Luzcypher's Announcement For Steem Witness

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I'm officially announcing my entry as a Steem Witness. Please continue reading as I make my case to secure your votes.

If you don't know what a Steem Witness does they host the nodes that process the blockchain data blocks. Blocks contain the data for all of the posts and transactions made on Steemit and other sites that interact with the Steem blockchain. Witnesses establish changes to Steem like SBD interest rates, account creation fees, setting the price feed, and they provide security to the network.

Witnesses are elected leaders of the community and work on improving the value of the platform. Witnesses gather all transactions (posts, comments, votes, transfers) into a "block" and store all the information in a distributed database network called the "blockchain". Without witnesses, the Steem blockchain could not exist.

luzcypher for steem wiiness.png

More about Steem witnesses

User's Guide to Steem Witnesses by @pfunk

What is a STEEM witness by @someguy123

What is a STEEM Witness and why every User should Vote by @steemitguide

Witnesses are voted for by you

You can vote for 30 witnesses of your choosing to represent you and each vote helps those witnesses get higher rankings enabling them to have more influence and take on more responsibility for the Steem community.

Voting for witnesses is different from upvoting posts.

  • The vote is not permanent. You can shuffle your votes by unvoting witnesses if you find them lacking, or if you need to vote for new ones that you would like to encourage.
  • It does not cost you anything and does not reduce your voting power.
  • You can vote for up to 30 witnesses.

You can see who the top 100 witnesses are here:

and you can vote for me here:

To vote for me go to this link, scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter my name luzcypher in the box and click the VOTE button.

vote luzcypher.png

Have your Active Private Key ready, you will be asked for it when you cast your vote. If you don't have it, refer to the guide: Steem Private and Public Keys Demystified.

Once voted, my username will appear under the VOTE box, with a blue upvote button next to it. This means you've voted for me.

Or just click on the upvote button next to my name if I am in the top 100.

Proxy Voting

Some users prefer not to trouble themselves with witness researching and voting. In that case, you can choose a proxy that will vote for witnesses for you. By doing so, you will RESET your current witness selection and remove all your previous votes.

vote luzcypher proxy.png

Why I am a Steem witness?

I want to give back to the community and position myself to provide more ways for the community to interact and engage. I want more responsibility.

It is my goal to develop and support more Steem based applications, attracting and retaining more users, bringing more value to the platform and community. Being a witness is the next logical step for me to do my part, along with all the other talented witnesses, and help the community continue to grow.

What are my qualifications? Why should you vote for me?

Engaged and empowered

I'm an honest, engaged, committed, trustworthy, full-time Steemian who is consistent and reliable with a firm grasp of what a gift economy like Steemit is and can communicate to new users how to make it work for them.

My excitement about Steem has influenced many users to sign up and has kept them engaged long enough to retain them. I lead by example and live 100% on Steem since July, 20th, 2017, 11-months after I signed up. I'm committed to helping people engage with the Steem blockchain and its communities and uniquely qualified to communicate its benefits.

I'm committed to the long-term health of the Steem ecosystem and see it as a visionary technological future of online engagement with the ability to change lives and shift our perceptions of how to affect change in the world. We have barely scratched the surface of possibilities and I'm excited to be involved in this revolutionary tool to connect the world.

Team builder

Most witnesses have backgrounds in computer science or programming. My background in is in sales, marketing, project management, and perhaps most importantly, building teams and communities.

I do know my way around computers and have built over 300 websites used to market thousands of products and community-based membership sites, but my passion is building teams, managing projects, and communicating.

“If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room.” - Confucius

That quote is always in the back of my mind while building teams. In fact, that's why we have teams, to capitalize on each other's skills and be more effective in what we do. When hiring people to be on a team one should always find people more skilled than yourself for the task at hand which is why I'm partnering with a new Steemian (@mikemeister) to help me run my witness node. He has the computer skills, knowledge, and drive required to get the job done in a reliable manner allowing me to focus on attracting, engaging, and retain more users to the blockchain.

Mike has watched me from the sidelines from the first day I started on Steemit and has focused on the development of the blockchain. He's given me sound advice selflessly on many occasions. We realized we would make a great team to run a witness node. We discussed starting a new account but decided to run in on my account as a team. He's been involved with computers for a long time.

