Smart though, keeps your readers coming back to find out what happens next. Great job with both the story telling and break points of it. Am looking forward to getting my T-Shirts too. Much love Cap'n!


He is doing a series that is getting overlooked by his fab new tag, #wednesdaywalk, he is doing stories again with Bahbahra! Seriously loving these and went ahead and pimped it for him on Thursday. You should do like what @dreemsteem and @zen-art are doing and tag 'fans' for the stories. You can tag me, that would be sweet man.


You know I love you right? She has been a member of the fam pretty much since the first month and extremely supportive. We had a heart to heart earlier this week as her life is going in a different direction and she has not been able to devote as much time to the fam as before. Not a bad thing, we all hope she's wicked successful elsewhere too. She did take a walk with us this week and it was awesome. The spanish moss reminded me of when my parents lived in Tybee Beach in GA, it hung everywhere. Good times, thanks Popaliscious!

@saffisara, @snook, and @c0ff33a

Always super supportive and caring, there isn't a day that goes by her (@saffisara) and my big sis (@snook) aren't checking up on me. You two really keep me going, ya know? Highly encouraging and thoughtful like @c0ff33a's comments. I think that guy is like a machine. I swear, almost EVERY post I visit he has already been to and I feel almost late to the punch. Good on you brother, got mad love for all three of you.


Are you familiar with @buddyup? It's another quiet supportive initiative, similar in many aspects, to what we do @thealliance.
@calumam is also joining us in #thealliance as our ideals are aligned pretty well. I've seen them in PYPT quite often and they just reached out to me at the beginning of week to talk some turkey. Much respect on that. I look forward to engaging with you more as time goes on. Feel free to check out some poetry!


I dropped in on the Poets United server to catch the tail end of a D-Live podcast where I volunteered to do a reading of his poetry. Little did I know, as it turns out, it was NSFW! Not that I minded, I write erotica myself. Was nice to see @beanz in there and after I read it, she suddenly had to 'go to bed', LMAO! Good times. I have recently delegated to @poetsunit, the curation bot for his Poetry guild, and look for good things to come from them. STeeM oN Angel!

@mariannewest (@freewritehouse)

Wanted to give you a quick shout because you and @snook are participating in a challenge where you both showed me much love. Your post, 5 Witnesses and My Why made me feel so appreciated! That's the kind of impression and feels I am hoping to portray across the whole of all STEEM platforms. This is a social network, and we need 'me', (and not in a high-horse manner) the 'social witnesses', to ensure it's mass adoption. This is, after all, a social network and thank you again for pointing that out sweets.

Have a Good Weekend

Some of you know, my older princesses are sick and they are both laying down giving me time to compose this. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who reads this and a final shout out to my Steemit Princess - @katrina-ariel. Hopefully, this week, we can get together and become acquainted better. Nature does what it does and we both have had family illness. Not fun. So go have some fun! All of you! And don't forget to be YOU! STeeM oN my peoples.


@liberty-minded made this badass gif
@enginewitty #thealliance witness.png

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If I had to make a list of some of my favourite people on Steemit every single person in this post would be on it, and a few hundred others to be fair because there are so many incredible - talented, sharing and caring people on here. Including my new favourite witness @thekitchenfairy (make sure you have your votes locked in for her and @enginewitty right now folks)

I have so much respect for @crisangel who for someone so young can still put us all to shame, he has a real heart for community and devotes his time to looking after and caring for others. He put's everything he has into his community projects like the project which is truly amazing that they are working so hard to improve this primary school so the young students can learn without worrying about drips from a leaking roof. They have already done so much with the support they have received - but every upvote and resteem counts to spread the word and help them achieve this very worthy goal.

I have such a special place in my heart for @topkpop and I know she is trying to do so many things right now, I hope it all works out and look forward to enjoying more of her posts in the future.

@dreemsteem and @calumam are new to me but already I am hooked, they are such engaging members of the Steemit community and I adore their posts.

@mariannewest I truly an inspiration, one day I will join in her Freewrites but she still always finds time for me - such a special lady and much loved by so many.

