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As many of you know, SteemFest 2 is only 3 weeks away and I ran a FREE ticket giveaway to help a valuable Steemit contributor make it to SteemFest2!

I actually spent hours on this post yesterday and lost it due to being down. It was very frustrating and I wrote a post about it here. 

Ultimately Steemit is the best place to be online, and I am more grateful than ever and super excited for SteemFest, as you can see from my latest posts:

(the man himself, @roelandp!)

NOW I am going to get to the POINT, which is listing the 5 finalists for this FREE ticket give away contest.

The reason why I am listing the 5 finalists is because I am having a really tough time deciding who to select out of the many people that entered and who really want a ticket!

As you will see in my posts about the giveaway, my MAIN criteria is not who NEEDS it most, but who is going to contribute the most to Steemit and SteemFest2. I want to reward and support the Steemian who is doing the most for the success of Steemit and SteemFest2! 

There were a lot of great entries by a lot of passionate Steemians. I would love for you ALL to go regardless of winning the ticket, but I can only choose one for this contest! 

This is a super difficult decision and I need some help making my final decision.

So here are the 5 finalists!

These are my top 5 finalists as I feel that they are all very involved in Steemit already, all capable of going to SteemFest if they win, and maybe even going regardless but could use the extra help of a gifted ticket. I also feel that they are unique and will bring fun and amplification to the SteemFest experience!

They all have their special characteristics, and it's so hard to say who "deserves it most". I didn't really realize this was going to be so difficult to choose as I somehow feel like I am not just choosing a winner but somehow discrediting others. That is NOT my intention and yes I am giving away a FREE ticket so there is no right to complain, yet I still have a little bit of the feelings. So I would appreciate your input, as my over all goal is to contribute to the success of Steemit and SteemFest as much as possible!

Steemfest last year was a big success and really highlights how awesome Steemit is, in a full on weekend Super Fest celebrating everything SteemTastic about Steemit!

I am honored and excited to be speaking at SteemFest this year! If you have not yet seen @roelandp's newest SteemFest update post, then be SURE to check it out and give an upvote here!

If you haven't seen my "I am speaking at SteemFest post", then check it out so I don't have to recap the entire thing here!

If you want to see the SteemFest post by @roelandp announcing me as a speaker, it's here!

Last year I had a ticket to SteemFest and was scheduled to go, but the birth of my first son changed that at the last minute. Instead, I sponsored travel expenses for @saramiller and @everlove to go in my stead. They will tell you first hand that SteemFest was truly epic!

(@everlove and @saramiller rocking hand painted Epic Steemit Gear sustainably made in @gardenofeden)

I know it's not realistic for everyone to go, but really this is a WORTHWHILE EVENT!

If you're not yet convinced, watch this AWESOME video by @roelandp which is informative and very entertaining! We gonna have a BALL, HAVE A BALL, HAVE A BALL!!!!

Buy your tickets here!!!

I truly believe Steemit has the potential to be revolutionary, and I know there are a lot of really awake and inspired people here on Steemit that just need a little help and inspiration to make it to the most Fantastic Fest on the Planet, SteemFest!

I want to help promote SteemFest, as it is a truly worthy cause and @roelandp and other dedicated Steemians have put in so much time, energy, and finances into making this happen two years in a row!

While @roelandp is the one weaving this all together, this is - in Steemit fashion - a COMMUNITY EVENT! This would not be possible without ALL of us, but there are individuals who have donated a generous sum to make Steemit happen for the rest of us!

 Lets give a SPECIAL thanks to

Let's remember that despite giveaways like this and cheap ticket prices, SteemFest is NOT FREE!

Every one of these individuals has donated and contribute more than a generous sum to make SteemFest possible for the rest of us. I for one am very grateful for the ones who have made not just SteemFest possible but STEEMIT POSSIBLE for all of us!

Give thanks to @gtg who got us a 10-15% discount on flights to Lisbon using coupon code IT17TPCG95, so consider checking out his post before booking flights.

I also want to recognize the Noble Steemians who have already given away tickets before I. 

If you followed any of the SteemFest action last year, you know how awesome it was, and I am quite sure this one is going to be even more awesome yet!

So my hope is that not only will I be able to sponsor another valuable Steemian to SteemFest, but that I will also inspire and motivate others to invest in their own success by going to SteemFest!


Well as I said, my two main goals are to ONE sponsor a deserving and valuable Steemian to SteemFest and TWO to PROMOTE SteemFest and Steemit as a whole!

Who do YOU feel best deserves to win??

Full Steem Ahead to SteemFest2!


vote @acromott

Thanks for the vote!
Be sure to vote on the @acromott comment at top!

