Oyster (PRL) Technical Analysis: A Profit Pearl in the Making

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Oyster (PRL/BTC) shows the workings of patterns and Elliott Waves. The blue lines outline a larger symmetrical triangle; thought it could have more price connection points on both lines. The white lines show a descending wedge. Incorporating the patterns into Elliott Waves shows that the first impulse (white circled) 1,2,3,4,5 waves were corrected by an expanded red ABC retracement. The red C wave subwaves are shown in blue.

The below count shows an outlook where price can be labeled as having started the impulse waves. This is shown by parenthesis 1,2,3,4,5 white waves towards the 30,152 Satoshi target. The condition for this count is that the blue line support can't be decisively breached; though a bull wick piercing is highly desired.

The top alternate count shows that wave 2 of the current impulse could not yet be complete. In this case, its subwave abc could mean a lower low to complete (circled blue). However, the destination will likely not change much.

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Predicting a micro-cap shitcoin going up against BTC based on TA.


You think PRL is a shit coin? It’s got a white paper, a live testnet, an upcoming airdrop and active devs. In addition it’s marketcap of roughly 65 million (https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/oyster/).

I get that you don’t like Haejin but this is blatantly wrong! For more info their subreddit is r/Oyster


What you're saying actually has some value unlike TA on this.


Thanks! I have my doubts about the analysis, but have too little experience to correct anyone. I just wanted to correct the shitcoin part of your comment as I’m a huge fan of PRL and the upcoming SHL coin(it’s being airdropped to PRL holders).




amazing post thanks for shearing


It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.

@Haejin You do not provide any entertainment. I brought you some.

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Hey man, I´m not sure you saw this post but it would really be awesome if you could read it. Have a good day.


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Glad to see you covering PRL. I’m a huge fan of the coin and believe that the upcoming airdrop, and testnet release will make or break this coin. I’m think it’ll be $10 a coin by Summer!


Thanks for shearing this post i like the post @haejin

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Thank you

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Thank you man! Could please do TA on ECA ( Electra)

Hi Haejin i wouldn't worry about explaining yourself you are doing what we all wish we could do we are living in a free world and you can do what you want that's your business and i pat you on your back for such a great effort and following and reward pool if it aint you it would be someone else these people that bring you down have no life and nothing better to do they are just jealous of your earnings .These people will never change there ways and will be always jealous of anyone doing good. Stay strong and dont waste your time reading any negative posts cheers Deni Guerrera

This analysis reminds me of 3 guys in a garage saying: dudes this are the cheapest coins we've ever seen. Haejin where do you find these? On Kucoin?

thanks for the information

Thanks for posting. But ı think it will decrease

On trading platform, i think the bearish continuation candle get to support level this point , will have another push up called bullish which when it. Get to resistance level

Thank you for the detailed analysis. Amazingly, I'm actually starting to catch on to the Elliott Wave patterns.

thanks haejin . asome post . i like this all time follow me all time

Good posting.

I like all of your posts. I used to forex before but it does not get any time now. But I love Forex a lot. It's great to see your post.

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Everything has gone over my head. It have many things to learn.

That climb in the 2nd and 3rd image seems a bit unrealistic

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Can u check ZCL please? i know it's hard to do analysis after such HUGE dump after the fork... But it's on the way back up now and can easily do 5-10x :)

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