My long term passion has been computers. Having lived for a long time in Seattle, WA I got an early start. I had computers that ran on the CPM operating system before Bill Gates came out with MS-DOS. DOS was actually a partial clone of CPM. To this day I spend a good chunk of my time in front of one. I'm running a Witness Server in collaboration with @luzcypher under his account. source


My main Steem project to date is an online music venue called Open Mic that has grown into a large community of musicians which has attracted new users and helped retain users on the platform. Many music projects have grown and branched out from Open Mic, engaging users to stay involved with the platform. I'm told it's the longest running contest on the platform and has the support from some top witnesses on Steemit. Open Mic is only possible because of the wonderful team it has grown into.

Good attitude

Being a Steem witness is another opportunity for me to give back to this community and, with enough votes, be in a position to create more projects to bring in more users, helping them and the platform to grow.

My goal is to become a top 20 witness to fund more new projects and create more teams behind them. However, even if we just break even on the server costs to run a node I would be happy just knowing I'm doing my part to help the Steem blockchain run smoothly.

Good work ethic

I'm committed to keeping this blockchain and the communities behind it alive and thriving. As a witness, I'll make decisions based on the highest good for the platform and its objectives. I'm proactive, asking what I can do to help or improve a situation. I'm accountable, recognizing that there is always part of the project or result that I can impact in a positive way. I try things in service of the desired goal and if I make a mistake, I own it and learn from it.

The technical stuff

Our witness server is based in France. Any questions related to the technical aspects of running the server can be directed to @mikemeister

For more technical info see Birth of a Witness


ProcessorIntel Xeon E5-1630v3 4 cores
Memory64GB DDR4 ECC 2133 MHz
Drives2 Terrabyte SATA Raid
Transfer Speed100MB
Backup Drive100GB


Ubuntu Server 16.04 "Xenial Xerus" LTS (64bits) Witness version - HF.20.06 Latest versions of all required packages


Root and Root User logins have individual public/private keys Passwords have been disabled Root login has been disabled Custom SSH port Heavy duty firewall Fail2Ban monitoring

To vote for me go to this link, scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter my name luzcypher in the box and click the VOTE button.

Thank you for your vote and the opportunity to contribute more to the Steem network and I look forward to earning your continued support and bringing more fun, engaging projects to this community. May Steem be with you.

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I like that you're not just relying on your social presence here and are building a team which includes a strong technical side as that's what a witness is really about when it comes to the job of securing the Steem blockchain. I love your passion for Steem and gave you my vote.

Your vote means a lot to me, Luke. I wouldn't have considered becoming a witness without having someone on my team I trust who is knowledgeable and capable of handling the technical side. We'll be roommates in Thailand the next 6-months so I'm going to be picking his brain to learn as much as I can too.

I remember talking with you about that in Acapulco and took your advice to heart. Plus, I'll get to learn by watching over his shoulder. Bonus!

Great to have you as a fellow witness my friend! :) You deserve my vote for your work in Steem that is imense! Please let me know if you need any techy help... Very happy for these news! ;)

Wow! Thanks so much for the support @prc! That's awesome!

Thanks for the offer of technical help. I have a friend who's helping me with that but if he has any questions I'll be sure to send him in your direction.

I'm at the airport right now waiting for my flight to Poland. See you soon!

So cool!, voting for you right now!

Thanks man.

Got my vote @luzcypher. Hope to catch you in Acapulco again next year brother

Really appreciate your vote. Will probably see you in Acapulco. Are you going to Steemfest?

Unfortunately no, I couldn't make it this year. I'll be there next year for sure though.

You'll be missed.

Congratz!!! I do witness reshuffling every few weeks, I’ll keep an eye on you. See you in Kraków!

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Cool, so looking forward to Steemfesr

Do you, or have plans to, run a public API node?

That is a really good question. My technical partner @mikemeister who I mentioned in this post is making a post as we speak with more technical details and will be posting it in the next day or two. You can ask him on his intro post if you want to know now. Here's a link

Thanks. I gave him a follow. Oh, and a "hello" 1 SBI unit. Heh.



You have my vote! :)

Thanks for your vote.

Voted, my best wishes. I'm sure you'll do your best to spread the love.

Thank you for your vote. I really appreciate it.

I've already voted you lol as Mike announced it in his introducing post :P

I'm most than glad that you come up on the witness scene where I think you'll have lot to say in a near future.

All my support to you... will follow you to hell XD

Thanks a lot, Pechi Much appreciated.

Voted!! This is awesome! Congrats! ♥♥♥

Thank you so much for your vote. My goal is to bring more cool projects to the community.

Llego el momento de devolver tanto amor que nos has brindado. Cuenta con mi voto amigo.

luzcypher for witness!!! go go go go :) You got my vote.

Thanks Liz!