My votes with @luzcypher ! Love music , my mom was a guitar player ! He's been on the
platform almost as long as me over a year , great post he did and im positive he will be a Awesome asset to Steemfest ! Wish I was going ! Hope everyone has a blast !! Good luck my friend !🎵🎶🎼🎸🎶🎸🎼🎸🎼🎵

Your vote means a lot to me. Thank you.

Your welcome !! Im totally positive you will have a great trip !! 👍👍👍✌💕

Thanks for the vote!
Be sure to vote on the @luzcypher comment at top!

Yup all ready did thanks !👍👍👍✌💕

Great job! Your on the ball!

Gotta go for @luzcypher on this one.

Thanks for your VERY RESPECTABLE feedback!

Thank you @papa-pepper. Every vote is very much appreciated but a vote from you is extra special. That really means a lot to me because you were one of the first people to help me understand how Steemit works as a community. You were just doing what you do here but it really helped me when I first came to the platform. You set a good example of how to engage the community that inspired me to follow and emulate your example. For that and many other things, I thank you.

Voted for @luzcypher because of the help that he gave me in person. After meeting with him, he went on to teach me all about Steemit and lead to my discovering of CryptoCurrency which has since put me in a senior position within clubs at my University. Thank you @luzcypher.

I am so happy to see you doing so well on Steemit in such a short time. Thanks for the vote.

PS - I know you did some traveling recently. Where are you these days?

Currently studying in Vancouver, Canada. Send me a message if you're ever over this way!

Thanks for the vote!
Be sure to vote on the @luzcypher comment at top!

I vote for @luzcypher!

I vote for @luzcypher
good luck. 😃

Thank you for your vote.

Thanks for your input.

I vote for you @luzcypher .... we all support you. Greeting from #satujiwa Indonesia.

I vote for @luzcypher

Thanks for your vote. Much appreciated.

Yea we need to all have a beer together at SteemFest 2!

Everyone will want to hang out with us, just you wait... @ballinconscious will hypnotize ladies around us, hehe


May it be so!!!!!

SteemOn to SteemFest!

Creamy and delicious!

SOO creamy and delicious!!!!!!


lol, you're pretty silly :p

hahahahahaha aint that the truth!

All very worthy candidates, but I'm looking forward to shaking @luzcypher's hand in gratitude for more than a year of ongoing, tireless, community building and encouragement.

You was seduced by @luzcypher ))

Thank you for the vote and your music. Look forward to meeting you too.

Well said!

I vote for @luzcypher. As a long time friend, all I can say is his passion for whatever he does always goes overboard. His own great guitar playing has now extended into his OpenMic creation here and it will be a very welcome addition to all those that attend.

Thanks for your vote. Much appreciated.

Thanks for the votes.

All the finalists here are awesome, but I am voting for @luzcypher because the open mic community that he has nurtured is such a beautiful force of welcoming, creative, supportive and loving people. Its really helped me to feel intergrated in to Steemit in my first couple of months here and I have seen how much time and energy and positivity he puts in to keep the whole project feeling so alive! I would love to see @luzcypher rewarded with an honorary place at Steemfest where he belongs! x x basil

Aww, thanks for the vote and encouragement.

A very good point!

Do i vote here? or do i vote in another pace, because im voting for @luzcypher just because of open mic. Its been an entertaining program on the blockchain for as long as I've been here. It was actually one of the first things that drew me in and made me stick to steemit.

Thanks for the vote and your support.

My vote to @luzcypher
He is a great guy. I like his posts and of course I love the open mic music contest.

Yes indeed!
Be sure to up vote the @luzcypher comment at top of post.

My votes also with @Luzcypher !

Lots of good people. I wish all of them could go.. but I vote @acromott

Yes indeed!
Your comment is awesome!

Thanks man!! :)
Grateful for your support!!

Thanks for doing this Steemfest ticket giveaway @quinneaker! I am super grateful to have been nominated by @karensuestudios and to be one of the top 5 people you have chosen for your contest!!
I can't wait to meet you at Steemfest and share AcroYoga with the community!

You guys totally deserve this the way you and karen share acro love here in sacramento, I hope more than anything you guys get the chance to take it further!

Thanks soo much for your support!! :)

I wish you success @acromott thanks @quinneaker for your kindness and support.

Thanks Charles! Your vote means a lot to me :)

welcome and I hope you win...success

I appreciate your valuable perspective!

Yea Brother!

You totally deserve to be in the finalists. I thought so before this post but now that I see how much support you are getting it only strengthens my resolve that you do deserve to be in the top 5!

This is what I want to see. People who are engaged and influential in this awesome community!

I am super stoked to meet you and ready to do some EPIC moves with you and @karenstudios at SteemFest!

SteemOn to SteemFest!!!!!!

I agree, @acromott would be a fine damn addition to steemfest!

