OpenMic Week 115 - @soundlegion Top 5 Picks! Honorable Mentions & Top Picks List

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Top 5 Picks


 Bored and Wealthy --- by @dustinseth 

"Very nice song.   Really felt the delivery.  Voice was soothing and beautiful I really enjoyed this performance tonight, great work. " 


 Cover from Little Feet "Willin" --- by @mfarinato 

"I am a fan def, love the way you play that guitar its fantastic sound coming through.   Rock on my friend great stuff. " 


 Mexico, by the Staves. Cover Song with Live Looping --- by @camuel 

"Quality sound coming through here, really like the performance, the vocal and playing.  Solid groove and vibes coming through, its relaxing to hear you perform.  "


 SAM SMITH_BURNING_(cover) --- by @justinzidi 

"Very good vocal, gave me some chills.  I absolutely love it.  Wonderful job. Great Cover performance.  I look forward to hearing more from you in the future. :) :) "


 STEEMIT    / Never Enouth  --- by @dianakyv 

"absolutely beautiful voice.   Great performance.  I love your rendition of this powerful song. You have a gorgeous curl on your high lick vocal i just love"

Thanks for checking out my picks this week for Steemit OpenMic.   Be sure to check out other judges picks @meno @krystle @verbal-dr @passion-ground.   Get you love and support in for @lucypher and vote for him for steemit witness.  Witness Vote Here! 

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 Shavon Bonnie Legion  @soundlegion  

Official OpenMic Judge International Collaborative Chameleon Music Artist.  Listen to my original music here on Choon.  


Thanks for that honorable mention! Greetings, @soundlegion.

Thanks for your mention @soundlegion!. I really appreciate for considering us this week!

much much love to you my friend! Keep bring us your sounds my friend!


mwah mwah you are so good my friend i love your work

So many talented guys, thank you for your work.

Really thank you so much... deeply i love the article

Thank you so much for mentioning me in the top picks list.

Thank you so much for mentioning me in the top picks list :D

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