That’s so exciting!!! Congratulations on this big step and great idea to announce right before Steemfest. You’ve got my vote 👍🏻 Or I should say you will... I havnt physically gone in and voted yet. Haha

Thanks SO much. Looking forward to meeting you soon.

Another triumph for you and Steemit. Congratulations. I go to vote!

Really appreciate your vote.

no need to think about it senpai!

Amazing work, hope to have a close friend at the big boys table.

Hahahaha. Thanks for the vote, man.

Great description of what our goals were in deciding to create this witness server. I will do a post in the next few days along the lines of the technical trials, tribulations and decisions that went into putting up a secure and technically sound server to assist in the processing of Steemit Blockchains.

Great! I'll add a link to your post to this post.

Voted ;)
Supporting music creators with love and now as a witness. Cool beans!
Cheers my friend!

Voted! Really glad to see people dedicated to steemit and the community, succes!

I'm sure you have @isaria later today, you'll have mine now.

Thanks so much.

Of course you have my vote. Even though i havent had time to be active in the open mic its such a great initiative.

Keep it up mate!

Goes without sayin' but I'm gonna say it anyways:

Upvote, Resteem, Witness Vote, DONE!

Thanks SO much for the support.

Resteemed, upvoted and voted on your witness.
All hail @luzcypher LOL! 😈

Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it.

No probs man, I'm also witness proxy for a few other accounts so their votes should be following on too! 👍

I noticed that. Thanks again.

One of the most engaging Steemians I know! You going to be a good witness :)

Thanks. I'll miss you at Steemfest this year. Was really hoping to see you

How excellent and of course I vote for you I already did so congratulations

I just voted for you. I think Steem needs better marketing people on their team. See you in a couple days!

Thanks for your vote and see you soon.

Done and DONE! That was an easy choice – absolutely. Love you, Luz! <3

Thanks. You're so sweet. Love you back.

What a joy to have you as a witness! My vote goes to you, I know you will do an excellent job like now! Blessings!

Thanks for your vote.

apoyamos totalmente tu trabajo hermano explícame bien como darte el voto para estar feliz de hacerlo con gusto... Sera que solo hay que votar en esta publicación?

Listo amigo tienes mi voto...

Gracias por su voto y haré todo lo posible para traer más proyectos al proyecto.

Done. :)
Are you still in Chiang Mai? If yes, do you think about going to Pai? Great music and people there! Just saying. ;)

Thanks for your vote. Yes, I'm in Chiang Mai and will be visiting Pai soon.

You will have a great time! When I was there I loved the Edible Jazz Bar. They always had great artists performing there. And if you meet a funny Austrian it might be my dad. He's travelling around there too these days. :)

"eye by eye, tooth by tooth"

Support for whoever has always supported us, best wishes @luzcypher, boom another vote!

For sure - you get my vote!

Let‘s rock the #BeerSaturday

Thanks for the vote and yes, let's do a beer Saturday song.

Added @luzcypher witness proxy.
My best wishes, thanks for all your support.

Mr. You got my vote. :)

Thanks for your vote.

Hi @luzcypher!

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Your UA account score is currently 6.228 which ranks you at #235 across all Steem accounts.
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In our last Algorithmic Curation Round, consisting of 288 contributions, your post is ranked at #2. Congratulations!

Evaluation of your UA score:
  • You've built up a nice network.
  • The readers appreciate your great work!
  • Great user engagement! You rock!

Feel free to join our @steem-ua Discord server

Done and done \m/

Thank you for your vote.

Hi! What are you up to on Thursday? Hit me up on Line and let's hang out if you have time.

Hi, ok I am going to check my vote, in order to support you.

100% done my friend! Will promote this in future posts to try help. mwah much love

Thanks @soundlegion!

hello my friend, It is a pleasure to vote for you. greetings and blessings

voto .jpg

Thank you for your vote.

Can't believe its actually happening.. I've hoped you would announce this sooner @luzcypher... If i had just one option to vote for a witness i would pick you any day any time.. You actually care about this community... I'm a participant in the weekly openmic and i'm sure there isn't anyone there that would not reassess their witness votes to create space for u.. You have changed many lives and we are in your debt not just those in the openmic community.. We support u luzcypher.. See you on the other side

Thank you so much for your vote, kind words, encouragement, and music. I have some exciting community projects we're working on coming soon.

I give you my vote again and again .... Ready! You have my support .... Thanks for so much love, you deserve to be a witness (the best) .... a hug @luzcypher

Thanks so much for your vote @dianakyv and for your music.

You have my vote @luzcypher :)

Thank you so much.

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