May it be so!

I vote for @acromott ! His posts are so fun and interesting, he'd be a great addition to Steemfest. And I know you all are dying to try out some super fun acroyoga with him and @karensuestudios !!

yay! Thanks for your vote @muffintuesday! Your vote means a lot! Your muffins are the best!!! ^_^

Oh yes!
Me and @karenstudios and @acromott will be doing some epic moves at SteemFest for sure!

I'm voting for @acromott !!!!

@acromott definitely deserves the ticket, he would have a lot to offer at steemfest

@sageroot!! YOu rock man!! Thank you!!

Thanks for the input!

Can't wait to see @acromott at the fest and practice some acroyoga! ^^

See you there !!! I can't wait!!! :)

Acro Yoga is AWESOME!

Ok thanks for the input, I will take it into consideration!

Omgsh! I do hope @acromott wins the ticket. He is an amazing person! ❤ also thanks @quinneaker for hosting this event. You are awesome.

Great, I agree

Thanks Karen! You are the best <3

hope you win! :)

Yes your right, he is doing great things and he obviously has a lot of support here on Steemit!
Thanks for your support and gratitude! See you at SteemFest!
I am looking forward to making some awesome photos of our EPIC moves! I got acro skills too ;-)>

SteemOn to SteemFest!

Omg! Hahaha totally going to have to make a little acro flow video with you! ❤❤❤

Ya its gonna be EPIC!

I wish good luck to everybody! I wish everbody could be able to come to SteemFest 2. Anyway, I am voting for @acromott since he is an absolute great supporter of my blog and this vote is only a small help that I can give him back!

I am super grateful for your vote @soldier! You have always inspired me ever since I first got on Steemit!!
See ya at Steemfest :)

Wow the mighty @soldier showing up and making a statement!

Thanks for the input. I have followed you for a while and see you doing a lot of amazing things. I am assuming you are going to be at SteemFest?

Yes I also agree everyone who loves Steemit should be there and I would love to help as many people as possible. That is why I am not only giving a ticket away for FREE but also PROMOTING SteemFest so that people realize how important and valuable it is!

SteemOn to SteemFest!

I also vote for @acromott, would love to see some footage of him sharing his love for Acro Yoga at SteemFest

Yes who doesn't love acro yoga????

Thanks for your input. NOTED!

Voting for @acromott also! As the man who so gently & supportively guided me through my first acroyoga session with a smile on his face the whole time how could I not! More people need to experience the power @acromott!!!

Wow great comment!

It's gotta be @acromott for me, as he is another rising star that joined the same time as me :)

Hope to see you there @acromott!

My man Mark!! Thanks so much for your support!
See you at Steemfest?

Yes Mark will be at SteemFest!!!

Thanks for your input friend. You are a valuable part of this community and proven to be honest, honorable and very supportive of the success and well being of Steemians and Steemit alike!

Your input means a lot!

Voted with 100% for @acromott because I love the positivity he and his friend Karen spread over this platform! :-)

Awww! My Steemit sista!!!
Thanks soooo much for your support!!

Steemfest is going to be filled with so much EPIC-ness!! haha
See ya soon!! <3

dawwww!!! so excited to see you all! eeek ekk ekk!


Thanks for your enthusiastic input/support! Means a lot as you are a very well respected part of this community!

Looking forward to seeing you and @acromott and @karenstudios and everyone else at SteemFest!

I would like to see @acromott win this one. Here goes a vote for him.

Thanks my friend!!
Your vote means a lot!!

Thanks for your input!

Thanks for the support everyone. I have not put much energy into this contest because I've been pouring it all into @firepower's contest. I really do hope I win a ticket one way or another. I'm getting funds together for the trip, slow but sure. In part, these posts have added quite a bit to my bank, and hopefully have also increased my chances for a win!

Much Love, and Thanks to all of the awesome people who are helping others on this platform everyday, for steemfest, and just in general. I'm honored to be a part of this community!

I hope you win ONE of them!

SteemOn to SteemFest!

Hi @quinneaker! AS promised in my nomination on your original post, should @inquiringtimes win the ticket from @firepower we would respectfully remove his nomination from consideration for this contest.

I am thrilled to let you know, that this morning @firepower did in fact choose IT as the winner of his contest.

Thank you to everyone who has supposed @inquiringtimes in both contests to this point! Without you he would not be in the position he is in. If I could ask everyone to visit his blog at and offer upvotes for every post that is eligible for payout. Every dollar he is making on posts will go toward his travels in support of the community.

Thank you again for this amazing opportunity! Best of luck to the remaining contenders!

EDIT: Upvoted myself for visibility sake.


So happy for you and for @inquriingtimes !

He was very well deserving indeed and this help my decision to be easier as I won't have to feel bad if i didn't choose this worthy contestant!