@saffisara and @snook , what can I say they both know how special they are to me 🤗 true friends and guiding lights that keep me from going off the rails...most of the time 🤪



This guy, I'm telling you!


Tell me about it, already spotted two typo's in there - I'm slacking but will blame it on the sunburn!


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Lol, I am of agreement with you, this man is a machine hahaha. My admirationt for both you and he, since both are great to reach all family members, is too incredible.

Love you too my friend and you are special 🤗 always way to kind to me and makes me smile.
A jem 💕

thanks my great friend, your words are too great to me, you make me blush. It's fantastic the way to reach all the members of the family with your incredible comments

Ohhhhhhhhhh, can I use the sunburn for all my typo's? :D I still don't think anyone would believe me LOLLLL

Thank You for your very kind words!! you are on fire today with all that sleep under your belt! :D


Thank you so much!!! You are amazing doing all you do!!


You Got a special place in my heart too 💜

Read through this whole thing and am amazed at how much love you give. can't wait to see you in the tshirts hehehee (im not supposed to be on steemit, darn it . today is my day to write!!! LOL but i needed to come visit ;)

thank you for being you - (and i love @kerrislravenhill too!!!!!) hehehe pirates for life!!! arghhhhhhhhhh!!!!


Read through this whole thing and am amazed at how much love you give.

My thoughts exactly, @dreemsteem. And glad to see you joining our ranks, pirate sister!

X40L1N, you're a gift! Take care of that family. Hope the princesses feel better soon, and that you get some solid sleep. 💖


Arghhhhh! Pirates be here to stay!!! Lol


Am doing sweetheart.


Thanks hun, there are dozens if not hundreds I talked to and didn't mention and I hope they don't feel left out. These are just the ones that were the most fresh in my mind :/


I think everyone realizes how much you do and gives grace :)

Im sure no one feels left out. Take care of your babies and don't get sick yourself!!! Lol

Hi, brother, you are tremendously great. I am short of thanks for all the effort made in this project, we are going to fight to make dreams come true, showing that in the Union there is strength.

We are all Ropavejeros
Let's hope your girls improve soon . Prepare what I told you so that they can recover their strength.

Aye, hate when they not all smiles and chipper :( thanks for the remedy, have to go get the papaya yet.

Have a great weekend...


You too sweetheart! Hopefully, your skies are bluer than ours :)


It was pretty nice today!!!! Sending you some Florida sun!

It’s wonderful how much love you 😍 give to the fam. You are appreciated. I hope the princesses are feeling better soon. Sending ❤️


Many thanks Red,


Wow :) Awesome Post ... Thank You for the support that you have given us :) It has been an honor to have you on our show and reading some poetry too. I wish everyone in the Alliance :) Good times. It is obvious we can't stay bored with a great person like you man :) God Blees. Peace and Love.


LOL you totally caught me off guard, I was all like, heck ya I'll read some poetry! Much love brosef.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

I'm motivated and i will check this out

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To be put in the same paragraph as @saffisara & @c0ff33a is humbling. I admire both of them to the moon and back and wish I could be even a little like both of them.

Thank YOU for being you and all you do for us ALL. hugs

There would not be a family if not for you and I so thank you for all you do to keep it as it should be.

Thank you, and yes, blushing.....

Thank you so much for including me in this post. Your light shines and you are making this platform so much better for so many!!
top 20 witness for you soon!!!

Thank you @enginewitty . Some really good stuff going on here. And lots of Love.

Resteemed of course :)

This is a wonderful shout out and so many amazing people mentioned 🤗
And @crisangel is amazing and he doesn't really know it himself, great thing you do.
As always for all of us and I know that you don't even realize the difference that you make in all of our lives 😊 selfless hero with the biggest heart and I know that you as a lead witness would change the world for the better. You already are, just have faith.... I do. ❤️
Love everyone in our #thealliance family!

Hatss off. @enginewitty even in hard time, you take out time to shout out post..incredible! Just take care of the little princesss....👍

I am glad we could have the heart to heart. I lived in GA for a while but was up more north of Atlanta in Marietta and I hadn't seen it there before, cool to know it's all over the place though. Thank you for the mention too. 💙