Thanks for all your help supporting Steeemit and those you believe in!

Much appreciated. Best of luck.

SteemOn to SteemFest!

As his nominator, I vote for @inquiringtimes. He very much deserves to go. He is all in on Steemit and has made it his JOB. He cares about the success and well being of this community. He deserves to go, and he deserves all the help he can get!

I can't argue with that!

I've been around with @inquiringtimes. I vote for him.

Thanks for the vote, he has resigned from the competition!

I agree, and I support your selection of @lifemovedbysteem!!
She would add so much to Steemfest 2017!! Thanks for this contest @quinneaker!!


@luzcypher is the best! He introduced me to steemit and is a great person supporting so many people here on steemit and in life!! I would love to see him win here and get something back =) He will be a great addition to steemfest! Wish I could go myself. Good luck my friend!

Thanks for the input!

Be sure to vote on the luzcypher to win comment in the post!

I did :) - Good choice! We celebrated the ticket already, I wish I could join on Steemfest too... but I will be traveling. Have a good time there! Cheers, Liz

Thanks SO much for your vote. You're doing great on Steemit. I knew you would do great here. Congratulations and I love reading about your travel adventures. Hope to see you at SteemFest 3 next year!

That would be nice! Thanks for your work! You are doing a great job for the community :)

Hey Quinn I'd have to nominate @luzcypher to represent the open mic contest, it has to be one of the longest running paying contests on steemit - it has created a massive positive community and I think would make a valuable addition to steemfest2.

Plus I'd like to say a massive thanks to you for all you do around steemit and in life generally, your generosity is pure and refreshing in today's world - by the way I gave qiqi a special mention the other week on open mic, what a gorgeous little free spirit :)


Wow I haven't seen you in so long! Thank yo use much for reaching out and providing your VALUABLE feedback on this difficult and important decision!

You are a very well respected member of this community and your input means a lot to me.

Also super huge thanks for a shout out to @QiQi-Power I did not see that but would love to. I need to check out your page more often!

I am just so busy running a few businesses, managing this entire community, my family AND Steemit!

Thanks so much for your support and compliment. It really does mean a lot to me!

Oh...P.S are you going to SteemFest?


Thanks for your support and vote

I vote for @luzcypher!

Openmic is such a brilliant idea. It has made people get together to look at everyone elses talents. I was hiding in a shell for years until I found the contest. It helped me to open up and finally share a performance. So, it has helped my confidence grow, just in a week, and has let people find what I can do.

This has all happened because of luzcypher so he definitely deserves to go!!

Thanks for the input, I and many agree!


Comments like this is what inspires me the most. Thank you for your vote.

Voting for @luzcypher. Can't have a party without an Open Mic.

Cant argue with that!

Thanks for your vote. : )

@luzcypher has my vote

Thanks for the vote.

My vote is for @luzcypher ...His Open Mic post has helped so many individauls on the steemit platform that he well deserving to win this contest.

Thanks for your support buddy.

Thanks for the input.

Thanks for your vote. :)

I vote for @luzcypher - he is doing a wonderful job for musicians on steem - one of my artists @shaewebbmusic did so well with her entry and I am encouraging the others to put up entries. Hope you win @luzcypher

Thank you for your support.

Agreed. Thanks for your input!

sorry i did go back and reread that and you are correct. comment withdrawn.

That is a nice sentiment. He does say right in this post though:

As you will see in my posts about the giveaway, my MAIN criteria is not who NEEDS it most, but who is going to contribute the most to Steemit and SteemFest2. I want to reward and support the Steemian who is doing the most for the success of Steemit and SteemFest2!

Thats right.

Apologies and amends make the world a better place. Thanks for doing that.

I vote @luzcypher. Open mic is an amazing concept and has really opened up the music world here on Steemit!

Totally Agree!

Thanks @donnaincancun! SteemFest! Thanks for the vote.

Vote for @luzcypher Because although I do not know him in a person who is sensitive and pleasant, it will be an excellent representation of Steemit and OpenMic.

Yes indeed!
Thanks for your input!

Wow! Thanks a lot for your kindness and your vote.

@luzcypher has my vote. I enjoy all the great work being done for steemians with Openmic, giving them the chance to showcase their talents and have fun here.
You do have a tough decision to make. Good luck and thanks for being so generous.

I agree!

Thank you very much for your feedback!


You’re welcome.

Thanks for the vote and kind words.

You’re welcome. Keep up the great work.

I would like to nominate @luzcypher .
He does much for the community and is deserving of a ticket to ride.
(I couldn't help making a musical reference.)

hahaha a great comment and I agree!

Thanks for your input!

She's got a ticket to ride and she don't care. My baby don't care.

Thanks for the vote.